Friday, 19th January 2018

Armed attacker enters Moscow Synagogue

A man has broken into the Great Synagogue in Moscow during the Shabbat evening prayers on Saturday. The attacker entered the Synagogue with a gun,...

Vandals wreck Holocaust memorial sites in North-West Russia and Estonia

Vandals have wrecked the Holocaust memorial site at "Golubaya Dacha" (The Blue House) in the Nevelski area of the Pskov province. The vandalism was discovered...

Russian TV blames Jews for sinking of Titanic, Chernobyl and 9/11

Moscow’s REN-TV aired an antisemitic documentary last Friday at prime time hours. The documentary was a reworking of a 2012 documentary that blamed the sinking of...

St Petersburg man suspected of posting antisemitic material on social media sent to court

The case of a St Petersburg resident suspected of antisemitism has been sent to court, according to Life78 TV. According to investigators, Vladimir Shevchenko posted...

Anti-Turkey protesters in Moscow pedal idea that ISIS works with Jews

Protesters in Moscow demonstrating outside the Turkish embassy following the downing of a Russian jet by the Turkey have displayed a placard which suggests...


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