Saturday, 25th March 2017

Italian journalist accosted in London tube

David Guetta, native Florentine and writer for Firenze Viola, was approached by a small crowd of Italian youth after a football match in London...

Rampant Facebook antisemitism after Brussels attacks

After terror attacks hit Brussels on 22nd March, Facebook became the venue for widespread antisemitic publications. Profiles of individuals, groups, organisations, and movements aggressively posted...

Swastika sprayed on Italian school named after Anne Frank

In Montecchio Maggiore, a small town situated just outside of Vicenza, between Verona and Venice, multiple schools were desecrated with antisemitic graffiti. Public middle...

Literary Nobel Prize winner, Dario Fo, speaks of ‘Jewish brutality’

Playwright, actor, comedian, singer, director, painter, politician and overall Renaissance man, Dario Fo, commented on Jews in a recent interview with Anna Bandettini of...

Swastika and Star of David mural sprayed on supermarket in Rome

A supermarket in Rome has been defaced with a mural depicting a swastika and Star of David. The graffiti was discovered in the Ostia district...

Swastika found on the wall of the Marconi institute in Sanremo, Italy

A swastika has been found painted on the wall of the Marconi institute in Sanremo, Italy. Source: Osservatorio Antisemitismo

Bright red swastika painted on mediaeval tower in square in Rome

A swastika has been found painted in red on a mediaeval tower in Piazza San Martino ai Monti in Rome, Italy. Source: Osservatorio Antisemitismo

Antisemitic football slogan found sprayed on a wall in Genoa, Italy

An antisemitic football slogan has been found in the Albaro neighbourhood of Genoa, Italy. The graffiti says “Doriano ebreo” (“Dorian Jew”), referring to fans of...

Italian police investigate Radio Islam for list of “powerful” Jews

Italian police have opened an investigation into Radio Islam, following its publication of a “Jewish power” list featuring the names of prominent Italian Jewish journalists, businessmen,...

Jewish man stabbed multiple times in planned attack outside kosher pizzeria in Milan

An orthodox Jewish man has been stabbed outside a kosher pizzeria in Milan. The victim was stabbed four times, including in the face, although one...


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