Friday, 24th January 2020

Hague politician calls group of Israeli students “future child killers”

Abdoe Khoulani, a politician in an Islamic Interest Party in the Hague, Netherlands, has attracted criticism for antisemitic comments made about Israeli students. The students were visiting another...

Dutch Muslims call Jews “cancer” at protest

Dutch Muslims called Jews "cancer" in a chant at a protest in Rotterdam. They congregated at the Turkish embassy to protest against the decision to...

Dutch-Moroccan rapper says “sits on money like a Jew” lyric is a compliment

Ali Bouali, a Dutch rapper of Moroccan descent has been accused of antisemitism, after a lyric in his new song played on the canard...

“Anti-Zionists” release “United Against Jews” poster

So-called Anti-Zionists have reportedly released an extremely antisemitic poster in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The image shows a Star of David with a cross through it, a...

“Death to the Jews” in Netherlands supermarket

Reports have emerged that someone rearranged lettered products in a Netherland's supermarket to spell out "Death to the Jews" In Dutch the words read "Joden...


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