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ISIS supporters stab Jewish man wearing kippah in Marseille

A man wearing a kippah (Jewish skullcap) has been stabbed in Marseille by three assailants who shouted antisemitic abuse and support for ISIS. Police say the attack took place at around 20:00 local time. The victim is a 57-year-old man who was attacked outside his home near a school and synagogue complex, according to AFP.

The attackers forced their victim to look at photographs on their smartphone of Mohammed Merah, the French Islamist terrorist who went on a rampage in 2012, shooting dead three French soldiers, a Jewish teacher and three Jewish schoolchildren aged three, six and eight.

They then showed him a t-shirt with the ISIS logo and stabbed him multiple times on the arms, legs and stomach. A police patrol arrived and the attackers fled on a scooter. Their victim somehow escaped serious injury.

Last month three Jews were attacked on their way to synagogue by a man of Moroccan or Algerian descent shouting antisemitic abuse. At the time Marseille police suggested that the man was mentally disturbed but this was later refuted by one of his victims, and the court dismissed the attacker’s plea of insanity.

Source: AFP

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