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Arsenal FC fans sing “I’ve got a foreskin, haven’t you? F***ing Jew!” and “Gas them all”

An Arsenal Football Club fan sent the following report to the club:

I’d like to raise a complaint about the action of some of our ‘fans’ on the 8pm train from Norwich to Liverpool Street station on Sunday night [29th October].

I was sitting with a group of friends and, as you’d expect, we were singing some Arsenal songs – trying to take our mind off the disappointing result!

We were singing about players and general Arsenal songs, at which point another group of Arsenal supporters, all men mostly in their 50’s, who were standing up around the train shop area started singing songs about Tottenham.

Within the space of about a minute, the generic songs about Tottenham quickly descended into blatant and overt racism, all led by this group of men.

It started with “I’ve got a foreskin haven’t you, f***ing Jew” and then they started singing “Gas them all, burn in hell”.

My friends and I were unsurprisingly appalled by this – I immediately went and got the two British Transport Police who were a couple of carriages down from us. The men weren’t stupid enough to continue singing those songs with the police around, however they continued to look over at us, calling us “grasses” as if that was worse than being an antisemite and a racist – on top of the obvious disgust at grown men being so openly racist, it was frankly embarrassing that they were trying to intimidate myself and my friends.

I just wanted to bring this up with the club so that you had a record of this happening. I don’t know how such behaviour can be stopped but as an away supporter I feel that incidents like this have been on the increase in the last couple of years. I had friends on the same train (in a different carriage) who also had a similar experience with a different group of people so this wasn’t a one-off.

I love travelling away with Arsenal but find that the selfish actions of a small minority of ignorant people end up ruining a lot of trips for us and giving a bad reputation to the club as a whole.

Source: Gooner

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