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American politician receives antisemitic abuse for her gun control bill

Phyllis Kahn, a Minneapolis Democrat and member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, is currently proposing a new bill under which anyone who is on the FBI terrorist watch list would be barred from buying firearms in Minnesota. In response, Kahn has received numerous antisemitic e-mails and voicemails, some of which Kahn has published, including the following voicemail:  “Skank,” begins the message, “you [expletive] Jews from New York think you can [expletive] over law-abiding citizens because you are something special. Not! The reason the government black list is unconstitutional is there is no due process involved, dumb [expletive]. It won’t become law and would never be enforceable you ugly [expletive] bitch.  But you bottom-feeding scum don’t care about that! Go back to New York with all the other kikes!”

Source: City Pages