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Greater Manchester Police apologises for tweeting pictures of “likely lads” in full Nazi uniform

Greater Manchester Police has apologised after tweeting pictures of two men, described as the “likely lads”, wearing full SS Uniform.

Shulem Stern, a supervisor with Shomrim, alerted us to the tweet, as well as tweeting the Greater Manchester Police twitter, who removed the tweet as a result.

The tweet jokingly suggested that the two men were attempting to “invade” from Yorkshire.

The sight of the local police jokingly referring to the SS, an organisation that was involved in the rounding up of Jews, enforcing racial policy and the running of concentration camps, is potentially very worrying to Manchester’s large Jewish community.

This is not the first time that Greater Manchester Police has suffered a lapse in judgement regarding the issue of antisemitism. In March, we reported that an officer in the force was allowed to keep his job after posting an antisemitic image on Facebook