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MP sent antisemitic death threats, has to be guarded by police

The Labour MP Ruth Smeeth is under police protection after receiving antisemitic death threats.

An unknown author accused her of “traitor” and called her a “CIA agent”.

The threat follows her leaving the launch of Labour’s antisemitism inquiry in tears after she was upset by a comment she perceived as antisemitic.

The note calls her a “yid c*nt” and ends with “Ruth Smeeth is British and from my perspective since treason is still a capital offence in Britain, the gallows would be a fine and fitting place for this Dyke piece of Yid s*** to swing from”.

Smeeth holds Corbyn responsible for the threat saying “I very much hold Jeremy personally responsible”, feeling that he has not done enough to stop antisemitism in the Party.

Smeeth also claims to have been sent thousands of abusive messages “in Jeremy Corbyn’s name”.

Counter-terrorism police are investigating, but so far have no leads.