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Synagogue goers in Paris reportedly attacked by mob of Muslim youths

Several members of a Synagogue in  Garges-les-Gonesse, a Paris suburb, have reportedly been attacked by a mob of around 20 Muslim youths.

The mob apparently were shouting “screw the Jews” and “Allahu Akbar”, as well as various antisemitic slurs.

At least one was armed, with eyewitnesses claiming that one used tear gas.

Several attempted to climb the wall to gain entry to the Synagogue itself.

The attackers were reportedly aged around 15 and above. The four Jews who were attacked managed to alert the police who arrived quickly, but not before the assailants had scattered, leaving them badly shaken up. The attackers are yet to be apprehended or identified.

This is yet another shocking example of the escalating antisemitism in France. Several major incidents that we have covered can be viewed here. These include the allegedly antisemitic murder of a French Jew by her Muslim neighbour, a French champion of “co-existence” calling on Hitler to “kill the Jews”, and a Jewish man having his finger sawn off by antisemitic attackers. There are also many incidents of vandalism, including “hundreds” of tombstones in a Jewish cemetery being destroyed or damaged, attempted arson of Synagogues, and many incidents which go unreported.