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Turkish newspaper read by thousands of people publishes series of antisemitic cartoons

MEMRI have exposed a series of antisemitic cartoon that was published by Turkish newspaper Yeni Asya.

The cartoons, which is the work of İbrahim Özdabak, were made in response to calls in France to censor some antisemitic passages of the Quran. France has a growing antisemitism problem, which is often driven by Islamic extremism and which has increasingly spilled over into serious antisemitic violence in recent years. 

The cartoons have been produced since 2005, but were all reprinted by the newspaper last month in an edition that sold over 11,000 copies.

One cartoon shows a caricature of a religious Jew, covered in blood and flanked by missiles captioned “remove the verses about us from the Quran”. Another shows the UN as a puppet attached to a Magen David.

One shows another antisemitic caricature portrayed as Nero, playing a harp as the Islamic world burns.

Several compare Israel to Nazi Germany, including equating Gaza with the Holocaust.