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German Jew harassed by man asking “Can we set him on fire?”

A Jewish man in Aachen, Germany, was on his way home from prayer services at his synagogue when two men in the street began to make loud comments about his appearance.

The Jewish man was wearing a hat and suit, which the two allegedly drunk men repeatedly commented on, saying “But, oh well, look at this one – a Jew”. One of the men turned to the other and asked “Can we set him on fire? Can we set him on fire?” several times, his friend responded that he had “no idea” and told his companion to continue walking.

Though other people were present to witness this incident, nobody attempted to stop the two men.

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Three Jewish Businesses Vandalised in Sullivan County Just Weeks After Cemetery Incident

Three Jewish-owned businesses have been vandalised in Fallsburg, NY, just two weeks after Nazi graffiti was found on the entrance of the Jewish Beth Shalom cemetery in the NY town of Warwick.

Broken and damaged windows thought to be caused by a BB gun or similar weapon were found at all three businesses. The establishments were located in South Fallsburg, Woodbourne and Woodridge.

The Fallsburg police are still unsure as to whether these attacks were intended to take place during the beginning of Sukkot.

Such routine intimidation of the Jewish community is clearly reminiscent of the targeting of Jewish businesses in Germany in the 1930s. The police are still investigating.

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Graffiti in London pub claims Jews run the country and start all wars

Londoner David Patrikarakos was surprised to see antisemitic graffiti in the toilet at a local pub in Victoria. He tweeted photos, commenting: “I’ve lived in London all my life and you never used to see this stuff around. Sad.” The graffiti claims that “Jews run [the] UK” and “Jews start all war[s] for [money]”.

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Greater Manchester Police officer keeps job after Hitler post

Police constable Shahid Shah has won a fight to keep his job after being caught out posting an image of the Israeli Prime Minister superimposed on Adolf Hitler. “Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis” is explicitly specified as antisemitic according to the definition of antisemitism used by the UK College of Policing.

Shah apologised and admitted that he had breached professional standards, but his lawyer, Julian King, successfully argued that he should merely receive a formal written warning and take part in diversity and social media training.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Shah posted the image during a debate on Facebook in a private group for police officers. The image superimposed an image of Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu on a picture of Hitler pointing at a map with Nazi colleagues. The debate apparently turned antisemitic, with one officer commenting to ask whether the “execution of six million Jews is OK too?”

Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan told the disciplinary hearing: “He did cause offence to members of the Jewish community, failed to show initially that he accepted what he had done was wrong and showed he had failed to learn lessons from a previous warning about what he had posted on Facebook.” The hearing also heard that Shah “only apologised when he was interviewed” about the post.

Shah responded: “If this has caused people upset, I’m sorry. It was never my intention to offend, only to prompt debate about the situation in Gaza. I saw innocent women and children being killed and wounded and I wanted people to think long and hard about the situation.”

Shah’s lawyer told the hearing that the Professional Standards Branch of Greater Manchester Police had initially recommended the PC should face misconduct rather rather gross misconduct proceedings, which would have meant that he could not be dismissed, however Assistant Chief Constable Shewan overruled the decision and instigated gross misconduct proceedings which could result in dismissal.

The chair of the hearing panel said that Shah had made an “early admission, apologised in his interview and accepted it was an error of judgment.”

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Danish schoolgirl and returned fighter from Syria charged over Jewish school bomb plot

A 16-year-old Danish girl has been charged with planning a terrorist attack on two schools, one of them Jewish. According to Danish police, the girl was befriended by a 24-year-old who local media have said had returned to Denmark after fighting in Syria. The girl was charged after acquiring chemicals for bombs, and her friend has also been charged over his complicity in preparing the bombs, including providing bomb-making instructions. Local channel TV2 said the girl had recently converted to Islam.

Both the girl and her friend have pleaded innocence.

In February last year, a terrorist gunman killed two people in shooting attacks at a debating event, before moving on and murdering Dan Udan, a security volunteer at a Copenhagen synagogue.

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Arsenal fans caught on camera singing antisemitic songs

Arsenal fans have disgraced themselves by singing an antisemitic song on their way to a match against rival team Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday. As they rode the London Underground to the stadium, a group of Arsenal supporters can be heard loudly singing “I’ve got a foreskin, haven’t you? F***ing Jew!”

The witness who filmed the incident told the Daily Mail: “I got off at Seven Sisters [Station] and spoke to the police about it but they didn’t really do anything about it. The video I shot isn’t the half of it – they were singing about the Holocaust and Aushwitz – I’ve heard that kind of thing before but it doesn’t normally happen with Arsenal. There weren’t really any other Spurs fans on the train, but there were normal commuters. No one seemed shock, some people were actually laughing. I was really offended by it.”

British Transport Police told Campaign Against Antisemitism: “We have been made aware of a video on social media showing antisemitic behaviour on board a Tube train BTP takes these matters very seriously. The matter is currently being investigated and enquiries are ongoing. Anyone with any information should contact British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40 or text 61016 quoting reference 131 of 08/03/16.”

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UK’s Daily Telegraph removes reference to Jewish financier as “Latter day Shylocks”

The Daily Telegraph has changed an article by Jeremy Warner which referred to Jewish financier Paul Singer and his hedge fund, Elliott Management, as “latter day Shylocks”. Warner’s article began by hailing a deal to reduce the amount of money owed by Argentina to Elliott Management, writing: “Latter day Shylocks at Elliott Management allowing, Argentina will soon have renewed access to international capital markets.” Warner went on to criticise the reluctance to reduce the debt owed by Argentina, writing that Argentina’s efforts to reduce the amount of debt it owed was “frequently obstructed by aggressively litigious hedgies such as Mr Singer demanding their pound of flesh.”

Source: Daily Telegraph

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Former British Labour MP links antisemitism to “brutal” Israelis

Former Labour MP for Derby North, Chris Williamson, has reacted to the exposure of rampant antisemitism at the Oxford University Labour Club by tweeting, “I hope they won’t find any such evidence. Did you see this [Channel 4] News item; brutal”. Williamson appears to both suggest that antisemitism had not been taking place at Oxford University Labour Club, despite numerous reports, not least from the Co-Chair who resigned in disgust at it, and that it is somehow linked to perceived “brutal” actions by Israel.

The most widely-accepted definition of antisemitism states that “holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel” is antisemitic.

Campaign Against Antisemitism has asked the Labour Party to investigate Chris Williamson over his tweet.

Labour Students and the University of Oxford are now understood to be investigating the Oxford University Labour Club.

Source: Sussex Friends of Israel

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Rampant antisemitism exposed at Oxford University Labour Club

The Co-Chair of the Oxford University Labour Club, Alex Chalmers, has resigned after the club voted to embrace “Israel Apartheid Week”.

Chalmers wrote about his resignation in a hard-hitting Facebook post, saying: “Whether it be members of the Executive throwing around the term ‘Zio’ (a term for Jews usually confined to websites run by the Ku Klux Klan) with casual abandon, senior members of the club expressing their ‘solidarity’ with Hamas and explicitly defending their tactics of indiscriminately murdering civilians, or a former Co-Chair claiming that ‘most accusations of antisemitism are just the Zionists crying wolf’, a large proportion of both OULC and the student left in Oxford more generally have some kind of problem with Jews. The decision of the club to endorse a movement with a history of targeting and harassing Jewish students and inviting antisemitic speakers to campuses, despite the concerns of Jewish students, illustrates how uneven and insincere much of the active membership is when it comes to liberation.”

Oxford University Labour Club is a member organisation of Labour Students, which said that they were “deeply troubled” and that they “unequivocally condemn any form of antisemitism”. Without offering any specifics, Labour Students promised to investigate and take action.

Since Chalmers announced his resignation, Oxford Jewish Society has published further allegations in a Facebook post of their own, shedding further light on the rampant antisemitism at the heart of the Labour Club.

According to Oxford Jewish Society:

  • Members of the Labour Club’s committee have been known to sing the song “Rockets over Tel Aviv” and have specifically expressed support for Hamas’ tactic of launching indiscriminate attacks against Israel’s Jewish citizens.
  • One Labour Club member stated specifically that it was “not antisemitic” to allege the existence of a “New York – Tel Aviv axis” that rigs elections, and said that “we should be aware of the influence wielded over elections by high net-worth Jewish individuals”. He also stated that it was “not antisemitic” to allege the existence of an international Jewish conspiracy, even though he did not endorse the idea himself.
  • One Labour Club committee member stated that all Jews should be expected to publicly denounce Zionism and the State of Israel, and that nobody should associate with any Jew who fails to do so.
  • Several individuals, some who have been on the Labour Club committee, repeatedly used the word “Zio” (a word normally only found on neo-Nazi websites) to refer to Jewish students.
  • Several Labour Club members have alleged that US foreign policy is under the control of the “Zionist Lobby” and when asked if by “Zionist” they simply meant “Jewish” they did not answer.
  • One member of the Labour Club was formally disciplined by their College for organising a group of students to harass a Jewish student and to shout “filthy Zionist” whenever they saw her.
  • In a public discussion on the Labour Club’s Facebook group, one member argued that Hamas was justified in its policy of killing Jewish civilians and claimed that all Jews were legitimate targets. Several other members, including two former Labour Club co-chairs and one then on committee, defended the member as making “a legitimate point clumsily expressed”.
  • Two Labour Club members argued that Jenny Tonge, a peer expelled from the Liberal Democrats over antisemitism, should be encouraged to join the Labour Party.

A spokesman for Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “Jewish people should feel comfortable in any political party. Many of the pivotal figures in Labour have been Jewish, but we have also received increasing reports from Jewish Labour supporters who no longer feel welcome in their party. It has been more than three months since Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn responded to an antisemitic outburst by Labour MP Sir Gerald Kaufman by voicing ‘deep concern’ and assuring us that he was ‘implacably opposed to racism’ before deciding to take no disciplinary action whatsoever against the MP. We call for the Labour Party and Oxford University to investigate this matter fully and take the strongest possible action to demonstrate to Jewish students that antisemitism will not continue to be tolerated. Where the law has been broken, this matter must be referred to the police; these students are supposed to be amongst our nation’s brightest and cannot be excused.”

Source: Campaign Against Antisemitism

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Dutch Deputy Prime Minister stops interacting on social media due to antisemitism

In a Facebook post entitled “Disrespectful dog”, Dutch Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher has admitted that he now stays off social media due to antisemitism.

Asscher’s great-grandfather, Abraham Asscher, was a member of the Jewish council set up by the Nazis to control Dutch Jews ahead of their extermination in death camps. Though he is not Jewish, Asscher said that “my Jewish last name is a plausible explanation for my behaviour and attitude”.

Asscher said: “I often no longer react to people who approach me on social media,” suggesting that social media users show their posts to their mothers or daughters first, saying: “If they also think it’s a good idea, go ahead and post.”

Source: Times of Israel

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Driver in Johannesburg shouts “F***ing Jews” and swerves towards Jewish men

As six Jewish men walked home in Johannesburg, South Africa, a passing driver made offensive hand gestures shouted “F***ing Jews”. The vehicle returned a few minutes later and swerved, as though to knock the Jewish men over.

Source: CFCA

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Croatia’s new Culture Minister denies Holocaust in his book

It has emerged that Croatia’s newly-appointed Culture Minister, Zlatko Hasanbegović, a member of the far-right Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), has written a book denying the murder of Jews by Croatia’s pro-Nazi regime.

The book denies the murder of 32,000 Jews by the Ustasha of the Independent State of Croatia. Hasanbegović has reportedly promoted the book on several neo-Nazi and White Supremacist websites.

There have been calls from around the world for Hasanbegović to resign.

Source: Arutz Sheva

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Jewish man and girlfriend called “F***ing Jews” and murderers on London Underground

A 23-year-old Jewish man and his girlfriend have reportedly been subjected to antisemitic abuse from a fellow passenger on the London Underground. The victims were allegedly called “F***ing Jews” by the aggressor, who was described as Muslim, and told that they and their “people” were killing “my people”. Other passengers in the carriage apparently studiously ignored the incident, which is now being investigated by the police.

Source: Telegraph

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Speaker at London’s Speakers’ Corner denounces passing “Dirty Jews”

A speaker at Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park has been caught on video ferociously and brazenly denouncing Jews.

Claiming to be against all religion, on the two occasions caught on video, the speaker issued a non-stop tirade against Jews, shouting at any identifiably-Jewish person who passed.

To one orthodox Jewish man he said: “You’re a very f***ing dirty Jew. Don’t take it personally, take it to hell,” continuing to passersby, “His cock has been brutalised by a rabbi paedophile who cut his foreskin off. That’s how f***ed up the Jews are.”

He told another orthodox Jewish male who was passing: “Look at the Nazi Jew and see him for what he is…Your time is coming as it did in my father’s country, Deutschland…Why do you think our ancestors kicked you out of Deutschland? You learn nothing, you smug, fat Jew. Smug, fat, bearded Jew! Scum!”

The speaker referred to Jews as “Twelve tribes of head-banging schizophrenics praying to a wailing wall.” He also repeatedly claimed that Jews were Nazis as well as being their victims, for example: “They started Nazi Germany, and they got it back, Adolf Hitler style.”

As Joseph Cohen recorded him, the speaker shouted: “The day the Jew becomes a human being will be the day the Jew becomes free of the s*** of Judaism! Simple. Record it and tell your f***ing rabbi to stop molesting boys.”

No police action appears to have been taken and we are helping one victim to make a criminal complaint.

Most disturbing was that the video showed not a single member of the public remonstrating with the speaker. On the contrary, one man approached him and shook him by the hand, and a woman was recorded defending the speaker, saying: “What the Jews are doing to Gaza, to the Arabs, I think it’s a nightmare…This does not mean I don’t have friends that are Jews.”

A spokesman for Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “Contrary to common perception, Speakers’ Corner is covered by no special laws and incitement to racial and religious hatred by a bigot standing on a ladder at Speakers’ Corner is just as illegal as it would be anywhere else. Speakers’ Corner is famous for freedom of speech, but that threatening and illegal hate speech is not permitted anywhere in our country. While we are for freedom of speech we do not believe that anyone has the absolute right to abuse freedom of speech to threaten and intimidate minorities. The law agrees with us. We are keen to identify the speaker in the video. If you can help, please contact [email protected].”

Source: Israel Advocacy Movement

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Neo-Nazis deface Greece’s third-largest city with “Juden Raus” and pose executing Nazi salutes

Neo-Nazis in Greece’s third-largest city, Patras, have posed executing Nazi salutes alongside newly-painted neo-Nazi graffiti. One slogan read “Juden Raus”, German for “Jews Out”. The group are from AME (Unaligned Meander Nationalists), which has claimed responsibility for the vandalism of numerous Jewish monuments and cemeteries, according to Greek antisemitism monitoring service Ενάντια στον αντισημιτισμό.

Source: Ενάντια στον αντισημιτισμό

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Swastika and Star of David mural sprayed on supermarket in Rome

A supermarket in Rome has been defaced with a mural depicting a swastika and Star of David. The graffiti was discovered in the Ostia district of Rome.

Source: Osservatorio Antisemitismo

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Swedish neo-Nazis drape “Holocaust is a hoax” banner over motorway

Neo-Nazis in Sweden have draped a huge “Holocaust is a hoax” banner over a motorway and illuminated it with flares. The facist group Motståndsrörelsen erected the temporary sign over one of Sweden’s busiest roads.

Source: CFCA

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CCTV shows University of Illinois menorah being vandalised for the third time

A campus menorah has been vandalised yet again at the University of Illinois. CCTV showed a man and a woman vandalising the menorah early on Sunday morning, breaking off one of its arms and breaking lightbulbs. This is the third time the menorah has been vandalised in recent months and it was only reconsecrated on 7th December. A new menorah will now be installed which is more resistant to vandalism. Police are investigating.

Source: CFCA/News Gazette

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Pigs’ trotters thrown into synagogue in Israel

For the second time in two months, pigs’ legs have been found at the entrance of a synagogue of the Gur Hassidism in Arad, Israel. According to residents, worshipers at the synagogue found that four feet had been thrown at the synagogue entrance. No suspect has been identified.

Source: CFCA/

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New York resident returns home to find note warning: “American Holocaust, you are a dead Jew”

Police in New York are investigating a series of antisemitic notes left in an East Harlem apartment building over the past month. One resident returned home to discover a note on her door warning: “American Holocaust, you are a dead Jew.”


Between 22nd January and 1st February, 21 similar notes — possibly left in bundles — were left in the hallway on the floor where the victim lives, NY Daily News reported. Some were threatening and some contained swastikas.

Source: CFCA/NY Daily News

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“We are Eichmann” found sprayed on wall of Brussels arts college

Graffiti on the wall of a Brussels arts college, École Supérieure des Arts has been found saying “We are Eichmann!”

Source: CFCA/New Antisemite/Twitter

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Swastika found on the wall of the Marconi institute in Sanremo, Italy

A swastika has been found painted on the wall of the Marconi institute in Sanremo, Italy.

Source: Osservatorio Antisemitismo

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Video shown to New York schoolchildren says Jews are “extremists” who “got what they deserved”

A video produced by that was shown to three classes of schoolchildren in Rockland, New York, claimed that historic persecution of Jews was a result of their bad behaviour. The video at one point showed a table comparing Jews with Christians, decrying Jews as “violent religious extremists” who “got what they deserved”.

Clarkstown South High School stopped showing the video after complaints. The school district called the video “demeaning and historically inaccurate” and promised to review guidelines. issued a statement saying, “We apologise that the video seemed offensive. That was certainly not what we intended.”

Source: CFCA/CBS2

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Carefully laminated leaflets found in Frankfurt decrying ‘Jewish bankers’

Leaflets have been found in Frankfurt decrying supposed Jewish financial dominance, a classic antisemitic trope which alleges that Jews exercise malevolent power over the rest of the population by controlling the country’s finances.

Source: CFCA/New Antisemite/Twitter

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Saudi television tells viewers about the “criminal and Satanic nature” of the Jews

Palestinian scholar Samir Said has spoken to Saudi Arabian Al-Majd TV, about what he called the “criminal and Satanic nature” of the Jews. He claimed that they were “the enemies of Mankind,” who had “killed 70 prophets in a single day.” Said is a member of the Jerusalem Committee of the International Union of Muslim Scholars

Source: MEMRI

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UK Labour group cancels event to have been chaired by “Jewish lobby” journalist

Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East has reportedly cancelled an event due to be chaired by Abdel Bari Atwan, who has allegedly made antisemitic comments in the past about Israel and “the Jewish lobby”.

Joan Ryan MP, who had campaigned to stop the event told Jewish News: “We welcome LFPME’s recognition of the legitimate concerns about Mr Atwan’s inclusion in this event.”

In 2007, Atwan is reported to have said: “If Iranian missiles strike Israel, by Allah, I will go to Trafalgar Square and dance with delight.” In 2010, it is claimed that Atwan told an audience at the London School of Economics that “the Jewish lobby… [is] endangering the whole world”.

Source: Jewish News

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Ha’aretz correspondent allegedly tells UK students “Elders of Zion” planned “colonisation”

Israeli journalist Amira Hass has reportedly told students at the University of Kent that the “Elders of Zion” planned “colonial” hegemony over Palestinians. Blogger David Collier attended a conference entitled “Israel and the Palestinians: Colonialism and Prospects for Justice” which was a joint event by University of Kent and the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies. Hass is married to a Palestinian and has lived in Ramallah since 1997. She is well known for her uncompromising attacks on Israel.

Writing in his blog, Collier recalled: “I tried to make sense of what I was hearing. Hass was discussing a hidden agenda, a secret group of Jews, plotting and planning beyond the reach of Israeli democracy – by extension, this secret group were to blame for the ‘war crimes’, for the death of innocent Palestinian children. Hass was spinning tales of a Jewish cabal, of shady secretive control, of unworldly plots and sinister deeds. A road that leads to dead children. Hass was resurrecting a classic historic antisemitic blood libel in a British university.”

He then quotes Hass as saying: “And I ask myself did the Elders of Zion really sit together at the beginning of the seventies and then during the nineties, and plan, and have all these military orders, all these changes?”

The “Elders of Zion” refers to a fictitious Jewish cabal that supposedly controls world affairs to the detriment of mankind and forms the basis for most antisemitic conspiracy myths.

Source: David Collier

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Bright red swastika painted on mediaeval tower in square in Rome

A swastika has been found painted in red on a mediaeval tower in Piazza San Martino ai Monti in Rome, Italy.

Source: Osservatorio Antisemitismo

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55 headstones smashed at Indiana Jewish cemetery

A Jewish cemetery has been vandalised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 55 headstones were smashed at the cemetery, which is tended by volunteers. Local police are investigating.

Source: CFCA/News 15

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Swastikas found outside Jewish family’s business in Seattle, Washington for the second time

A Jewish family has called police after swastikas were drawn outside their family business in Seattle for the second time in six months. No other businesses in the area have been targetted and the family are now buying a CCTV system.

Source: CFCA/Q13 Fox

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Antisemitic football slogan found sprayed on a wall in Genoa, Italy

An antisemitic football slogan has been found in the Albaro neighbourhood of Genoa, Italy. The graffiti says “Doriano ebreo” (“Dorian Jew”), referring to fans of the football team of Genoa.

Source: CFCA/Osservatorio Antisemitismo

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14-year-old detained by London Shomrim and arrested by police for attacking Jews with fireworks

A 14-year-old boy has been arrested in Hackney after a group of youths attempted to place lit fireworks in the pockets of Jewish pedestrians. Volunteers from Shomrim, the Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol, arrived almost immediately and witnessed the boy chasing one victim and hurling a lit firework towards him. The Shomrim volunteer chased and detained the boy, then called the police who arrested him.

The Metropolitan Police Service said: “A 14-year-old male was arrested on suspicion of racially aggravated common assault and possession of a firework in the street. He was taken to a north London police station and subsequently released on police bail to a date in early March. No one was injured during the incident.”

Source: Shomrim

Bomb Threat Everyday Antisemitism Florida Ξ E-mail

Police evacuate Jewish school in Florida after bomb threat

A bomb threat forced the evacuation of the Jewish Community Center in Maitland, Florida, on Tuesday. According to police, the school received a bomb threat at 10:00, following which the community centre’s preschool, elementary school and and gym were evacuated. The pupils were evacuated to another school which police locked down as a precaution. No explosives were found.


Everyday Antisemitism Greece Military Ξ E-mail

New Greek aerospace Vice President previously published article claiming “Jewish people want to undermine the world”

Hellenic Aerospace Industry has appointed Babis Papaspyros as its Vice President. In 2010, Papaspyros reblogged a far-right blog entitled “How Jewish people want to undermine the world via multiculturalism”. The article suggested that the Jews have acquired the power to kill “thousands of Palestinians” while they remain unpunished and accuse “their enemies” of antisemitism. At the end of the blog post was a video by notorious antisemitic conspiracy theorist David Duke. Papaspyros is close to Greece’s Minister of Defense, Panos Kammenos and is reported to have been appointed to his new role by Greece’s Finance Minister.

Source: Ενάντια στον αντισημιτισμό

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Iran’s Supreme Leader releases Holocaust denial video on Holocaust Memorial Day while President tours Paris and Rome

As Iranian President Hassan Rouhani toured Rome and Paris on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, entertained by heads of state, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, released a video attacking the very existence of the Holocaust. Kamenei has often denied that the Holocaust took place, or suggested that if it did take place its scale is exaggerated. Under his direction, Iran has industrialised Holocaust denial, inserting it into popular culture through every means possible, even holding international Holocaust denial cartoon competitions, the next of which will be held in June

The video is entitled “Are The Dark Ages Over?” and was posted on Khamenei’s website on 27th January, International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Against the backdrop of images of the Auschwitz death camp, antisemitic Holocaust denier David Irving and others, the English subtitles of the Farsi video state: “No one in European countries dares to speak about [the] Holocaust, while it is not clear whether the core of this matter is a reality or not. Even if it is a reality, it is not clear how it happened. Speaking about the Holocaust and expressing doubts about it is considered to be a great sin. If someone does this, they stop, arrest, imprison and sue him. This is while they claim to be supporters of freedom. This is the ignorance that exists in today’s world. We should be awake. You dear brothers, dear people of Iran, Muslims in the great Islamic ummah and officials in different countries, should know that we can stand up against the ignorance.”

The video also begins by suggesting that Israel is behind ISIS, which is a modern-day antisemitic conspiracy myth, saying: “Who assists the fake Zionist regime? Who supports them? Who clears the road for them? Who stands behind them? It is Western powers — headed by America — that are doing so. This is while they say in their slogans that they are opposed to terrorism and ISIS. They are lying. They say things which are not true. This is ignorance.”

Source: MEMRI

Everyday Antisemitism Georgia Music Ξ E-mail

Chart-topping US rapper releases new song promoting Holocaust denial and antisemitic conspiracy myth

Famous US rapper, Bobby Ray Simmons Jr, known as B.o.B, has released a new song in which he seeks to convince fans to believe conspiracy theories that the Earth is flat, the Holocaust was exaggerated and Jews control US politics.

Despite extensive media coverage of the outlandish claim that the Earth is flat, very few articles made a mention of the antisemitic lyrics.

At one point in the song, the rapper instructs fans to “do your research on David Irving”, referring to the notorious Holocaust-denying antisemite who has been deported from countries around the world and was jailed in Austria in 2006.

Another lyric states: “Stalin was way worse than Hitler, that’s why the POTUS [President of the United States] gotta wear a kippah [Jewish skullcap].”

Source: JP Updates

Everyday Antisemitism London Transportation Verbal Abuse Ξ E-mail

Man and child on London bus insult “F***ing Jews…Disgusting Jews” whilst making throat-slitting gesture

A woman has reported that she was the victim of antisemitic abuse on a London bus as it travelled through Golders Green. A group of young Jewish people have told Jewish News that they were confronted by a man with a child, as they left the bus at their stop. The victim told the paper: “We were at the back on the top deck not showing any signs of disruptive behaviour. When we arrived at our stop, we walked down the stairs when I heard a man mutter ‘These f***ing Jews’. I asked him why he thought what he was saying was necessary. He looked directly at me with no response but told his son that we are ‘disgusting Jews’. At this point the rest of the group I was traveling with got off the bus but three of us remained.”

The witness added that the man and the boy later “placed their fingers across their throats while smiling at us” as she and her companions walked away from the bus.

A Police spokesperson told Jewish News: “Detectives in Barnet are investigating an allegation of antisemitic abuse. The incident is said to have taken place on a route 102 bus near Golders Green station. At about 22.30, a man who was with a young child, subjected three victims, in their early 20s to anti-Semitic abuse. The investigation is ongoing and officers are working with Transport for London to obtain any CCTV that is available. The suspect is described as a man of Middle Eastern appearance, approximately 5 foot 8 with slight stubble. Anyone with information is asked to call the police on 101, or to remain anonymous call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

Source: Jewish News

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Just before Holocaust Memorial Day, Nazis parade “Hitler was right” banner in centre of Newcastle

A group of neo-Nazis from “National Action” paraded in the centre of Newcastle at the foot of Grey’s Monument with a “Hitler was right” banner on Saturday. Members of the group performed Nazi salutes in the centre of the square. Some local people remonstrated with them but at least one onlooker returned their Nazi salute (see photo below). When a musician in the square attempted to play saxophone music, one of the neo-Nazis violently attacked him. In addition to the assault, the use of the banner and Nazi salutes constitute offences of racially aggravated intentional harassment, alarm and distress under section 4A of the Public Order Act, as well as other possible offences.

The group previously attempted to demonstrate in Liverpool in August and September 2015, causing widespread public disorder and the cancellation of their demonstrations, with the group humiliated in August when they were unable to leave Liverpool Central train station. They then returned unannounced in November 2015 and delivered short speeches outside various public buildings and monuments in Liverpool, including speeches against Jews saying that: “Jews don’t care about me. They don’t care about you. They don’t care about any of us. All they care about is money and power.” Their video of the event contained additional antisemitic graphics and quoted from Adolf Hitler’s antisemitic diatribe, Mein Kampf. There have been no arrests.

In June 2015, “National Action” filmed themselves desecrating a menorah in Birmingham’s Cannon Hill Park by spraying graffiti and hanging a Nazi flag from it. There have been no arrests.

National Action’s blog contains 282 references to the word “Jew”, including accusations that Jews:

  • Use the blood of non-Jews in rituals
  • Usurp power through financial and political conspiracies
  • “Terrorise” the non-Jewish population through usury
  • Dilute Aryan races by operating the slave trade, then campaigning for civil rights in order to weaken Aryan races

Jonathan Sacerdoti, Director of Communication at Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “It is very clear that ‘National Action’ is an antisemitic neo-Nazi organisation which is trying to propagate fascist ideology and sees as its role models some of the most hideous figures in history. The group’s purpose is incitement to racial and religious hatred and its activities range from vandalism to violence. Unfurling a banner proclaiming ‘Hitler was right’ and performing Nazi salutes for less than ten minutes in a public square is cowardly and a deliberate effort to provoke disorder. This group is not a dying vestige of British neo-Nazism but a new, young movement and we are pleased that Northumbria Police are taking this incident so seriously. Enough is enough and this brazenly criminal group must be brought to justice. That young British people are openly idolising Adolf Hitler in Britain in the days before Holocaust Memorial Day is a reminder that for us to say ‘Never again’ with any confidence, we must be vigilant and fight antisemitic racism ruthlessly.”

A spokesman for Northumbria Police told Campaign Against Antisemitism: “Northumbria Police is carrying out enquiries into the protest that was held at Monument in Newcastle City centre at 1:55pm on Saturday, January 23. We had no prior warning that the protest was due to take place and city centre officers attended immediately after receiving information that it was happening. Upon officers’ arrival the demonstration had ended and we believe it lasted less than 10 minutes. We have received one report of assault and we are in the process of investigating this along with looking into whether any other offences may have taken place. Detectives are checking CCTV footage from the city centre area and material posted on social media and enquiries are ongoing.”

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Message carved on lift in French housing project appears to target Jews for jihadi terrorism

Residents of a housing project in Joinville-le-Pont have reported an “intolerable” message carved into a lift door with a sharp object. On one door is a swastika and the word “Nazis” and on the other is a Star of David and the word “Jihad”.

Source: CFCA/New Antisemite/94 Citoyens

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Jewish school pupil in Texas finds swastika note under windscreen wiper

The Northeast Independent School District has opened an investigation after a picture of a swastika was found attached to the windshield of a Jewish pupil’s car at Reagan High School in San Antonio, Texas. The swastika picture was found after school on Wednesday and reported to the school’s principal. There are no security cameras in the school’s car park, so unless a witness comes forward, it is unlikely that the perpetrator will be caught.

Source: CFCA/Kens5

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Police open investigation into swastikas found in residential London neighbourhood

The Metropolitan Police Service has opened an investigation after two swastikas were daubed on a wall in Kentish Town, London. Police went to the scene before the swastikas were cleaned off. A police spokesperson told Jewish News: “Attending officers found offensive graffiti drawn onto a wall of the building and informed the local authority who removed it. No arrests have been made. Enquiries are ongoing.”

Conservative councillor for Housing and Community Safety, Oliver Cooper, reported the graffiti to the police. He said: “This appalling incident is only the latest in a sad escalation of hate crimes and hate speech: whether it’s graffiti swastikas, or hatred on social media. It’s important that everyone tackles this head-on. I will be asking Camden Council what’s being done to reverse this rising tide of hate locally, and make sure we keep the community safe.”

Source: Jewish News

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UK journalist forces antisemite to disembark from train for claiming “ISIS was created by the Jews”

British journalist James Bloodworth has posted on Facebook that he forced a man to disembark from a train after he made antisemitic comments. Bloodworth said that he had an altercation with the man after he refused to remove his bags from Bloodworth’s seat at the start of the journey. After he had eventually agreed to remove the bags, Bloodworth took his seat and settled down to read is book, ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror. His fellow passenger asked what Bloodworth was reading, to which he replied that it is a book about ISIS. The man replied: “You mean the Israeli intelligence services.” Bloodworth said he ignored the comment until the man pressed: “You do know that ISIS was created by the Jews? Who is the book by?” When Bloodworth told him that the book was by Michael Weiss and Hassan Hassan, the man allegedly responded “Weiss is a Jewish name.” Bloodworth says he then asked the man to stop talking to him, but the man insisted, claiming that “No Jews died in the Holocaust. It’s a hoax. The gas chambers and all that. You’re just uninformed.” Bloodworth said he kept repeating the point and when he used the word “Sheeple,” Bloodworth lost his temper, telling the man that he would forcibly eject him at the next stop. According to Bloodworth’s account, he allowed the man to gather his belongings before marching him to the door, saying: “You’re getting off this f***ing train” to a small round of applause from fellow passengers.

Bloodworth ended his Facebook post saying: “I’m a nice guy who’s kind to animals, children and my grandmother. But don’t slander the Jews in the quiet coach.”

Source: Harry’s Place

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Don McLean’s Jewish wife of thirty years calls police after alleged antisemitic abuse

The Jewish wife of famed American singer Don McLean has claimed that he is antisemitic and violently abused her. Court documents show that the 70-year-old’s wife of 30 years, Patrisha McLean, has been granted a restraining order after claiming that her husband had attacked her and may have killed her had she not called the police.

Patrisha McLean’s handwritten declaration filed in Rockland District Court said: “For the first 10 years or so his rage was unfathomably deep and very scary — calling me horrible things like ‘hebe’ (I’m Jewish).” According to the statement, Don McLean controlled his rage until the incident on Monday when he allegedly lost control and threw the landline telephone to the floor when his wife tried to call the police. Patrisha McLean said she locked herself in the bathroom and called the police with her mobile, alleging: “He tried to break open the door and I feel he would have succeeded and killed me but for me telling him I was calling 911, which did deflate him,” she wrote.

Don McLean’s defence lawyer, Walter McKee, said: “Don denies making any ethnic slurs to his wife. As with many of the statements made in the request for a protection order, this statement is patently untrue.” Don McLean also commented, saying: “This last year and especially now have been hard emotional times for my wife, my children and me. What is occurring is the very painful breakdown of an almost 30-year relationship. Our hearts are broken and we must carry on. There are no winners or losers but I am not a villain. I may never recover from this but I will try and hope to continue to entertain you all as I always have. I ask God to give us the strength to find new happiness and I hope people will realise that this will all be resolved but I hope I will not be judged in this frantic media environment.”

Source: Page Six

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Starbucks employee writes “Bulls***” instead of name on Jewish man’s cup in Montreal

An Orthodox Jewish woman has posted on Facebook of her disgust after her husband gave a Starbucks employee his name as “Moshe” but found that the employee had instead written “Bulls***” on his order.

The Facebook post says that the incident took place at the Starbucks in Rockland Shopping Centre in Montreal, Canada.

Gitty Halpert Perl wrote that she felt tormented and unsure how to respond after her daughter begged her to ignore her instincts and leave quietly.

Starbucks posted on Facebook that it is looking into the incident.

Source: Facebook

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“Nazi” and swastikas drawn on tram seats in Manchester, UK

A Metrolink tram in Manchester, UK, had to be taken out of service for cleaning after a passenger discovered that an unknown vandal had drawn swastikas and the word “Nazi” on a seat. An investigation is under way and the motive is believed to be antisemitic.

Source: Manchester Evening News

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Egyptian sex therapist declares that Jews “have had the highest rate of sexual perversions in history”

On 16th January, Egyptian Al-Hayat TV broadcast an interview with, Heba Kotb, a consultant on Islamic medicine and marital life. Kobt claimed that “strict rules” in Juadaism create a “psychological imbalance” and that Jews “have had the highest rate of sexual perversions in history.”

Source: MEMRI

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Jewish Texan businessman’s photograph defaced with swastikas on billboards

A Jewish businessman in Athens, Texas, has said he feels uplifted by the response of his community after billboards bearing his photograph were defaced with swastikas. Jeff Weinstein’s real estate business had placed signs around a plot of land, advertising a development opportunity, but vandals painted a swastika over the image of his face on the signs.

Weinstein, who is one of the few Jews in Athens,  said: “It backfired, it didn’t work because…my community is defending me saying we love you, so in the big scheme of things…this really is a great place.” Weinstein posted a photograph of the vandalism on Facebook, receiving an overwhelmingly supportive response. Weinstein commented: “In the real world, bad things happen. People say things that you wish they didn’t. In the end, what you find out is that people really do care about each other and they don’t want this to go on anymore and that makes you feel good.”


Source: CFCA/Tyler Morning Telegraph

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Belgian newspaper and Holocaust denier face action over interview claiming Nazi gas chambers were harmless

A Belgian daily paper, De Morgen, published an interview earlier this month, in which Siegfried Verbeke, a far-right symathiser with multiple convictions for inciting racial hatred against Jews and Holocaust denial, said: “Of course gas chambers existed, hundreds of them. To disinfect the clothes of people who went through them. But gas chambers designed to kill people never existed, no.”

Under Belgian law, Holocaust denial is illegal, and the state’s authority for combatting discrimination, has said that it may take legal action against Verbeke for his statement.

A Jewish newspaper, Joods Actueel, has also lodged an official complaint with the Belgian Council for Journalism, against De Morgen itself for “violation of ethics”.

Sources: CFCA/JTA and Joods Actueel

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Thug who threatened to “kill all the Jews” convicted by Crown Court

Rashal Miah was convicted today by a jury at Snaresbrook Crown Court despite pleading “not guilty” to telling a Jewish man: “Shut the f*** up, you f***ing Jew. I will slit your throat.”

The incident took place on 29th September 2014 in Stamford Hill in London. An orthodox Jewish man who was recognisably Jewish from his clothes was driving a school van full of children through traffic. Miah was driving a black Mercedes towards the school van on the wrong side of the road, which caused traffic to build up and block the road.

The driver of the school van asked Miah to reverse his car to let traffic pass, at which point Miah exited his car, “aggressively” approached the van and said: “Shut the f*** up, you f***ing Jew. I will slit your throat.” He went on to refer to the school van driver as “Yehudi” (Jew) and said: “I’m going to kill all the Jews.”

Shomrim, the Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol provided support to the victim through the lengthy court process.

The sentence has not yet been decided.

Source: Shomrim

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Six months in prison and €3,400 fine and costs for Frenchman who daubed antisemitic graffiti

A 21-year-old who defaced a youth centre and an apartment building in Grigny with graffiti saying “F*** the Jews” and praising Youssouf Fofana and Mohammed Merah, two French-Muslim anti-Jewish murderers, has been sentenced to six months in prison and must pay a €500 fine. Fofana kidnapped a 23-year-old French Jew and tortured him to death over the course of three weeks in 2006, while Merah murdered a teacher and three children aged 8, 6 and 3 at a Jewish school in Toulouse in 2012, having previously murdered four paratroopers.

Besides claiming innocence in court, he also threatened to cause a riot by bringing the Muslim community, in its entirety, to the trial, which the judge considered a “shocking” defence strategy. The claimants in the case were the city of Grigny, as well as LICRA and CRIF, two French organisations which fight antisemitism. The defendant was ordered to pay them damages of €800, €1,300 and €800 respectively.

The perpetrator was tracked down when the name he had daubed on the buildings in June 2014 matched an online account he had and the photo on that account matched that of an individual with a “copious” police record.

Source: Le Parisien

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Turkish synagogue defaced after being used for the first time in 65 years

İstipol Synagogue in İstanbul’s Balat neighbourhood has been sprayed with graffiti reading: “Terrorist Israel, there is Allah!” The incident took place after the synagogue was used for the first time in 65 years on 8th January and the graffiti has now been painted over.

The synagogue is surrounded by tall brick walls topped with railings topped with barbed wire. Balat is historically a Jewish neighbourhood in İstanbul. There are nine synagogues in the area but only two of them are currently active. Today, certain areas of the neighbourhood are covered with spray-painted Turkish nationalist symbols, such as wolves and three crescents. Turkish nationalist symbols are prevalent in the Balat neigborhood, which used to be a home to many local Jews. Recently the Turkish Jewish community has increased its visibility including the first public menorah lighting in İstanbul’s Ortaköy Square, the first such public celebration of Chanukah in Turkey.

İvo Molinas, the editor-in-chief of the Jewish community’s weekly newspaper, Şalom, expressed his frustration in an interview with Today’s Zaman: “Writing anti-Israel speech on the wall of a synagogue is an act of antisemitism. There is widespread antisemitism voiced in Turkey and it gets in the way of celebrating the richness of cultural diversity in this country.”

Source: CFCA/Today’s Zaman

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Paris court fines antisemitic Yahoo post author €1,500 and €500 damages for incitement

The 17th chamber of the High Court in Paris (Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris) has reportedly awarded the author of a series of antisemitic posts on Yahoo a fine of €1,500, plus €500 damages to be paid to a French antisemitism watchdog. The court, which specialises in media offences, severely condemned the author of several posts which incited hatred against Jews, according to the organisation which instigated the proceedings, BNVCA (National Bureau for Vigilance Against Antisemitism). In a statement, BNVCA said that the court fined the author of the posts €1,500 and ordered that the offending party also pay €500 to BNVCA.

The case was initiated in 2012 by a BNVCA lawyer, Maître Marc Bensimhon, against the authors of various posts inciting hatred against Jews and even calling for Jews to be murdered. Investigators apparently used human intelligence and high-tech investigation methods to track down the anonymous author.

Source: BNVCA

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Neo-Nazi jailed in UK for “anti-Jewification” incitement is still sending bizarre antisemitic letters from prison

Joshua Bonehill-Paine, a neo-Nazi jailed in the UK for inciting “anti-Jewification” demonstrations in areas with large Jewish populations is still sending antisemitic letters from prison. According to Western Gazette, Bonehill-Paine sent a letter in an envelope decorated with antisemitic cartoons, including a drawing of Adolf Hitler saluting, and a Star of David next to a crude depiction of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It is commonly believed by antisemitic conspiracy theorists that Jews organised the 9/11 terrorist atrocity.

Bonehill-Paine was given a three year and four month sentence following his trial in December and had only been expected to serve half under sentencing guidelines which reward good behaviour in prison, but this incident could set him back. The letters, send from prisons in Wandsworth and Manchester, describe the young facist’s absurd ambition to become a politician, write books and pursue his neo-Nazi agenda by “legal means” upon his release.

A Prison Service spokesperson told Western Gazette: “We are investigating this unacceptable incident and have put measures in place to ensure this offender’s mail is monitored by prison staff. Additionally, we will also take disciplinary action against the prisoner, which could see him being stripped of his privileges and being referred to the police for investigation.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism has already referred the latest incident to the Metropolitan Police Service.

Source: Western Gazette

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Far-right Hungarian politician decries film board funding for Golden Globe winning Holocaust drama

Hungarian far-right politician Előd Novák has claimed that funding from a Hungarian film board for the Golden Globe winning Holocaust drama Son of Saul is evidence that the “Holocaust industry” is flourishing. Many antisemites claim that Jews fabricated or exaggerated the Holocaust so that they could ‘cash in’ on war reparations and other benefits, and they call this the “Holocaust industry”.

Novák posted the comment on Facebook in response to a post by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán congratulating the makers of Son of Saul, who are Hungarian, on winning the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film. Novák is deputy chairman of Hungary’s Jobbik party, which holds a fifth of the seats in the country’s National Assembly. The party is widely considered to be an antisemitic neo-Nazi nationalist movement.

Son of Saul’s success at the Golden Globes precipitated an outpouring of antisemitism in Hungary.

Source: Fórum az antiszemitizmus ellen

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Facebook conceals antisemitic pages from Israelis but shows them everywhere else

Using VPN technology which allows internet users to access the internet as though they were in another country of their choice, the Israelly Cool blog has revealed that Facebook is blocking Israelis from seeing antisemitic content on the social network, but allowing users from elsewhere in the world to access it.

This perpetrates the double crime of knowing that antisemitic content exists and allowing it to remain, whilst also trying to prevent the targets of antisemitism from reporting or stopping antisemites.

For example, a Facebook page entitled “Jewish ritual murder” which exists to spread the libel that Jews murder non-Jewish children and use their blood in rituals is not accessible from Israel, but works just fine elsewhere in the world.

Source: Israelly Cool

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South African singer songwriter exposed as prolific antisemite

Singer songwriter Loyiso Matana Ka-Zikhali, from Durban South Africa, has been exposed as a prolific antisemite by Spotlighting SA. According to the organisation, the musician, whose real name is Loyiso Fareed Matana, has been discovered posting a stream of antisemitic abuse on Facebook, including:

  • “Indeed Zionist Jews are a cancer to the world”.
  • “A law written by kike Jews judges) in South Africa supreme law”.
  • “Cost of living in Western Cape is very expensive the Jews own it”.
  • “Zionist Jews have mastered this art of (blackmagic)“.
  • “The native the agenda of the Jew is to control the currency and economy”.
  • “The agenda of Jews is ‘world domination’”.
  • “Jews had to make a plan for Jesus to vanish”.

Source: Spotlighting SA

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Greek bookstall caught selling antisemitic “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”

A bookstall in Ioannina, Greece, has been caught selling the antisemitic Tsarist forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The book is an antisemitic text forged by Tsar Alexander’s secret police to incite pogroms against Russian Jews, and even now it is widely circulated in antisemitic circles. According to a survey by the Anti-Defamation League, two thirds of Greeks harbour antisemitic attitudes.

Source: CFCA/Against Antisemitism

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“Hitler was Jewish” scrawled on Tel Aviv synagogue

Police in Tel Aviv have opened an investigation after antisemitic graffiti was found on the walls of a synagogue in the Neve Tzedek neighbourhood of the city. The graffiti appears to include an image of Hitler as well as slurs in English and Hebrew, including: “Hitler was Jewish”.

Police promised a “thorough investigation to track down the perpetrators of this heinous act.”

Source: CFCA/Israel Hayom

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Jewish man injured in stabbing attack at Marseille synagogue, 15-year-old suspect in custody

A Jewish man has been injured in a stabbing attack this morning in the French city of Marseille. According to Times of Israel, Binyamin Amsalem, a teacher, sustained light injuries to his hand. His life was saved by his Torah (Jewish bible) with which he shielded himself.

Reports say that the 15-year-old attacker shouted “Allahu Akhbar” and attempted to stab congregants as they left the synagogue after morning prayers, and when he was unsuccessful fled the scene, throwing his knife away. Police apprehended the attacker ten minutes later.

According to the Marseille prosecutor: “He claimed to have acted in the name of Allah and the Islamic State, repeating several times to have done this on behalf of ISIS.”

A police source told Le Figaro that the attacker appeared to be insane, but ISIS has previously told its supporters to use insanity as an excuse. In a stabbing attack on synagogue-goers in October in Marseille, the assailant claimed to be insane, but this was rejected by the court. ISIS supporters in Marseille also stabbed a Jewish teacher in November.

Source: Le FigaroTimes of Israel

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Michigan pro-Palestinian activist says arguing against stabbing of Jews is “at best” like defending animal rights

A Jordanian pro-Palestinian activist based in Michigan has told her YouTube audience that arguing against the stabbing of Jews by Palestinian terrorists is like defending animal rights “at best”.

Lina Allan told viewers that anyone saying that stabbing Jews is forbidden in Islam (haram) should “stop interfering,” admonishing them: “Let me tell you that at best, you are representing animal rights – not human rights, but at best, animal rights. Let me tell you, even animals would not object to this if they could talk…Spare us your views, and go back to watching Turkish soap operas. It would be better if you didn’t talk about something you don’t understand.”


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Jewish student moves out of Texas university halls after yellow Stars of David glued to his door

A Jewish student at Texas Christian University has moved out of university accommodation after he found a trail of yellow Stars of David leading to his bedroom door. The stars were like those used during the Holocaust to identify Jews, and had been fixed to the walls and door using a hot glue gun. Dalton Barlow was the only Jewish student in the hall of residence and told CBSDFW: “There was one right outside my room. My doorway was decorated for the holiday for Hanukkah.” University police are investigating.

Source: CBSDFW

Arts California Everyday Antisemitism Ξ E-mail

Serial antisemite Mel Gibson to be rehabilitated with Golden Globes presenter role

It has been announced that serial antisemite Mel Gibson will be presenting an award at the Golden Globes tomorrow night. The Simon Wiesenthal Centre has condemned the move to “rehabilitate a bigot”.

Gibson’s antisemitism became notorious in 2006 when he was stopped by police for drinking and driving. The actor launched an antisemitic tirade against an officer, shouting: “F***ing Jews…The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” At the time, Gibson apologised and blamed the incident on his alcoholism.

Gibson’s history of antisemitism goes deeper though. In the 1990s, actress Winona Ryder accused him of referring to Holocaust survivors as “oven-dodgers” at a party. As recently as 2012 the claims have been repeated, with Hollywood screenwriter Joe Eszterhas saying that the Holocaust was merely a “numbers game” and “mostly a lot of horses***”. Eszterhas also claimed that Gibson continuously referred to Jews as “Hebes” and “oven-dodgers”.

Gibson additionally came under fire for his 2004 film The Passion of the Christ, which was widely condemned for implying that Jews were responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus.

Source: Algemeiner

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US Presidential candidate heckled by man shouting “Marco Rubio is owned by Jews”

US Presidential candidate Marco Rubio has been interrupted by a heckler during a campaign appearance in Dallas, Texas.

A man stood up and shouted: “Marco Rubio is owned by Jews! Jews and Freemasons!”

The person seated behind him force him to sit down and audience members chanted “Marco! Marco!” until a police officer led the heckler out of the hall.

Source: Star Telegram

Everyday Antisemitism Israel Palestinian Controlled Areas Police Abuse Politics Town Planning Violence Ξ E-mail

Palestinians routinely humiliated and put to death for selling land to Jews, according to report

An investigation by Israeli Channel 2 television has reported that it has discovered an activist who seeks out Palestinian Arabs who have sold land to Jews and arranges for them to be humiliated and executed by Palestinian police. The Palestinian Authority forbids the sale of land to Jews by law.

The investigation obtained a tape of far-left Israeli activist Ezra Nawi apparently bragging about how he reports Arabs who plan to sell land to Jews to the Palestinian Authority’s security forces, in the knowledge that they will be killed. “I hand them directly to the Palestinian security service,” Nawi says on the tape. When asked what happens once Palestinian Authority police arrests the sellers, Nawi says, “It catches them, kills them. First Zubur, then Gazanga.” According to the report, Zubur is an Arabic word used in Hebrew to describe humiliation and physical torment, and Gazanga is not a known word but implies death, in the context of the tape.

Source: Jewish Press

Everyday Antisemitism London Television Ξ E-mail

BBC accused of “gratuitous” and “unjustifiable” antisemitism in Christmas and New Year dramas

Campaign Against Antisemitism has accused the BBC of “gratuitous” antisemitism in series aired over the Christmas and New Year holiday season.

Citing two examples, Campaign Against Antisemitism admonished the BBC for trying to exchange artistic licence for “antisemitic licence”, saying: “Artistic licence allows distortion for artistic purposes, but there is no such thing as antisemitic licence. If antisemitism is gratuitous and irrelevant to the story or art, cut it out. This is supposed to be elementary.”

The first cited example was a serialisation of Agatha Christie’s mystery thriller, And then there were none, episode two of which was aired on 27th December 2015 at 21:00. In one scene, the characters discuss the identity of the mysterious “Isaac morris”. During the discussion, one character says: “Jews. Whenever there’s a problem, there’s Jews at the bottom of it.” Campaign Against Antisemitism questioned the “totally gratuitous conservation of Agatha Christie’s antisemitism in the BBC’s adaptation of the book”. Whilst some have responded that the antisemitism is true to the text, the title of the adaptation was changed to remove a racist term for black people, and since the antisemitism is irrelevant to the plot and characters, it is totally unclear why the BBC included it in the adaptation.

The second example involved popular soap opera Eastenders. In the episode that aired on 6th January 2016 at 18:00, one character tells another that Herod was “King of the Jews” before reciting his villainous attributes. While there is nothing new about nativity stories in which the villains are all Jews and the fact that Jesus was Jewish is forgotten, Campaign Against Antisemitism raised concern that the tradition alive and well at the BBC.

Source: Campaign Against Antisemitism


Everyday Antisemitism London Verbal Abuse Violence Ξ E-mail

Police investigating after Jewish shoppers pelted with gas canisters by neo-Nazis in London, Shomrim assisting victims

The Metropolitan Police Service is investigating an incident that took place this evening at around 19:45 in which three Jewish shoppers were subjected to antisemitic abuse in Tottenham Hale by three white men in a white pickup truck.

The three men shouted “Hitler is on the way to you, Heil Hitler, Heil Hitler, Heil Hitler” and threw small gas refill canisters towards the victims, two men and a woman.

Shomrim, the Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol, was called by the victims and is providing victim support. None of the victims were injured, but they were badly shaken by the experience.

The Metropolitan Police Service is now investigating. Anybody with information should call the police on 101 quoting reference CAD7955-06/01/16.

Jonathan Sacerdoti, Director of Communications at the Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: “This disturbing incident is a reminder of the abuse that many Jewish people experience all too often. It is vital that victims report all antisemitic attacks or incidents whenever they happen, and that the police take every report seriously, investigating and charging those responsible wherever possible.”

Shomrim volunteer Michael Blayer said: “This behaviour is appalling, the victims were innocent shoppers at the Tottenham Hale Retail Park, and they were targeted because they were visibly Jewish. The verbal abuse was disgusting, and small objects were thrown towards the victims, making them fear for their immediate safety. Shomrim are supporting the victims. The incident has been reported to the Metropolitan Police, I have absolute confidence in our local police that this will be thoroughly investigated. I encourage anyone who witnessed this incident or who may have experienced a similar incident to report it.”

Source: Stamford Hill Shomrim

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Senior Palestinian official continues attempt to revive mediaeval antisemitic blood libel

Top Palestinian official, Fatah Central Committee member Jamal Muhaisen, has become the latest Palestinian leader to repeat the modern version of the blood libel. Originating in England in the 1100s and spreading across Europe, the blood libel was the accusation that Jews kidnapped and murdered the Christian children to use their blood as part of their religious rituals. The Palestinian leadership has renovated this vile myth and now claims that Israeli Jews harvest the organs of dead Palestinians.

Speaking on official Palestinian television, Fatah Central Committee member Jamal Muhaisen said: “There are Israeli testimonies acknowledging that organs are being taken from the bodies of young Martyrs. While the body is with the Israelis, organs are taken according to Israel’s needs, and afterwards they hand over the body with conditions…including not allowing the body to be autopsied, in order to cover it up.”

Every part of the statement is false, other than that Israel really does hand over the bodies of Palestinians, despite the fact that they were usually killed whilst perpetrating a terrorist act against Israelis.

Source: Palestinian Media Watch

Everyday Antisemitism Facebook Hungary Ξ E-mail

Hungarian man sentenced to 400 days in prison or large fine for Facebook “Holohoax” post

The district court in Esztergom, Hungary, has sentenced a man to 400 days in prison or an Ft800,000 (£1,865 or $2,735) fine for denying the Holocaust on social media. He will be taken into custody if he does not pay the fine.

Facebook user “Norbert J”, of Dömös, near Budapest, had posted an interview with rabbi Slomó Köves and beneath it he commented “Holohoax”. He apologised for his behaviour in a letter in which he claimed that he acted in anger after reading an article on the “Holocaust industry”.

The sentence was aggravated by the fact that the man has previous convictions, and the man had reportedly published several other pieces of antisemitic content on his Facebook timeline.

Source: Hungary Today

Everyday Antisemitism France Paramilitary Organisation Ukraine Ξ E-mail

Ukrainian neo-Nazi paramilitary group planning to convene in France

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre has issued a warning over “a troubling meeting” in Nantes on 16th January of supporters of the Ukrainian Azov Battalion. According to the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, “a majority of the unit’s members can be labelled as neo-Nazi in iconising ‘Hitler as a great military leader’ and in denying the Holocaust; in claiming that ‘Putin is a Jew’; by the Wolfsangel (Wolfs Hook) logo on their banner and swastika tattoos; and in quotes from the unit’s leader, Colonel Andrey Biletzky, that his historic mission is ‘a crusade against the Semite-led Untermenschen [subhumans]…the struggle for the liberation of the entire White race’”. The Simon Wiesenthal Centre called on the mayor of Nantes to ban the meeting.

Source: The Simon Wiesenthal Centre

Everyday Antisemitism Palestinian Controlled Areas Television Ξ E-mail

Palestinian official television broadcasts child saying “Treachery has been [Jews’] nature from the days of Moses”

On Christmas Eve, Palestinian official television broadcast a child warning that “Treachery has been their [Jews’] nature from the days of Moses until today.”

The full passage took the form of a warped antisemitic narrative of historical Jewish-Muslim relations:

“Today, children, I have come to tell you the story of my people, listen to it. We had land and a house, and we had a field, garden, and fireplace. In Jaffa we had a noble family with small children, and in Acre we had an oven and pottery. My people lived on the land from generations… I remember what my grandmother told me long ago: ‘Don’t forget these words, lock them in your heart and guard them: Palestine is Arab, its land is Arab, its language is Arabic, its identity is Arab’…This home was the home of our father, and the foreigners came to banish us. Long ago we were dear friends. Yona [the Jew] helped Fatima [the Arab] with the laundry and Fatima boiled milk for her, and lit the fire for her on the Sabbath. It does not surprise us [that they banished us]. Treachery has been their nature from the days of Moses until today. May Allah turn back every oppressor’s scheme. Say Amen with me.”

Source: Palestinian Media Watch

Everyday Antisemitism Sports Tunisia Ξ E-mail

Tunisian football club president calls referee “a Jewish dog”

The president of Club Sportif Sfaxien, which plays in Tunisian Football Federation’s first division, has been caught calling the referee at a match “a Jewish dog”, according to Oriental Express.

Lutfi Abd an-Nazar, the president of the club was outraged by decisions made by the referee, Sadik Halimi, which saw his club lose by a goal to Esperanto Sports de Tunis.

The local Jewish community has demanded that action be taken.

Source: CFCA/Oriental Express

Canada Everyday Antisemitism Lack of Security Verbal Abuse Ξ E-mail

Antisemitic stranger carrying a knife caught by chance outside Toronto synagogue

On Saturday at the synagogue at the Bernard Betel Centre in Toronto, a man wearing a swastika was found to be acting suspiciously and carrying a knife.

A woman on her way out of the centre saw a man carrying two large bags. She approached him and asked what his business was at the centre, at which point he hurled a book at her. The woman sounded the alarm and the man was surrounded by congregants.

One congregant noticed that the man, described as being in his sixties and of European origin, was wearing a swastika pin on his shirt. When challenged, he claimed that he was wearing it not to support Nazism but in support of socialism. He added that he came to the community centre to get money, and that the “rich Jews” want others to be poor.

Police arrived after thirty minutes at which point the man was searched and found to be in possession of a knife and a toy gun. The action taken by the police remains unclear, but it has been reported that the man will probably be taken for psychiatric evaluation.

Source: CFCA/CIJ News

Everyday Antisemitism Hacking Online Ξ E-mail

Warning issued over “sophisticated” antisemitic hacking operation

According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), international hackers are planning to attack Jewish and Israeli online targets as part of what has become an annual campaign.

The ADL’s Centre on Extremism says that there are two significant elements to this year’s campaign – the leadership of a pro-terrorist, antisemitic group in the effort, and the targeting of individuals on their mobile devices.

The security advisory says that there are strong indi­ca­tions that AnonG­host, an international hacker group that supports terrorist groups and frequently employs antisemitism as part of its activity, has replaced Anonymous as the main organiser of this year’s #OpIsrael campaign.

Groups such as AnonGhost express unam­bigu­ous sup­port­ for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas and the Islamic State (ISIS) and have car­ried out cyber-attacks in their names, bringing an Islamic extremist element into an already virulently anti-Israel and antisemitic campaign.

The new campaign is being called for 7th April, during the Jewish Passover holiday period.

The ADL says that AnonGhost appears to have already threatened individual Israelis with violence through mobile devices. According to ADL, the group has sent messages to Israelis with a picture of an ISIS fighter with the cap­tion, “We are com­ing O Jews to kill you.” A message sent to another Israeli man reportedly included an image of his family with the threat, “I’ll stick a knife in their throats.”

Among the more sophisticated hacker groups in the world, AnonGhost has launched and pro­moted soft­ware enabling supporters to take part in the cyber-attacks. The group has reportedly claimed responsibility for dozens of hacks in the United States, often with the signature, “Death To All Jews.”

In previous years, OpIsrael was spearheaded by the Arab subdivision of Anony­mous and timed to coin­cide with Holo­caust Remem­brance Day. Anony­mous hackers have threatened to “wipe Israel off the Inter­net” and have described the campaign as an “Elec­tronic Holocaust.”

Source: ADL

Everyday Antisemitism Incitement Iraq Syria Television Ξ E-mail

ISIS begins new video by making clear its special hatred of Jews

The latest ISIS video features typically graphic and barbaric scenes, which are not included in the clip below. ISIS makes clear at the beginning of the video that it reserves a special hatred for Jews, saying: “This is a message to David Cameron. Oh slave of the White House! Oh mule of the Jews!”

Source: ISIS

Everyday Antisemitism New York Vandalism Ξ E-mail

New York Jewish families’ front door defaced with “Hitler was hero” graffiti and swastikas

Three Jewish families discovered antisemitic graffiti on the front door of their building in an area of Brooklyn on Saturday morning. The graffiti included multiple swastikas, the words “Hitler was hero” and a crude drawing of a penis.

The three Jewish families have only recently moved to the building have reportedly been terrorised at random by people banging on the door and ringing the doorbells. “All the neighbours are nice to us; it seems like just one person has issues with the Jewish families living here”, one of the families told JP Updates.

Source: CFCA/New York Post and JP Updates

Brazil Everyday Antisemitism Newspaper Ξ E-mail

Major Brazilian newspaper brands new Israeli ambassador “the Jew”

One of the most prominent newspapers in Brazil, O Globo, published in Rio de Janeiro, has covered a diplomatic spat between Israel and Brazil by calling Israel’s proposed new ambassador to Brazil “the Jew”.

An article on O Globo’s website is headlined “Experts opine on the appointment of the Jew Danny Dayan as an ambassador to Brazil” (Especialistas opinam sobre indicação do judeu Dani Dayan para embaixador no Brasil).

Source: CFCA/NRG

Everyday Antisemitism London Retail Verbal Abuse Ξ CAA Ξ E-mail

London petrol station cashier reportedly tells Jewish customer “I hate you guys”

Campaign Against Antisemitism received a report that on 9th December, a Jewish man was subjected to antisemitic abuse at a petrol station in Stamford Hill, London, when he went to pay for his petrol. According to the report, as he finished paying for his petrol, the cashier said, “I hate you guys,” to which the victim responded, “What do you mean?” The cashier then allegedly answered: “I hate you and all you Jewish people.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism has discussed the matter with the Metropolitan Police Service, which has confirmed that they attended the incident and treated it as a racially or religiously aggravated incident intended to cause harassment, alarm or distress, which is an offence under the Public Order Act. However, the victim declined to give police a statement and no evidence was found to substantiate the allegation, so the police were left with no option other than to have a discussion with the alleged offender and close the case.

Shomrim, the volunteer Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol, was introduced to the victim and helped him to make a statement to the police, but due to the absence of a corroborating second witness statement, police action was still not possible.

A spokesman for Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “The police can only act when allegations are supported by evidence, including evidence from victims themselves wherever possible. Anybody who experiences antisemitism in person should first call the police, and then if it is safe to do so, they should try to capture video evidence using a smartphone and take the contact details of anyone else who witnessed the incident.”

Source: Campaign Against Antisemitism

Everyday Antisemitism Facebook South Africa Ξ E-mail

South African education employee caught making antisemitic Facebook posts

According to Spotlighting South Africa, a government education employee from Pietermaritzburg is a prolific antisemite. A report by Spotlighting claimed that Cassim Mahomed Jasat has commented on other people’s Facebook posts saying: “Lies lies lies. U Jews are full of it. They one lot of herpes filled motherf***ers.”

Another comment, directed at a Jewish Facebook user allegedly said: “F*** u David. Necklacing is back. U no match for it.” Necklacing is a form of execution and torture which involves forcing a rubber tire filled with petrol around a victim’s chest and arms, and setting it alight. The victim can take up to twenty minutes to die, in excruciating pain. The practice is believed to have originated in South Africa.

A third comment attributed to Jasat threatened another Facebook user: “One night in a gas chamber for u.”

Source: Spotlighting, Wikipedia

Everyday Antisemitism Hate Mail Lack of Security Verbal Abuse Vermont Ξ E-mail

Jewish wind farm developer in Vermont warned “You think no one knows you’re a Jew”

Police in Vermont are investigating an antisemitic voicemail left for a Jewish employee of a wind power firm. The anonymous message, left on the employee’s voicemail at the office of Iberdrola Renewables, says:

“You [name removed] are a Jew and you cannot wait to drive 28 stakes through a town full of free, white Christian men with guns, and unfortunately the way to attract free, white Christian men with guns to you is to try and take their homes. So, why don’t you go to Palestine [name removed] where you can shoot the feet of Palestinian soccer players, you can burn babies alive, you can rape Russian sex slaves and really overtly enjoy yourself rather than this covert activity in Vermont where you think no one knows you’re a Jew because you’re going to find out that they do. Bye-bye.”

The one-minute voicemail was left by a female caller on 27th October 2015, shortly after a public consultation meeting about Iberdrola’s proposed 28-turbine wind project, which if built, would be the largest in the state.

The Iberdrola employee discovered the message and reported it to the police, but they refused to act because the woman did not threaten her victim with violence leading the company’s lawyer to file a formal complaint.

Source: VT Digger

Everyday Antisemitism New Jersey Vandalism Ξ E-mail

Car parked outside New Jersey synagogue vandalised in the fifth such incident

For the fifth time, a car parked outside the Vialapol synagogue in Lakewood, New Jersey, has been vandalised. The vehicle’s owner returned to his car to discover that his rear window had been smashed, apparently done by the same vandal or vandals that stuck multiple other cars at the same synagogue. in the past. Local police have taken reports of the incidents, but nobody has been identified yet.

Source: CFCA/The Lakewood Scoop

Everyday Antisemitism New York Violence Ξ E-mail

17-year-old Jewish boy punched to the ground in unprovoked attack in New York

A 17-year-old orthodox Jewish boy was assaulted on Tuesday night in Brooklyn as he returned home. The boy was standing at an intersection when a black man walked towards him and punched him in the face, knocking him to the ground.

New York police are treating the incident as an antisemitic hate crime because the victim had never seen his assailant before, nothing was taken from him, and he was wearing traditional Charedi Jewish clothing and holding phylacteries in his hand.

Anyone with information should call New York police on 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

Source: JP Updates

Education Everyday Antisemitism London Ξ E-mail

London university apologises for script about dukes owing money to “the Jew”

A London university has apologised unreservedly after students on its voice production course were asked to read a script about dukes owing Jews money as part of a drill in vowel and consonant projection.

Students at City Lit University wanting to improve their vocal clarity were asked to say: “The duke paid the money that was due to the Jew before the dew was off the grass on Tuesday. The Jew, having duly acknowledged it, bade adieu to the duke forever.”

The university immediately and unreservedly apologised, telling the Jewish News: “This exercise does not hold true to the core values and promotion of equality and diversity I expect of my team. I would most certainly like to issue an apology on behalf of the department for this extraordinarily outdated and offensive approach to lesson content. The learner was rightly offended…I am investigating this issue with the voice delivery team, as clearly we need to address the tutor responsible and provide support in their awareness and understanding of the offence they have caused in the first instance.”

The reaction comes after a Jewish News reader raised concerns it was “perhaps more acceptable in Shakespeare’s day than in 2015”.

Source: Jewish News

Everyday Antisemitism Illinois Violence Ξ E-mail

Men shout antisemitic slurs whilst beating Jewish Chicago mayor’s non-Jewish aide

Vance Henry, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Deputy Chief of Staff, was attacked at a vigil by assailants who reportedly shouted antisemitic abuse. Henry was punched, shoved to the ground and kicked on Sunday evening at a memorial for Bettie Jones, 55, and Quintonio LeGrier, 19, who were shot and killed over the weekend by Chicago police officers responding to a domestic disturbance call.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a man approached Henry saying: “What are you doing here, you should be downtown doing something about this. The police are killing us.” He also shouted antisemitic abuse, but the exact words used have not been reported. The man then hit Henry when Henry said: “Get out of my face.”

It is believed the antisemitic remarks were directed at Emanuel, who is Jewish but was not at the vigil. Henry is not Jewish. Emanuel is reportedly returning early from a family holiday in Cuba to take charge of the response to the shooting.


Source: Chicago Tribune

Everyday Antisemitism Hungary Verbal Abuse Ξ E-mail

Youths shout “Dirty Jews” and “You killed Jesus” at Jewish youths on major Budapest shopping street

Late last night, a group of six people approached a group of Jewish youths on the corner of one of Budapest’s main shopping streets and shouted “Dirty Jews” and “You killed Jesus”. After a short argument, the aggressors left the scene. No passersby intervened.

Source: Fórum az antiszemitizmus ellen

Everyday Antisemitism Politics Ukraine Ξ E-mail

Ukranian MP toasts Hitler, singing “Adolf Hitler, together with us, Adolf Hitler, in each of us”

A video has surfaced showing Ukrainian MP Artyom Vitko dressed in combat fatigues toasting Adolf Hitler and singing along to a song by a Russian neo-Nazi band, whose lyrics include: “Adolf Hitler, together with us, Adolf Hitler, in each of us, and an eagle with iron wings will help us at the right time.” He toasted a companion as the band sang “Heil Hitler”.

Vitko is the former commander of the government-backed Luhansk-1 Battalion and is now a member of the Radical Party. He can be seen sitting in the back of a car wearing combat fatigues and singing along to a song by a Russian neo-Nazi band extolling the virtues of the Nazi dictator.

His party leader, Oleh Lyashko, has just denounced President Petro Poroshenko for apologising for Ukrainian complicity in the Holocaust. Speaking before the Knesset in Israel last week, Poroshenko had said “we must remember the negative events in history, in which collaborators helped the Nazis with the Final Solution. When Ukraine was established [as an independent state in 1991], we asked for forgiveness, and I am doing it now, in the Knesset, before the children and grandchildren of the victims of the Holocaust…I am doing it before all citizens of Israel.”

Lyashko responded on Facebook: “This kind of humiliation of Ukrainians has not been recorded in our history yet…The Knesset has not recognized the Holodomor [a major famine] as the genocide of the Ukrainian people. That is a goal for Ukrainian authorities visiting the Holy Land rather than belittling Ukrainians [and] proclaiming inferiority of his people on the international level.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

Everyday Antisemitism Incitement Saudi Arabia Television Ξ E-mail

Saudi TV interview begins: “The Jews are today’s plague, a malignant disease,” then just gets worse

A viciously antisemitic television interview in Saudi Arabia has been brought to light by MEMRI. The interview begins with anchor Majed Ababutin declaring: “The Jews are today’s plague, a malignant disease. Their history is black, and their stories are stained with bloodshed.”

The interview with Saudi cleric Sheikh Muhammad Al-Munajid gets worse from there. Al-Munajid tells viewers: “The Jews are at the top of the list of enemies. The Jews of today are the same as the Jews of yesterday. This does not require any proof. Allah has shown us their traits, and the Prophet Muhammad has told us that our battle with them will continue until the end of time, when they will be led by the Antichrist…Treachery courses through the veins [of the Jews] like blood.”

Ababutin then asks: “Does hatred of the Jews constitute a form of worship in and of itself?” Al-Munajid responds: “The question is: Do they hate us? This is a nation that believes that anyone not of their religion is an impure pig. This appears word for word in their false Torah. The Jews have the right to rape non-Jewish women. It appears in their scriptures. They are arrogant people. They say: ‘We are the beloved sons of God.’ I don’t have anything personal against the Jews. Not at all. Our hatred of them stems from their having cursed Allah. They are polytheists. In their Talmud, they say that the rabbis are the masters of God, and that He must do as they say…They say that for three hours each morning, Allah plays with the king of the fish.”

Continuing his questioning, Ababutin asks: “Many Muslims were put to the test by having to live alongside the Jews, in the West or even in Palestine. To what extent is there coexistence with the Jews? What are the sharia rulings regarding coexistence with the Jews?” Al-Munajid answered: “First of all, we call them to join the belief in Allah. We call every infidel, no matter how much we despise him, to Allah. We would like him to follow the true guidance. Secondly, if there had been dhimma relations between us, and they paid the jizya poll tax and lived under the protection of the Muslims, it would have been impermissible for us to do them an injustice or harm them…The Jews were ostracised. In the Ukraine and some other countries, when they saw what the [Jews] had done, they took them and threw them over the border. They were ostracised. But now that the Islamic caliphate has grown weaker and disintegrated, the Basel Congress was convened, and they implemented the Protocols [of the Elders of Zion], and the Crusaders collaborated with them following Balfour…Their state was established, and we became victims.”


Employment Discrimination Everyday Antisemitism Greece Police Abuse Verbal Abuse Ξ Channels Ξ E-mail

UN guard dismissed for ordering American Jewish volunteers to leave immigrant camp on Greek island

A group of American Jewish volunteers for IsraAID has told Israel Today about an incident which saw them ordered to leave the transit camp where they had been trying to help migrants.

The incident began when volunteers working with other organisations swamped antisemitic at the Jewish women. At that point, a UN security guard arrived and, instead of quieting the antagonists, joined in the verbal assault of the Jewish women, demanding they leave the camp.

One of the group said: “The situation quickly deteriorated. The guard…yelled at me and said there was no place here for people like me. ‘Like me?’ I asked. ‘You mean Israeli? But I’m an American Jew.’ The guard replied by insisting that we [Jews] are all the same: murderers. He then threatened to arrest us if we didn’t leave the camp.”

An Israeli Arab member of IsraAID came to the defence of the women. He notified the camp administration of the incident, leading to the security guard’s dismissal.

The young Jewish women had traveled from the United States to volunteer with IsraAID, and were wearing the Israeli group’s shirts at the time of the incident.


Source: CFCA/Israel Today

Everyday Antisemitism France Vandalism Ξ E-mail

Graffiti in France threatens to kill Jews and glorifies ISIS and Mohammed Merah

Graffiti containing antisemitic death threats and glorifying ISIS and Mohammed Merah (who murdered Jewish schoolchildren and a teacher in Toulouse, and soldiers on guard duty) were found yesterday morning on the wall under the balcony of a building on rue de Seine, in Sartrouville, France.

A forensic team gathered evidence before the graffiti was cleaned away by the municipality, although a lack of CCTV video cameras will make the investigation difficult.

Source: CFCA/InfoNormandie

Everyday Antisemitism France Vandalism Ξ E-mail

Paris’ famous Sacré-Coeur Basilica defaced with “F*** the Jewish community” graffiti

The famous Sacré-Coeur Basilica in the 18th arrondissement of Paris has been defaced with graffiti saying “F*** the Jewish community”. The graffiti has still not been removed.

Source: CFCA/JSS News

Everyday Antisemitism London Radio Ξ E-mail

BBC radio show presenter allows caller to opine for 13 minutes about Jewish world domination

Last week on BBC London Radio, during a phone-in, a BBC presenter and a caller discussed Jews.

The caller was given over thirteen minutes of airtime, spewing vile antisemitism, with many of his arguments left unchecked. Though it was clear from the outset that the caller was an unrepentant antisemite, the presenter allowed him to opine at length on the subject of Jewish world domination, even telling his caller: “I’m giving you more than I have done anyone.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism has issued a call to action over the following excerpts:

BBC presenter: “There is a debate, listen I’m not saying there is no debate, clearly there is a debate about whether Israel in its current form should be where it is.”


“They are trying to control us more and more and more. They want to put a chip up our backsides, a ring through our noses, and a vizor for our horizons… the elite… the Rothschilds”

“It’s not just about old money, it’a about the Zionists”

“Most of the Jews of the world come from eastern Europe, from a place called originally, an empire called Cesaria… The Rothschilds, the people who own the Bank of England, the people who own the Federal Reserve, they’re all Zionist Jews. The people who own corporate America, the media, you’ll find if you just do a little bit of research, they’re all Zionist Jews. We are ruled by Zionist Jews.”

“The history of Jews from Palestine, that area of Judaism, it’s a long long history of thousands of years, has nothing to do with Zionism.”

“True Judaism… they’re against Zionism, those guys with the hats and the curly hair.”

“They control the money, the money, finance… 80% of corporate America, of the media, is owned by Jews. And they’re Zionist Jews.”

“We are dominated by the Jews’ system, the financial Jewish system.”

“We keep going on about the Jews… mainstream media, they keep banging on about the Jews and the Holocaust… we keep going on about six million Jews.”

Source: Campaign Against Antisemitism

East of England Everyday Antisemitism Politics Twitter Ξ E-mail

British activist expelled from Labour Party for “Jewish blood” tweets

Labour activist Scott Nelson has been expelled by the Labour Party over a series of antisemitic tweets.

Nelson, who describes himself as a supporter of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, sometimes tweets to his more than 21,000 Twitter followers about Middle East politics, and it was his tweets on this subject which led to his expulsion from the Labour Party.

Nelson said: “Having thought about this matter, I accept that I used clumsy and inappropriate wording concerning the Jewish heritage of Tesco and M&S by mentioning Jewish blood and my comments about Blairites being purged for disloyalty to Jeremy Corbyn.”

Nelson had tweeted about Tesco and Marks & Spencer, saying: “They have Jewish blood” as early as October 2014, but it appears to have been his comments this month about “appalling conditions working for Jewish companies” that caused the Labour Party to expel him.

The Labour Party has yet to take any action against Sir Gerald Kaufman MP, whose speech to MPs including the Shadow Minister for Justice was far worse than anything Nelson has said.

Source: Your Thurrock

Everyday Antisemitism Hungary Vandalism Ξ E-mail

Swastika carved in the wall of a Jewish institution in Budapest

A swastika has been found carved in the wall of a Jewish institution in Budapest. No further details are known.

Source: Fórum az antiszemitizmus ellen

Everyday Antisemitism Hungary Vandalism Ξ E-mail

Antisemitic graffiti depicting the Star of David hanging from a gallows found near Budapest scenic viewpoint

Antisemitic graffiti depicting the Star of David hanging from a gallows and equating Israel with the Nazis has been found on the way to a scenic lookout over Budapest on Hármashatárhegy mountain.

Source: Fórum az antiszemitizmus ellen

Everyday Antisemitism Incitement Netherlands Ξ E-mail

Dutch mayor blocks entry of seven antisemitic hate preachers invited by local mosque

Rob van Gijzel, the mayor of Eindhoven in the Netherlands, has blocked the entry of seven foreign hate preachers invited by the town’s Al Fourqaan mosque. The Imams, from Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Kuwait, have previously glorified violent Jihad and attacks on Jews, as well as denouncing women’s rights, homosexuals and non-Muslims. The decision was taken in consultation with the National Coordinator for Security and Fighting Terrorism (NCTV) was challenge in court by the mosque, but the ban remained in place.

Source: Telegraaf

Canada Everyday Antisemitism Facebook Online Websites Ξ E-mail

Viral media website using antisemitic conspiracy theory to generate clicks

FML Gone Viral, a website which circulates viral social media links, is using a vile antisemitic conspiracy theory to generate clicks. The website, which makes its money by displaying advertisements alongside its content, has been spreading a fictional dialogue between Adolf Hitler and a soldier which alleges that Hitler was trying to save “negroes” who are the “true Hebrews”. According to the story, “white jews knows that the negros are the real children of Israel. And to keep Americas secret, the jews will blackmail America.  The jews will extort America Their plan for world domination wont work if the negros knew who they were.”

The fictional story has been viewed by almost 100,000 people and comments appearing at the bottom of the page show that while some readers were incredulous, the story has garnered fierce support from internet users who believe that Jews are in fact masquerading as Jews to disenfranchise black people, and that Hitler was trying to save black people from the hegemony of the ‘false’ white Jews.

Those who did not believe the story were invariably told by believers to do some “research”. For example Felix Dickinson commented: “…lol come on now. Is that why he was adamant black people couldn’t be in his Olympics? Is that why the US was not even going to enter the war until pearl harbor? Honestly this is the dumbest thing I’ve read in a while”, but was answered by Christopher Shepherd who replied: “He didn’t want my people to take part in it because he knew it was wrong we were a holy people do you know what holy means it means separate meaning that if we were still separate then we wouldn’t of wanted no part of useless Olympics but since the synagogue of satan stole us and brought us to our brothers and sisters massive stolen land that is called America today then we learned the white mans ways and being a part of the Olympics is one of them”.

The FML Gone Viral website is registered to Sandi Chang of Ontario, Canada, whose telephone number is listed as +1 647 261 6448 and whose e-mail address is listed as [email protected].

The full antisemitic story is as follows:

Hitler said even in his death he will start World War 3. One of his soliders asked how? Hitler replied….

Hitler said even in his death he will start World War 3.

One of his soldiers asked how?

Hitler replied, “The day mankind finds out what I was trying to defend this nation, Germany, from then thats the day World War 3 will start. For on that day, mankind will learn that I was trying to save my Nation from The Free Masons, the Illuminati, the jews. For if the Americans wins the war, then they will conquer the world and forever be a slave to the jews and they will try to conquer God. Do you know who America has in its possession?

“NO,” the solider replied.

The Americans has the jewels of God. The Americans have stolen God’s precious jewels.
“What do you mean his precious jewels?” THE SOLIDER asked.

Hitler said, “America has stolen the jews. The Jews of God. His jewelry. The negros. They are the true hebrews. What a foolish move and a direct challenge to God. And they plan on moving these false white jews into a state of Israel.

America is desperate in its attempt to win this war using atom bombs on Japan. America will destroy the whole world in its attempt to conquer it.

When America and its jewish slave masters conquer the world and the world realize I was right, then all nations will begin a third world war to dethrone America of its rule. Every nation will soon possess atom bombs of their own. It will be the end of most of the world as we know it.

“Why will the jews control America?” the solider asked

Hitler said, “because the white jews knows that the negros are the real children of Israel. And to keep Americas secret, the jews will blackmail America. The jews will extort America Their plan for world domination wont work if the negros knew who they were. The white citizens of America will be terrified to know that all this time they’ve been mistreating and discriminating and lynching the childen of Israel. They will fear God will destroy them as he destroyed Egypt for doing the same thing. So the elite, the Illuminati keeps this a secret at all cost.

After I die, I will one day cause World War 3 just by this message which will be like planting a seed in people minds until it sprouts once they nurture that seed and seek more truth and learn Hitler was right. I did the world a favor by killing the false jews before they designated a false state of Israel.

But I fear I have failed. The world will fall into the hands of Satan.

The original website can be found here but viewing it contributes advertising revenue to the owner.

Below is a graphic shared by one of the people commenting in support of the theory:

Source: Reported to Everyday Antisemitism

East of England Everyday Antisemitism Hate Mail Ξ E-mail

British man receives Jewish newspaper smeared with faeces

A 91-year-old subscriber to the Jewish Chronicle from Essex, UK, has complained to the police after finding that his copy of the Jewish Chronicle had been delivered having been smeared with faeces. The incident is being investigated as a hate crime.

Source: The JC

Connecticut Everyday Antisemitism Poland Politics Protests Ξ E-mail

Banner at Polish march: “We demand the immediate liquidation of masonic Jewish life in Poland. It threatens Poles.”

A banner at a march of the Polish Law and Justice Party, which enjoys a majority in both houses of the Polish parliament, read: “We demand the immediate liquidation of masonic Jewish life in Poland. It threatens Poles.”

Polish website Polityka noted that the banner was not commented on by the Polish media reporting on the march, but caused an uproar when posted on Facebook.

In a letter to the editor of the Polish Gazette, Michal Sobelman of the Israeli Embassy in Warsaw wrote: “Surely you will agree with me that they [the marchers] are a greater threat to the good name of Poland in the world than the handful of Jews who still remain here.”

Source: CFCA/Polityka

Everyday Antisemitism Hungary Music Ξ E-mail

Hungarian rapper Mr Busta claims that world is run by twelve Jews on Wall Street

In an interview with Hungarian website, rapper “Mr Busta” claimed that the world is governed by twelve Jewish businessmen on Wall Street and that six or seven of the twelve are Hungarian Jews.

Source: Fórum az antiszemitizmus ellen

Everyday Antisemitism New York Violence Ξ E-mail

New York Jewish student attacked by black man saying “I don’t like Jewish people or white people”

A Jewish student wearing a kippah (Jewish skullcap) was attacked by a young black man at Medgar Evers College on Wednesday evening in Crown Heights, New York. The victim was talking with other students in college’s science building a black man approached and punched him in the stomach and face, yelling antisemitic remarks. The attack was halted when a female Muslim student came to the Jewish student’s defence.

When the victim asked his assailant why he had hit him, the attacker replied: “I don’t like Jewish people or white people.”

The victim did not require hospital treatment and the incident was immediately attended by local police and the college’s security team who are reviewing CCTV footage of the incident.

The college’s president has reportedly said that if it turns out the attacker is a student of the school, he will be “immediately expelled”.

Source: CFCA/COLLive

Everyday Antisemitism New York Violence Ξ E-mail

Security guards and visitors look on as Jewish man attacked at L’Oreal in New York

An orthodox Jewish man was attacked on Monday in the lobby of the L’Oreal building in Manhattan, but security guards and passersby simply looked on without intervening.

Speaking to The Algemeiner, the victim said: “He punched me in the neck and there was security [there] and nobody interfered. They were just watching. I got bruised…and security didn’t even call 911, nothing. They’re just standing there and watching.”

A witness, Yoni Davidov confirmed to The Algemeiner that nobody helped the victim, even after the attack. According to Davidov, the victim was sitting at a table and eating a sandwich in the lobby of the L’Oreal corporate offices, when an “Arab-looking” man demanded that he move because did not want to share a table with a Jewish man. Davidov said the victim told the man that he had arrived at the table first, and that he would finish eating quickly and give up his seatat which point Davidov said: “This Arab-looking man punched him in the face multiple times, before fleeing the scene with his girlfriend. I was shocked at the anger this animal had when he was assaulting this poor Hassidic guy.”

Shomrim, a volunteer Jewish neighborhood watch organisation, told The Algemeiner that police later arrived at the scene and spoke to a witness. They also examined CCTV footage of the attack.


Source: The Algemeiner

Education Everyday Antisemitism Facebook New York Ξ E-mail

Man calls for gas chambers to “clean” Jewish members from New York school board

In a dispute between town officials and the large local Jewish community in East Ramapo, one Facebook user has resorted to calling for the use of gas chambers.

The dispute centres on the local Jewish community’s actions on the education board, which have met with fierce opposition by activists who have even resorted to threats and intimidation. School board member Yonah Rothman condemned the behaviour of activists who “want only more chaos and endless conflict with the Jewish community” in an open letter printed by the Rockland County Times.

In the comments section beneath the letter, Facebook user Edward Branca wrote: “The East Ramapo School Board needs a massive cleaning up. The Board’s members should be escorted to a shower room and given a good group shower. That would solve the East Ramapo problem once and for all.” When asked by another user whether the comment was “a veiled attempt to ask for gas chambers,” Branca simply replied: “Yes”.

Source: CFCA/Rockland County Times

Arts Everyday Antisemitism Iran Ξ E-mail

Iran offers $50,000 prize for ‘best’ cartoon mocking the Holocaust

A $50,000 prize will be offered to the creator of the ‘best’ cartoon mocking the Holocaust, in a competition organised by Tehran to be held next June.

Such competitions are not unusual in Iran; another was held earlier this year. Officials usually claim that the aim is to test the tolerance of the West for freedom of speech.

According to The Tower, “Iranian politicians who are often described as ‘moderates’ by the international media, including President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, have refused to condemn the Holocaust in a straightforward manner. In contrast, Iranian political and military leaders over the years have been very clear about their genocidal aims toward Israel.”

Source: The Tower

Everyday Antisemitism New York Vandalism Ξ E-mail

Police investigating swastikas outside New York Jewish school

Three swastikas and the word “Hitler” were discovered this morning by students outside Edna Cohen School in Brooklyn. They alerted the school’s staff who then called the police. It appears that the graffiti was written using a crayon. Local police are treating the incident as a hate crime.

Anyone with information should call 800-577-TIPS.

Source: JP Updates

Everyday Antisemitism Vandalism Washington Ξ E-mail

Statue outside Washington synagogue defaced with a swastika

A statue outside Temple Beth Hatfiloh in Olympia, Washington was defaced with a swastika on Monday night.

The vandalism was reported to the Olympia Police Department and is being investigated as a hate crime.

Source: CFCA/The Olympian

Everyday Antisemitism Hate Mail Hungary Town Planning Ξ E-mail

President of Hungarian foundation blames “Zionism” for country’s problems

Following the reversal of a decision to erect a statue to a notorious Hungarian antisemite, the president of the foundation which had tried to erect the statue has written an official letter denouncing “Zionism” as the cause of Hungary’s problems.

Source: CFCA/Fórum az antiszemitizmus ellen

Everyday Antisemitism France Vandalism Ξ E-mail

Wave of antisemitic graffiti in Paris claims “Israel sterilises black people”, praises Alain Soral

On Friday night, several streets in the 19th arrondissement of Paris were vandalised with slogans inspired by the theories of Alain Soral and Dieudonné, including: “Israel sterilises black people”, “atheist Jew = Racism”, and “Soral is right.”

Alain Soral said in a 2004 interview: “When you’re talking with a Frenchman who is a Zionist Jew, and you start to say, well maybe there are problems coming from your side, maybe you might have made a few mistakes, it’s not always the fault of other people if no-one can stand you wherever you go… because that’s basically their general history, you see… for 2,500 years, every time they settled somewhere, after about fifty years or so, they get their arses kicked. Surely something strange here ! It’s as though everyone is wrong except them. And the guy will start barking, yelling, going mad… you can’t be able to carry on with the conversation. Which, to sum it all up, tells you that there’s a psychopathology with Zio-Judaism, something that verges on mental illness…”

Source: CFCA/Confusionnisme, Wikipedia

California Everyday Antisemitism Facebook Ξ E-mail

UCLA student calls Jews “Crazy ass f***ing troglodyte albino monsters of cultural destruction”

UCLA has condemned a post by one of its students who posted an antisemitic rant on the Facebook page of Jewish actress Mayim Bialik, herself a UCLA alumna, after she wrote about her pride in being Jewish and Zionist. The student’s comment said:

If you’re of Euro ancestry and you were born in the Americas, you are still a white immigrant, the way you call us brown people immigrants and aliens in our own damn space. YOU people invades our space and used your bogus gods to justify taking land that was never yours. I don’t know how that’s different from what’s happening in Palestine — you come into their land, crying persecution and diminished numbers, and instead of returning to your own homes in Poland, Germany and Russia, your people chose to invade another culture’s homeland, invoking your bulls*** sacred pacts with your gods and massacring an entire culture unless they bend to your will. GTFOH with all your Zionist bullshit. Crazy ass f***ing troglodyte albino monsters of cultural destruction

UCLA has condemned the comment but will not punish the student.

Source: Inside Higher Ed

Everyday Antisemitism Poland Politics Ξ E-mail

Polish politician claims protests against constitutional court reform funded by “a Jewish banker”

Far-right Polish politician Paweł Kukiz has claimed that “a Jewish banker” is funding demonstrations in twenty cities organised by the newly-created Committee for the Defence of Democracy. The demonstrations opposed a law rushed through after Polish elections in October that paved the way for the appointment of five new judges to the Constitutional Tribunal.

Kukiz told Zet Radio: “Apparently the march was financed somehow from the outside. PLN150 million [$38 million] are to be given by the Jews, the Jewish banker, in organisation of the march.”

The Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland said the remark that the demonstrations were funded by “a Jewish banker” required a “firm reaction” from President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Beata Szydło, saying: “For the first time since [Poland’s] democratic elections in 1989, a politician in parliament, who has run for the presidency, has used such obvious antisemitic rhetoric.”

The conservative Law and Justice party (PiS) party, which won the October general election,
has been accused of undermining the independence of Poland’s judiciary. Although Kukiz’s anti-establishment Kukiz’15 grouping was formed in July and came third in the parliamentary election, it is broadly aligned on some issues with the Law and Justice party.

Sources: Radio Poland and JTA

Arts Australia Everyday Antisemitism Online Websites Ξ E-mail

Movie News Guide slams Adam Sandler because “he is Jewish and he likes to talk about it”

Movie News Guide has published an article with the headline: “Adam Sandler is becoming the most hated celebrity because he talks Jewish shop all the time”.

The article’s author, Meghna Subhedhar, gives her analysis of what she perceives as Sandler’s waning popularity: “He is probably becoming unpopular because he keeps playing the Jew card.”

Adding depth to her analysis, Subhedhar continued: “Who could forget the fact that Adam Sandler is a Jew. I mean, he is always playing the bumbling Jew in all of his comedies. He was recently on the Howard Stern Show where he told the listeners that he loved Israel because his parents told him to.” During the show, Sandler’s reference to Israel had been to say: “I like when you get upset about Israel, and I get nervous about Israel too. That’s from my house. My father and mother– very pro-Israel…I grew up being proud of being a Jew and that’s what I am.”

The article concludes with more blatant antisemitism: “Now there is another reason to hate the man [Sandler], he is Jewish and he likes to talk about it. Tablet magazine reports that Sandler hasn’t been in a fight since his Bar Mitzvah. Well, the internet is bringing the fight to him.”

Movie News Guide can be contacted at [email protected], and the Australian company which appears to own Movie News Guide can be contacted at [email protected].

Source: Israellycool/Movie News Guide


Everyday Antisemitism Italy Online Websites Ξ E-mail

Italian police investigate Radio Islam for list of “powerful” Jews

Italian police have opened an investigation into Radio Islam, following its publication of a “Jewish power” list featuring the names of prominent Italian Jewish journalists, businessmen, actors and personalities who the website accused of being part of a “Nazi Jewish mafia”.

The article was published on the Italian page of Radio Islam, a multi-language platform hosting essays from renowned Holocaust deniers. Radio Islam started in Sweden but after its broadcasting licence was revoked and its founder imprisoned, it was relaunched as a website which publishes antisemitic propaganda. The banner of the website says: “Know Your enemy! No time to waste. Act now! Tomorrow it will be too late.”

Sources: Radio Islam, IB Times

Everyday Antisemitism Hate Mail London Ξ E-mail

British MP receives Holocaust denying antisemitic Christmas card

A British MP has received an antisemitic Christmas card filled with a diatribe against Jewish people. The front of the card shows a child asking an adult: “Do you still believe in the Holocaust?” The adult responds: “Do you still believe in Father Christmas?”

The message inside the card begins with “No Jew can be Prime Minister of England, no MP can be a Jew,” and continues in much the same vein.

Fittingly the last word of the card is “Stupid” which we think is a fitting signature for the sender.

Employment Discrimination Everyday Antisemitism New York Ξ E-mail

Jewish dentist stopped from working for US Navy due to “divided loyalties”

A Jewish dentist in New York who decided to close his successful practice after 35 years and instead provide his dental services to the US Navy has been refused security clearance because he may have “divided loyalties”.

Dr Gershon Pincus had begun making the 400-mile commute to a naval clinic because “I can think of no better way to experience the sunset of my career than by using my professional skills as a dentist to assist those who have chosen to serve in the United States military.”


As part of a security clearance review, Dr Pincus was interviewed and during the course of his interview, his family connections to Israel were discussed, including that his elderly mother and two siblings live there and that his son tragically died of a drug overdose whilst serving in the Israeli Defence Forces. Dr Pincus has only visited Israel three times in the past ten years, including one visit for his father’s funeral and has no holdings in the country or an Israeli passport. The security investigation concluded: “There is nothing in subject’s background or character that would make him vulnerable to blackmail, extortion, coercion or duress.”

However, in March, Dr. Pincus was subjected to a second interview in which all but one of the questions related to his connections to Israel. In September, Dr Pincus’s security clearance was denied, putting a stop to his dental work. The Statement of Reasons explained: “You have weekly telephone contact with your mother and brother in Israel. You added your mother, sister and brother may have contact with neighbours in Israel. Foreign contacts and interests may be a security concern due to divided loyalties or foreign financial interests, may be manipulated or induced to help a foreign person, group, organisation or government in a way that is not in U.S. interests, or is vulnerable to pressure or coercion by foreign interests.”

Avi Schick, a partner with the Dentons law firm, has taken the case pro bono because he said that when he first heard that someone could be stopped from serving the Navy just for having relatives in Israel, he was so sceptical that he promised to take the case pro bono if the facts turned out to be true.

Schick has now petitioned Navy Secretary Ray Mabus to review Dr Pincus’s case.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Algeria Everyday Antisemitism Military Ξ E-mail

Algerian military marching song: “Turn your guns towards the Jews in order to kill them”

MEMRI has brought to light an Algerian military marching song which commands its soldiers to kill Jews. In a marching drill of the Algerian National Gendarmerie, the soldiers chant: “Turn your guns towards the Jews…in order to kill them…slaughter them…and skin them.” The video was posted online on 1st November 2015 to mark Algeria’s Revolution Day, but the post did not state when the video was filmed.

Source: MEMRI

Everyday Antisemitism Poland Vandalism Ξ E-mail

Jewish cemetery daubed with Islamist graffiti in Polish town where Jews were wiped out

Vandals in Sochaczew, Poland desecrated a Jewish cemetery last Sunday night, daubing the prayer room with graffiti saying “F*** Jews,” “[The] Holocaust never happened,” “Islam will dominate” and “Islamic State was here.” A Star of David was depicted hanging from a noose.

The Jewish cemetery is located next to graves for Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox Christians and Muslims. The entire Jewish population of the town was wiped out by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

Director of the Museum of Sochaczew and Battlefield on Bzura, Paul Rozdżestwieński, said in a statement: “As museum professionals and at the same time residents of Sochaczew, we are ashamed of such behaviour and we would like to ask all residents to help organise the restoration of the dignified appearance of Sochaczew cemetery.”

Source: CFCA/Na Temat

Czech Republic Everyday Antisemitism Vandalism Ξ E-mail

“Stop” sign in Prague train station altered to say “Stop Jews”

A sign found in the bathroom at a Prague train station has been altered to include an antisemitic theme. An unknown perpetrator altered a sign saying “Stop” to instead say “Stop Jews”.

Source: CFCA

Czech Republic Everyday Antisemitism Vandalism Ξ E-mail

Graffiti in Czech Republic equates Jews with the Nazis

An electrical box in a street in Olomouc, Czech Republic, has been defaced with graffiti equating Jews with the Nazis.

Source: CFCA

Everyday Antisemitism Hate Mail New York Posters Ξ E-mail

New York police investigating “Die Jews” bomb threat note at Mount Sinai Hospital

New York police are investigating after a note threatening Jews was left in one of the women’s bathrooms at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan.

The note was discovered Tuesday morning on the counter above one of the sinks in the woman’s bathroom and was handed over to the hospital’s security office which then alerted the police.

The note said, “Bomb in cabinet, Die Jews.”

The note was sent away for forensic examination.

Anyone with information is asked to call New York Crimestoppers on 800-577-TIPS.

Source: CFCA/JP Updates

Education Everyday Antisemitism Massachusetts Sports Verbal Abuse Ξ E-mail

Schoolchildren shout antisemitic chants before American football game

Pupils at Framingham High School, Massachusetts apparently shouted antisemitic chants in the changing room before the Thanksgiving American football game between Natick and Framingham. At least one Jewish football player was in the changing room at the time.

The incident occurred before the Framingham players were bussed to Natick, after their team breakfast at the Framingham Elks Lodge.

Approximately twenty players were present at the time of the incident, but no players have yet been disciplined.


Source: Framingham Patch

Everyday Antisemitism New York Verbal Abuse Violence Ξ E-mail

Man punched in antisemitic attack in New York

Shlomy Schwartz, a 67-year-old Jewish man from Brooklyn was attacked on Monday afternoon in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. The victim was leaving the subway at 6th Avenue and West 17th Street when he was approached by a man who punched him in the back of his head knocking off his hat and kippah (Jewish skullcap). The attacker then said : “You want to be first? Let’s go [fight].” The victim ignored him and kept walking, then called the police.

The victim’s son, Chaim Shloem Schwartz, told JP Updates: “My father walked out from the train station and was assaulted by a man from behind. There were a lot of people passing the street at the time of the assault and no one stopped him.”

The suspect is described as a black male, 175 centimetres tall, with dreadlocked hair. Anyone with information should call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline on 800-577-TIPS.

Source: JP Updates

Everyday Antisemitism New Jersey Vandalism Verbal Abuse Ξ E-mail

New Jersey thug abuses Jewish disabled man and smashes his car headlight

Police in Brick, New Jersey are investigating an antisemitic incident in which a Jewish disabled man was verbally abused by a thug who then kicked out his car headlight. The victim was entering a shop when a white male approached him and shouted: “That’s the problem with your people. You guys think we owe you everything. We don’t owe your people s***.”


Source: The Lakewood Scoop

Everyday Antisemitism France Hazardous Materials Ξ E-mail

Fourteen Jewish women injured by chemical agent on French synagogue entry panel

French emergency services have treated fourteen women for burns and itching on their hands and eyes after they touched a security code panel at a synagogue in Bonneuil-sur-Marne which had been coated with a chemical agent.

The incident took place after services had finished and soldiers charged with protecting the synagogue had finished their watch.

Twenty-five emergency medical staff had to be deployed and the victims have now returned home.

A police laboratory is now identifying the chemical used. Police are treating the incident as a criminal act.

Source: CFCA/Le Parisien

Everyday Antisemitism Hate Mail South Africa Ξ E-mail

South African antisemitic conspiracy theorist ordered to cease and desist

The Equality Court in Durban, South Africa has ordered Snowy Smith, a vehement antisemite to apologise and stop sending antisemitic e-mails. Magistrate Aletta Moolman issued an injunction requiring Smith to cease and desist at the request of the South African Jewish community. In issuing the injunction, Moolman remarked: “The e-mails distributed by Smith impinge adversely on the dignity of the Jewish people and constitute hate speech against people of the Jewish faith or belief and ethnic origin.”

Smith’s e-mails were deranged, and obsessed about a “New World Order” conspiracy led by world Jewry. Excerpts from the e-mails included:

  • “The enemy is Zionist Jew, freemasons, communism, fascist, military dictatorship new world order. Most Zionist Jews are freemasons.”
  • “The Zionist Jew NWO (new world order) orchestrated and systematically planned the downfall of every White Owned, White Run Country in Africa, including South Africa using communism.”
  • “The Zionist Jew NWO orchestrated and systematically planned the last World War and almost every war and or major revolution in history.”
  • “There is only one group of terrorists in the world today and they are Zionist Chabad Freemasons, Illuminati Jews and the Billionaire Wall Street Bankers. We know exactly where they are.”

Source: South African Jewish Report

Everyday Antisemitism Poland Vandalism Ξ E-mail

Polish Jewish cemetery daubed with antisemitic graffiti

The wall of a Jewish cemetery in Tarnów, Poland has been sprayed with nationalist and antisemitic graffiti. Local police are investigating.

Source: CFCA/Radio Kraków

California Everyday Antisemitism Retail Verbal Abuse Ξ E-mail

Man subjected to antisemitic abuse by blender demonstrator at Costco in San Francisco

A man shopping at Costco in the San Francisco Bay Area has uploaded a video of an employee ranting about Jews.

The man said: “I struck up a conversation with a Jewish guy in Costco in front of the Vitamox Blender Demonstration, when an employee interrupted to tell us that Jews need to go back where they came from. I asked her how that would be possible after what happened in WWII. She responded that Hitler never did anything wrong to the Jews and that they brought it on themselves.”

The employee said “Jews do not belong in Israel. It’s a Palestinian Country. They should go back to where they started.” When asked “where the Jews started”, the women replied “Europe”.

Source: CFCA/LiveLeak

Education Everyday Antisemitism London Politics United Kingdom Ξ E-mail

UK National Union of Students deliberately snubs Israeli victims of terrorism

The UK’s National Union of Students has been forced to apologise for having deliberately left out Israeli victims of terrorism from a list of countries suffering from terrorist attacks, at the union’s National Executive Council meeting earlier this month.

Despite Israel suffering no fewer than 169 terror attacks targeting Israeli Jews in 120 days, the NUS statement read out at its meeting mentioned attacks by “paramilitary organisations” carried out in Nigeria, Lebanon, Turkey, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kenya, Palestine, Mali and Paris, but not Israel. The inclusion of Palestine in the list suggests that the omission of Israel was deliberately discriminatory. In recent months Israeli civilians have been the victims of numerous Palestinian perpetrated rock-throwings, vehicular attacks where pedestrians were run over deliberately by cars or vans, and stabbings. These have resulted in numerous deaths and injuries.

The original National Union of Students’ statement read “those who have perpetrated these attacks, have targeted people of all faiths, of all backgrounds and of all identities. Since the attacks, we have seen an increase in retributions places on Muslim communities here in the UK and around the world. We restate the NUS’ commitment to fighting Islamophobia.” The Jewish victims of terrorism in Israel were not mentioned, though.

Since being condemned widely for this action, National Union of Students president Megan Dunn eventually apologised to Jewish students at an event with around 100 Jewish attendees. She insisted that “antisemitism and abuse of Jewish students is unacceptable.”

Sources: Twitter and UJS

Books Everyday Antisemitism Jordan Retail Ξ E-mail

WH Smith removes Mein Kampf from branch in Jordan and promises franchise policy review in letter to CAA

Following the shocking revelation that a WH Smith branch was stocking Adolf Hitler’s antisemitic diatribe, Mein Kampf, on its “Bestselling Books” shelf, WH Smith’s CEO has written to Campaign Against Antisemitism promising swift action.

We were contacted by supporters who had read an article in The Jerusalem Post which showed photographs of an Arabic translation of Mein Kampf for sale at WH Smith at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan. That Mein Kampf is a bestseller in many Arab countries is a sad reminder of the deep-rooted antisemitism across the Middle East, but we were nonetheless shocked to find WH Smith apparently catering to demand.

We immediately contacted the retailer and received a swift and unequivocal apology from CEO Steve Clarke.

WH Smith’s branch in the airport is operated by a franchised affiliate, and WH Smith can take no punitive action against the staff involved. The book has however been removed from the shelves and WH Smith has confirmed that stocking Mein Kampf is already banned under the company’s ranging policy which franchisees must obey. The company’s international management team are now reviewing their franchise policies following the incident to ensure that they are sufficiently robust should this reoccur.

We regret that the person who decided to stock Mein Kampf will almost certainly go without sanction or education, but we accept that is not within WH Smith’s power. We welcome WH Smith’s speedy and appropriate response.

Everyday Antisemitism Florida Hate Mail Ξ E-mail

Florida residents receive antisemitic notes berating them for putting up Chanukah decorations

Residents of a gated community in Cooper City, Florida, have received antisemitic notes since Saturday, berating them for putting up Chanukah decorations. Police are investigating the notes and are trying to find the person responsible for leaving them in at least three mailboxes. One of the notes read “X-Mas is not for the Jews.” Another resident, whose car is decorated with a menorah on the roof received a note saying “WTF is on your roof? #x-masisbetter”. A third note was more explicit. The victims said that they will not be taking down any of their decorations

Source: Local 10

Everyday Antisemitism Hate Mail Switzerland Ξ E-mail

Swiss leaflets claim Holocaust is a “myth” used to “extort billions of euros from the German people”

Swiss police are investigating following the discovery of typewritten antisemitic leaflets delivered through mailboxes in Kreuzlingen.

The leaflets were titled “The Myth of the Holocaust” and claimed that the Holocaust was “a deliberately invented lie” spread by “Zionists” and “many Jewish-paid liars” in order to “extort billions of euros from the German people”.

Source: CFCA/Tachles

Everyday Antisemitism New York Vandalism Ξ E-mail

Outdoor menorah vandalised and “Happy Hanukkah” sign stolen in New York

Early on Thursday morning, the menorah in Leif Ericson Park and Square in Brooklyn was knocked to the floor and smashed apart. A “Happy Hanukkah” sign that was above the menorah was stolen. New York Police Department are investigating.

Source: JP Updates

Everyday Antisemitism Illinois Vandalism Ξ E-mail

Outdoor menorah smashed at hospital in Evanston, Illinois

A large menorah has been smashed in Evanston, Illinois. The menorah was vandalised right outside the Evanston Metro Station and opposite Evanston Hospital. The menorah belongs to the Chicago Mitzvah Campaign which provides services to patients, visitors and staff at the hospital. Security cameras at the Chicago Mitzvah Campaign were not able to identify the vandals, but police are currently investigating to see if CCTV from nearby facilities may help them.


Everyday Antisemitism Florida Posters Ξ E-mail

New antisemitic stickers and flyers found at University of Central Florida

Following the discovery last month of antisemitic stickers at the University of Central Florida, new antisemitic stickers and flyers have now been found, including a swastika sticker and another with the words “Muh Holocaust”. A flyer invited support for a local neo-Nazi group. Local police have released CCTV footage of two suspects.

Everyday Antisemitism New York Vandalism Ξ E-mail

Arsonist burns down Jewish homes under construction in New York

Police in New York are hunting an arsonist who has burned down seven Jewish homes under construction in the Queens area of New York, which has a large Jewish population. The fires are believed to have been started by one suspect who is believed to be armed. A $62,500 reward has been posted for information leading to the man’s arrest.

Source: Arutz Sheva

Everyday Antisemitism London Twitter Ξ E-mail

London mayoral candidate accused of being at the centre of a Jewish conspiracy

A Jewish candidate to succeed Boris Johnson as Mayor of London has spoken out against antisemitism online. Zac Goldsmith told a lunch for Conservative Friends of Israel: “Sadly, social media is a reminder of the rising wave of antisemitism which sweeping across Europe. There is no denying or ignoring it. Particularly on social media, criticism of Israel has become a cover for an old hatred.”

Mocking the abuse he has received, Goldsmith said that according to Twitter users “I have this amazing control over the press – which should make my mayoral contest very easy; and that my family have completely infiltrated the royal family.”

Source: Algemeiner

Everyday Antisemitism Poland Vandalism Ξ E-mail

Warsaw Ghetto memorial plaque defaced with swastika

A memorial plaque demarcating one edge of the Warsaw Ghetto has been defaced with a swastika. The plaque must now be dismantled and taken to a specialist paint removal laboratory. The plaque was erected in 2008 and is dedicated to the “memory of those who suffered, fought and died.”

Source: CFCA/TVN Warszawa

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Founder of French National Front sends antisemitic tweet

Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of the National Front party in France sent an antisemitic tweet to a politician from the French Republican party. Jean-Marie Le Pen, who was expelled from the National Front at a Special Congress in August, tweeted Christian Estrosi, the Republican incumbent mayor of Nice who is being challenged in a close election by Jean-Marie Le Pen’s granddaughter, National Front candidate Marion Maréchal Le Pen. In the tweet, Jean-Marie Le Pen referred to close poll results, telling to Estrosi to “Put on a brave face” with a link to a a video of Estrosi wearing a Jewish skullcap and dancing with Jewish men. The tweet was deleted shortly afterwards.

Source: CFCA/TF1


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Swastikas carved into doors at student hall of residence in New Jersey

Several swastikas and other antisemitic symbols have been discovered carved into the doors of the Chestnut Hall students’ residence at Rowan University. None of the students living in the hall of residence were Jewish.

Rabbi Hersh Loschak, co-director of the Rohr Family Jewish Student Center (Chabad of Rowan University) issued a statement saying: “The people who committed these acts did so in order to spread hate on campus…We refuse to be intimidated or frightened, in fact we will use this incident as a motivation to increase the light and expand our programming for Jewish students on campus.”

Police are investigating the incident, and officials are asking anyone with information about the vandalism to contact the university’s public safety office on 856-256-4922.


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Dutch court rules “I hate those f***ing Jews more than the Nazis” rap lyric not hate speech

The prosecution of Dutch rapper Ismo (Ismael Houllich) has come to a halt. A court criminal court in Breda acquitted him because the judge felt that the rapper’s lyrics were “artistic expression” rather than hate speech, even though they “are of an offensive nature.”

Filmed in Breda, the video for Ismo’s first single, “Eenmans” (or “One Man’s”), shows Ismo singing: “I hate those f***ing Jews more than the Nazis” and “don’t shake hands with faggots”.

The prosecution had sought a fine of €1,000 euros and a further suspended fine of another €500. The prosecution also requested the removal of Ismo’s video clip from YouTube.

The Center for Information and Documentation on Israel and an umbrella group of gay organisations in the Netherlands issued a joint statement calling on the prosecution to appeal the “disquieting sentence, which appears to be a carte blanche for discriminative statements as long as they are made in a rap song.”

Source: Forward

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Men in van shout antisemitic abuse at Jews in London suburb

In a statement to Campaign Against Antisemitism, Hertfordshire Constabulary has said that last Saturday at 13:10, a person driving a white Ford Transit van along Deacons Hill Road wound down their window and shouted offensive language towards a man in his 50s. According to the police statement: “The matter is being investigated as a public order hate crime and investigations are on-going. No arrests have been made at this time.”

Did you witness this incident? If so, please tell us more about what happened.

Source: Hertfordshire Constabulary

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Facebook user Rizwan Latif believes Jews control the media, NATO, UN and politicians

A Facebook user calling himself Rizwan Latif, who says he lives in Cardiff, has commented on Facebook that Jews control the media, NATO, UN and politicians. Responding to a Facebook post claiming that the media and police were using the terrorist stabbing in Leytonstone, Greater London on Sunday to “falsely…promote the narrative of a Muslim enemy within our borders”, Latif commented: “Media and its Jooish agenda”. Latif added: “I will shout it from facebooks proverbial roof top. It’s the feckin jooz…Media and press owned and controlled by jooz. Check owners and editors. Mostly jooz Most of the American British and European politicians owned and controlled by jooz. All others are slaves of the banks. IMF etc Nato and UN serviced by jooz.”

Source: Facebook

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New York outdoor menorah found smashed on the ground in act of antisemitic vandalism