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UN drops Palestinian “Supermom” who claims Jews drink Arab blood, yet Amnesty International fail to act

Crowned a “Supermom” by the Arab press, Manal Tamimi, 45, a pro-terrorist Palestinian activist, has recently lost her status as a UN “human rights defender” because of antisemitic tweets that accuse Jews of drinking Palestinian blood.

On September, 2015, this post appeared on Tamimi’s Twitter feed: “Vampire zionist celebrating their Kebore Day [Yom Kippur] by drinking Palestinian bloods, yes our blood is pure and delicious but it will kill u at the end” (September, 2015).

Tamimi’s tweet promotes the classic blood libel, which goes back centuries, that Jews murder non-Jews, especially children, so that Jews can use their blood to bake matzos for Passover, and re-enact the crucifixion of Christ.

The tweet is part of a series of antisemitic tweets that Tamimi posted starting in 2015. The married mother of four calls for both violence against Jews, “Zio roaches”, and the destruction of Israel. The tweets are accompanied by vile drawings that pay tribute to Nazi era political cartoons.

“I do hate Israel, i do hate zionism, i wish a third Intefada  [Intifada] coming soon and people rais [raise] up and kills all these zionist settlers everywhere”. (August 1, 2015)

“…I have a very good Jew friends, I hate Zionists & I’m not denying that, Zionism, KKK and ISIS R all the same to me” (August 20, 2017)

“The much needed button–delete Israel” [referring to nuclear holocaust] (October 5, 2015)

“You will never make peace with vampires because the taste of your blood will always attract them” (March 31, 2016)

However, it is significant that Tamimi, who is constantly calling for the expulsion of Jews from Israel, only lost her honored title because of an official complaint about her tweets that was filed by the NGO Monitor, Jerusalem, a watchdog that tracks the activities of human rights groups. A letter of protest was delivered to the UN Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights.

In response to NGO Monitor’s complaint, Tamimi, the leader of the Popular Resistance Organization Committee, was removed from the list of “human rights defenders” that had been compiled by S. Michael Lynk, the UN special rapporteur on human rights in the disputed territories.

Earlier this year, Tamimi, who runs an online news service, the Tamimi Press, spoke at a  EU financed conference that was held in Barcelona, Spain. The topic was “preventing violent extremism”.

Her participation in that conference strains the boundaries of reason. Every Friday, for the past 7 1/2 years, Tamimi, her husband, Bilal, and their followers, have marched from their  village of Nabi Saleh, to the Jewish community of Halamish, where the group hurls rocks at the Israeli soldiers, who are guarding the town. On July 21, 2017, in Halamish, three members of the Salomon family were stabbed to death by Palestinian terrorists while they were having their Shabbat dinner.

It is important to note that Tamimi has not publicly condemned the murders, and, in fact,  sees nothing wrong with stone throwing. According to a report in the Algemeiner, “the Tamimi’s contend that the soldiers’ arrests of rock throwers constitutes persecution of the residents of Nabi Saleh”.

It is a given, however, that a thrown stone is as dangerous as a gun. In recent years at least 15 Israelis have been murdered as a result of stone throwing, and countless others have been injured. Given Tamimi’s mindset, it is deeply troubling that she was invited to appear at a conference that condemns violence.

And the fact that this conference was funded by the European Union is of great concern. NGO Monitor President Gerald Steinberg told the Algemeiner, “There is no excuse for funding Jew hatred in the guise of promoting peace…or for giving antisemites such as Tamimi the status of ‘human rights defenders'”.

Steinberg is highly critical of the actions of both the UN and the EU: “the disconnect between noble objectives and immoral actions has been clear for many years”. Steinberg believes that “full transparency and oversight for the massive sums [of money] going to radical NGOs is crucial so that this behavior is halted”.

However, unlike the UN, Amnesty International, has embraced Tamimi’s cause, despite her blatant antisemitism. According to the Algemeiner, “Amnesty has declared that Tamimi’s village, Nabi Saleh, is a “community-at-risk”.

Amnesty researcher, Saleh Hijazi, who has worked in the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) Ministry of Planning has publicly stated: “We need to tell the Israeli authorities: enough – you are no longer facing a tiny village on a small hill. You now have the entire Amnesty movement to reckon with”.

According to the Algemeiner, in an undated essay published in the Huffington Post, Edith Garwood, Amnesty International USA’s specialist on Israel, the disputed territories and the PA, wrote that Tamimi’s group from Nabi Saleh “face frequent violent repression from the Israeli army just for practicing their human rights to peacefully expression their opposition” to Israel.

Garwood believes that “even in cases where the protesters have thrown stones…these have posed little or no serious risk” to the targeted Israelis.

The fact that Garwood, a prominent Amnesty International official, can so easily disregard Tamimi’s virulent antisemitic tweets, while downplaying the connection between stone throwing and fatal traumatic brain injuries, should send up a red flag to the international community.

Amnesty International fails on all levels, as a social justice organization, when its contempt  for Israel is so great, that it whitewashes stone throwing as a form of legitimate peaceful protest.

What Amnesty International’s position regarding Tamimi’s remark that Jews are blood-drinking vampires is unknown.

However, what is known is that, in 2016, government officials banned Tamimi from entering the UK. The British Home Office  has refused to explain why Tamimi was denied a visa.


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Berlin Mayor refuses to stop fundraiser for Palestinian terrorists at Socialist Newspaper’s offices

According to the Berlin daily, Der Tagesspiegel, a fundraiser for the terrorist group, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), was held on July 11 in Berlin. The Mayor of Berlin, Michael Muller, who has been publicly accused of being soft on antisemitism and terrorism, ignited a firestorm for allowing the fundraiser to proceed.

Dr. Efraim Zuroff, the Director of Nazi War Crime Research, Simon Wiesenthal Center, Israel told the Jerusalem Post:”PFLP should be banned from staging events anywhere in the world.”

Zuroff also stated: “The Mayor should have said he found this offensive. The PFLP has murdered innocent civilians in many places.” The military wing of the PFLP, the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, takes pride in launching Sumud rockets from the Gaza strip, which are aimed at the Israeli town of Sderot.

The Democratic Committee for Palestine reportedly held the fundraiser in the publishing house of the socialist newspaper, Neus Deutschland (New Germany).

The PFLP, who supports the destruction of Israel, is known for suicide bombings, plane hijackings, and targeted murders. And one of those tragic murders included the 2001 assassination of the Israeli Minister of Tourism, Rehavam Zee’evi.

But this is not the first fundraiser in Germany for the PFLP. At the University of Hamburg, a guest professor from South Africa, BDS supporter, Farid Esack, invited his “comrade”, the PFLP terrorist, Leila Khaled, to a fundraiser for the PFLP in 2015. Khaled is the world’s first female plane hijacker.

Not surprisingly, Esack’s actions were widely condemned. Dr. Efraim Zuroff, in an article in the Jerusalem Post said: “A person who is sponsoring an unrepentant terrorist is hardly a person who should be educating German students.” And Zuroff, who added that “BDS is antisemitism” certainly has the support of German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, whose Christian Democratic party declared BDS to be antisemitic at a party congress in 2016.

But just like BDS, fundraisers for terrorists in Germany are not banned. However, making a Nazi salute is banned. And, on August 4, two unnamed male tourists from China found out about this law the hard way, when they were arrested by Berlin police for snapping cellphone photos of each other giving Nazi salutes, in front of the Reichstag, the seat of the lower house of the German Parliament.

Obviously, saluting Hitler is abhorrent behavior, and it is understandable why the German government, given the horrors of Germany’s past, are happy to set this limit on free speech, and punish those who celebrate, even symbolically, Hitler’s barbaric regime.

But reason also dictates that raising money for terrorists, so that they can buy weapons and kill innocent people, is clearly a greater threat to the 82 million people living in Germany than a raised arm.

However, given the tragic terrorist attacks that Germany has suffered, officials, to their credit, do not whitewash the potential terrorist threats that the country is still facing. The BfV, Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, released its annual report in 2016. Tragically, the document reveals that Radical Islam is alive and well.

The numbers: There are 24,400 Islamists, 10,OOO Salafists, Sunni Muslims who believe that the German Constitution must be replaced by sharia law, and 10,000 members of the Turkish Islamist Milliu Gorus.

In addition, there are 680 potential Islamist threats influenced by Salafist ideology.

BvF also confirmed that hundreds of “jihadists” entered the country when one million migrants entered Germany during the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

According to Hans-Georg Maassen, who heads the BfV, “we must expect further attacks by individuals or terrorist groups.”

Maasen explained:”Islamist terrorism is the biggest challenge facing BfV and we see it as one of the biggest security threats facing the internal security of Germany”.

But there is progress. Maassen told reporters that Germany has “dramatically stepped up its efforts to combat Islamist militancy, with a record number of arrests, prosecutions, and departures over the past year”, Interior Minister, Thomas de Maizere told the press.

But that statement leads to this question: Since Germany’s commitment to defeat terrorism is beyond dispute, why is it legal to raise money for terrorists? And what does that mean for German Jews?.

The answer, which has existed for thousands of years is, of course, antisemitism. Daniel Killy told the Jerusalem Post that Germany’s Jews are faced with antisemitism that is caused by “a combination of extreme right wing forces, deteriorating security, and [Germany’s] welcoming of refugees brought up in cultures ‘steeped in hatred’ for Jews”.

Of the 118,000 Jews in Germany, 2,500 of them live in the city of Hamburg, where Killy is the leader of the Jewish community.

“We no longer feel safe here,” Killy stated.

All eyes on Germany.


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Facebook says that Antisemitic rape threats against Jewish schoolgirl don’t violate its Community Standards

Facebook has refused to remove sexually violent antisemitic posts that were directed towards an Australian schoolgirl named Ariella, despite comments such as, “I”ll make         u proud I’ll f**k her [Ariella] in the gas chambers”.

The Australian stated that fearing more abuse, Ariella, 16, who is from Melbourne, has decided not to reveal her surname to the public.

Ariella originally joined the Facebook group, “16+Hangouts”, in order to chat with more than a dozen other Australian teenagers from various Melbourne and Sydney. schools.

However, when a male member realised that she and other members were Jewish, he began posting blatantly antisemitic commentary, writing  “all aboard Jew express next stop Auschwitz gassing chambers, I hear there is a lovely shower aboard, Exterminate, Exterminate” and “I’ll make u proud I’ll f*** her in the gas chambers”.

When Ariella told the boy to stop the abuse, it apparently worsened.

Ariella is descended from Holocaust survivors.

The Australian teen officially left the “16+ Hangouts” a mere 24 hours after she had joined the Facebook group. During that brief episode, Ariella compiled almost 50 A4 pages of screenshots that contained antisemitic rhetoric. Ariella, who took it upon herself to file the complaint with this documentation, believes that these posts demonstrate “a clear breach” of Facebook’s community standards.

Facebook, however, was not swayed by the evidence. Expressing disappointment, Ariella shared the following pro forma Facebook reply:

“Thank you for your report–you did the right thing by letting us know about this.                 We looked over the profile you reported, and though it doesn’t go against one of                 our specific community standards, we understand that the profile may still be                     offensive to you.”

Facebook’s response is deeply concerning, since, it clearly violates Facebook community standards policy:

“Facebook removes hate speech, which includes content that directly attacks                      people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual                  orientation, sex, or gender.”

By failing to apply their community standards policy to Ariella’s situation, Facebook has essentially declared that Jews do not deserve protection, since their “religious affiliation” is, at least, in this case, not recognized by Facebook monitors. It is hard to imagine how calling for Jews to be sent to the “gassing chambers” does not constitute directly attacking someone based upon their ethnicity or religious affiliation.

It is important to note that Facebook has been the target of international condemnation for how they moderate their platform. In particular, a perceived tolerance of Islamic an far right extremist activity has attracted criticism. In addition to this, there have been several instances of Antisemitic incitement, covered by Everyday Antisemitism, which Facebook has failed to remove. Facebook also has an explicit policy of allowing Holocaust denial. It is, therefore extremely troubling that, in the eyes of Facebook, posting threatening language that promotes rape against a minor–no matter how outrageous the remark–is something that also deserves free speech protection. This is yet another example of Facebook failing Jews who use its platform peacefully, but also constitutes a failure to protect women and girls from harassment.

Dvir Abramovich, the Chairman of Australia’s B’nai B’rith Anti-defamation Commission (ADC), stated that when Ariella contacted his office with her complaint, he was “appalled by the level of racism evident in such young people”.

Abramovich also deplored the fact that Facebook was being used as an “engine of hatred”.

Facebook is currently investigating Ariella’s case, which was originally reported in May. There have been no further updates.






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Australian Imam blames Jews for “LGBT agenda”, “the abortion industry” and “American foreign policy”

An antisemitic Muslim religious leader, Imam Feizel Chothia, who has accused Israel of entering refugee camps so that Israeli soldiers can shoot children, and supports the death penalty for “homosexuals” under Islamic law, has created a partnership with Anglican Reverend Peter Humphries of St. Paul’s Church in Perth, Australia.

According to Chothia, Israel, not only stands for terrorism, but is also the only terrorist in the Middle East; Hamas, ISIS, the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, suicide bombers, rockets, and knife stabbings that harm Israeli Jews simply do not exist for Chothia.

In addition, according to the Imam’s Facebook page, besides “terrorizing Palestine for about 70 years”, Israeli Jews and American Jews are responsible for:

a) the promotion of “Jewish racial supremacist ideology”, which supports Israel’s “land thievery, terrorism and genocide in Palestine”

b)”the advancement of the LGBT agenda, the abortion industry, [and] the pornography industry” which spreads “Cultural Marxism” throughout the United States and Europe

c) owning and controlling “the major media consortium operating the in the West”

d) “routinely buying American Presidential elections and congressional seats and committee assignments on Capitol Hill”

e) controlling “central banking and globalist TRADE treaties”

f)”Israel’s usurpation of American foreign policy”

It must be emphasized that neither the Anglican Church nor Reverend Humphries supports the imam’s views. However,  due to Chothia’s highly toxic rhetoric and antisemitic Facebook posts, it is deeply troubling that St. Paul’s is not only donating church space for Friday prayer meetings, but is also offering to sell land adjacent to the church, so that Chothia can build a mosque, which will give Chothia a platform to spread his toxic antisemitism.

It is unknown as to why the Anglican church is turning a blind eye to Chothia’s antisemitic commentary. What is particularly worrisome about Chothia is that, while he doesn’t call for violence, he champions Al-Qaeda’s ideology, and has championed the charge that Islamic terrorism is largely innocent and purely a result of American intervention.

It is, therefore, no surprise that Chothia’s absurd comments evoke classic antisemitic tropes. For in Chothia’s eyes, the evil money-mad and power-mad Jews, who delight in creating world-wide suffering, have only one goal: to control the world by owning and controlling the banks, the media, American government, global trade policies and global foreign policies.

In another antisemitic trope, Chothia implies that Jews are evil and are are out to destroy the moral order of the world because they support equal rights for gay people. In fact, in blaming Jews for everything from war and central banking to abortion, Chothia is using Jews as a scapegoat for all the things he sees as problems in the world.

In an article in the Sydney Herald Sun, Chothia states that that he believes in executing homosexuals in order to maintain the “purity of society” and eliminate “elements of perversity”.


Reverend Humphries and the Anglican Church appear to have approached the partnership in good faith, and interfaith dialogue is extremely important to promote tolerance and inclusion. However, there is also a need to prevent such dialogue being dominated by voices of intolerance, particularly those who masquerade as legitimate religious leaders.

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Trump’s refusal to dismiss Sean Spicer demonstrates an underlying problem in his Administration’s approach to Jewish issues

Both Jewish leaders and American politicians are calling for the immediate dismissal of White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, after he stated at a press conference that Syria’s president, Bashar-al-Assad, who attacked civilians with lethal sarin gas, was more dangerous than Hitler, because even “someone as despicable as Adolf Hitler” didn’t “sink” to “using the gas on his own people”.

Spicer’s false statement, which, unfortunately, gives support to Holocaust denial, completely disregards one of Hitler’s main instruments of genocide: the death camp gas chamber.

Tragically, when the poisonous Zyklon B gas was turned on, millions of victims, both Jews and non-Jews, were murdered. Spicer’s inability to see that there is no difference between dying in a Syrian chemical bomb attack, or a Nazi gas chamber, is deeply troubling.

So, without question, defending Hitler on the first day of Passover, which is when Spicer’s press conference occurred, made a bad situation even worse.

It is understandable that Spicer’s poor judgment triggered outrage when he publicly gave Hitler a pass by failing to mention the unspeakable barbarianism of the Holocaust.

Understandably, the backlash was immediate. The Anne Frank Center For Mutual Respect, tweeted that Donald Trump should “fire Sean Spicer now for engaging in Holocaust denial”.

House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, also called for Trump to fire Spicer: “downplaying the horrors of the Holocaust” as “Jews celebrated freedom from oppression [during Passover]”, in Pelosi’s opinion, should not be excused.

Roman Kent, a Holocaust survivor, who was born in Poland, and miraculously survived four concentration camps, did not disagree: “To have a person ignorant like this at the helm of our government – because being [a] press secretary is important – it’s tragic. It’s not a mistake [as Spicer claimed], it’s a tragedy. As far as I am concerned, a man so ignorant should not be our representative”.

In addition, Spicer’s use of the term, “Holocaust center”, to describe Hitler’s extermination camps, ignited a media firestorm.

But, despite the fact that Sean Spicer has apologized over and over again, telling the mainstream media that his remarks were “insensitive” and “inappropriate”, the public appears to approach Spicer with skepticism. Donald Trump has now said that he will not dismiss Spicer, as he “gets good ratings“.

A New York Times article about the controversy generated almost 3,000 negative posts about Spicer’s remarks.

Jennifer Rubin, the conservative columnist for the Washington Post, zeroed in on why Spicer’s comments triggered so much anger: “…we’ve never had a president like Trump, one lacking in the desire to ‘get it right’ and to learn what he needs to know. In that respect, Spicer is the perfect reflection of the Trump White House–its boorishness, and its cluelessness, its willful ignorance”.

And while it is an honorable act for Spicer to speak out about innocent Syrians dying as a result of chemical warfare, using the Holocaust to make a political point, is not only unethical, but one could argue that the notion put forth by Spicer that Hitler didn’t use gas on “his own people” is, in fact, Spicer’s most disturbing comment. German Jews, before Hitler destroyed democracy, were citizens with full rights–they, too, were Germany’s “own people”. In repeating these statements, Spicer is rendering Jews precisely as the Nazis would have wished them to be seen – as non-citizens, against whom the use of chemical extermination should be of lesser concern.

But given the fact that Sean Spicer told the mainstream press that it was “pathetic” that the White House was attacked for failing to mention the word, “Jews”, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, one should expect that he wouldn’t go on to demonstrate precisely why the Trump administration has been seen as lacking in its treatment of the Holocaust, and of Jewish issues more widely. In response to rising antisemitism, instead of taking a strong stance and showing a willingness to be proactive against it, Trump seemed to imply that Jews were committing false flag attacks, and he berated a Haredi reporter when asked about what his approach would be to rising antisemitism. The administration has consistently been lacklustre in its response to antisemitism, and must begin to mend these wounds by consulting with Jewish organisations and committing itself to a better understanding with the Jewish community.



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Jewish gym owner called a “f*cking c*cksucking f*cking Jew” for having served in the IDF

Avi Yemini, a former IDF soldier, (Israeli Defense Force), who owns the popular gym, IDF Training, in Melbourne, Australia, received a phone call, on March 14, from an anonymous caller, who threatened to “shoot him in the f**kin’ head'”, and demanded that Yemini get out of Australia, calling him a “f*cking c*cksucking f*cking Jew”.

The phone call was actually answered by a receptionist at the gym’s off-site reception. The Caulfield Police Station, Melbourne, who are currently investigating the incident, declined to speak to the press.

According to the Daily Mail Australia, Yemini said that the operator who spoke to the abusive caller was “very good under the circumstances. It was pretty vile and full on.”

The caller, who, at first, was polite, asked the operator if Yemini was “the ex-IDF bloke”. The operator replied:

“Yeah, 100 per cent.”

“So he knows how to shoot Palestinians,” the caller replied.

Maintaining his calm, the operator remarked: “I’m not too sure to be honest with you.”

The caller responded by delivering an anti-Semitic rant: “He’s a f**kin’ c**ksucker Zionist. Why are you even working there, mate?”

The called went on to say “You tell Avi to get the f**k out of the country, the f**kin’ c**ksucking f**kin’ Jew”

Yemini, who is publicly pro-Israel, told the press that when it comes to the identity of the caller, he has no clue.

Yemini reported the abuse to the police, but he did he not reveal how he traced the call.

Yemeni, who runs his gym with his wife’s assistance, told the press that “we’ve had threats and antisemitic things said to us in the past, but this is [the] worst ever.”

He told Daily Mail Australia that his employees were “on high alert for any potential threats”. Yemini also said that he was being unusually cautious, not only about his own safety, but about the safety of his family: “We are taking it seriously as a real threat, and trying to shut it down before it escalates,” he said.

Being an experienced IDF veteran, has helped Yemini draw patrons to his gym, which has been in operation since 2009. He teaches both Krav Maga, an IDF martial art, along with fitness classes.

Yemini is known for being both a successful businessman, and an outspoken critic of Islamism. He told the Daily Mail Australia: “I am outspoken and criticize aspects of Islam…which is often met with threats, but it won’t stop me”.

Born in Australia to a Chabad family, Yemini is no stranger to bigotry. In a Times of Israel blog post that was posted last June, he wrote: “It was almost normal to hear racial abuse thrown at me when I walked down the street, usually by a passing car, often referencing Hitler, or in some cases, even copping an egg being thrown at me. It was accepted. It was part of being Jewish.”

And it was his devotion to his religious heritage that motivated Yemini to volunteer for the IDF.  Australia, like many countries, allows their citizens to fight in foreign wars, as long as the country is an actual ally.

Although today Yemini is no longer a practicing Orthodox Jew, he is still Jewish: “I am a proud Jew.”  However, Yemini now only wears a yarmulke in synagogue or when he is talking to the media: “I’m making a statement”.

And Yemini is dedicated to sharing his personal statement with other Australian Jews. He told The Times of Israel:”My pride in my heritage and my people does not stop there [identifying as Jewish]. I have made it my business to promote it.

According to The Times of Israel, Yemini not only opened his gym for financial reasons, but also because he wanted “to show Australian Jews that being a proud Jew, being a proud Zionist can work for you. It can and should be a part of your business plan. It was and is [a part of] ours.”

Understanding all too well the many challenges that come with being openly Jewish, Yemini says that he is willing to debate issues with everyone, including Muslims. However, Yemini says that attacking people over race and religion is “unacceptable”: “When you’re talking about shooting someone in the face, you’re crossing a line whether you meant it or not”.

Since Yemini’s case is an on-going investigation, the outcome is unknown. But it is important to acknowledge countries, like Australia, who actively investigate threats against Jews.  Unfortunately, what Avi Yemini experienced has become an all too familiar story.

The global rise of anti-Semitism has turned too many Jews into victims, and, even more tragically, into murder victims. Therefore, it is imperative that Jewish leaders continue to press for a vigorous response from both the police and the courts, in order to successfully attack “the longest hatred”.




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Police investigate as Muslim and Anti-Zionist students in Texas call for another Holocaust, spout blood libel

The district attorney’s office in Houston, Texas, in cooperation with the Houston police, is currently trying to determine if antisemitic comments that were posted to Twitter, by thirteen past and current students at the University of Houston (UH), constitutes a hate crime.

The Canary Mission, an anonymous online antisemitic watchdog, collected all of the tweets in their report, Kill All The Jews. Members of the UH chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), the Muslim Student Association (MSA), and students associated with the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS), along with unaffiliated individuals, were responsible for the posts, which go back as far as 2012.

Of paramount concern are tweets by UH students that both incite violence and promote violence against Jews:

“I am gonna throw rocks at yahood [Jews] this summer and no one is stopping me.” – Tarek Abdoh, April, 2015

“Yall don’t understand I want to beat a zionist bitch up so bad.” – Noor Radwan, July, 2016

“Hitler should have killed them [the Jews] all” – Amal Tabal, November, 2012

“If you could press one button to kill all zionists, but it would also kill every Jew out there, would you press it? – Noor Radwam, October, 2015

“Palestine will be the 2nd Holocaust for the Yahood [Jews].” – Rawen Saleh, March, 2013

“I mean it when I say I wish Hitler finished them off in the holocaust. I know there’s a difference between Jews and Zionists.” – Mahmoud Eissa, July, 2014

“@HitlerDictator  Versace. Versace. [Italian fashion designer]    F**k bitches bake Jews that’s the life of a Nazi” – Zain Dharani, August, 2013

As was to be expected, the report included a tweet that put forth a classic blood libel. In November, Noor Radwan tweeted: “A Jewish rabbi has admitted to using human child meat as a filler in McDonalds meat. They allegedly drug teens, and kill them for their meat, THE TRUTH ABOUT MCDONALD’S & MISSING CHILDREN.”

When a UH student can actually present such an outrageous blood libel as a fact, then, Houston, you’ve got a problem.

No one would agree more than Kenneth L. Marcus, president and general counsel for the Washington D.C. based Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law, According to Marcus: “Whether the university can punish the speech or not, they have an obligation to address the underlying problem”. Marcus told the Jewish-Herald: “The legal restrictions might tell them [the University of Houston] how they can deal with it, but the fact is they need to deal with it and they need [to] deal with it firmly.”

Although the tweets are currently under review by the Dean of  the Student’s Office, it is troubling that tweets that promote violence and bigotry are not automatically in violation of the UH Code of Conduct.

A tweet by Mamoon Hindi in August, 2015 is a typical example:”It’s not music you f****ing fag. Candyass Brit, fish n’ chips motherf****ker. Zionist f***k face douchebag.”

Obviously, it is no surprise that Hitler is the star of so many of the tweets: “Hitler mah n***ga”;”Hitler said he left some Jews alive so the world would know why he killed em”; “Hitler died too soon, really”.

Lee Wunsch, of the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston (JFGH), told The Algemeiner that celebrating the mass murder of Jews with “violent tweets”, the calls for a Third Intifada–murdering Jews as “resistance” against Israel–praise for both Hitler and Hamas terrorists, whose goal is the wholesale slaughter of Israeli Jews–had the organization’s “full attention”.

When the Canary Mission report was released to the public, Rabbi Kenny Weiss, executive director of Houston Hillel, told the Jewish-Herald: “Houston Hillel takes very seriously any inflammatory comments directed at Jews”. As a result, Rabbi Weiss contacted both the UH  campus police, the greater Houston police department, the UH Office of Legal Affairs, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), and the Houston office of the Jewish Federation.

Dayan Gross, the ADL Southwest Regional Director told The Algemeiner: “While ADL respects freedom of speech, we reserve the right to make sure people see hateful speech for what it is and counter it”. Gross, who filed a complaint with the Houston police, is closely monitoring the situation.

The UH Legal Affairs office told the Jewish-Herald that “we take any matter involving the safety and welfare of our university community very seriously”. The vice-chancellor of Legal Affairs, Dona Hamilton Cornell, stated: “UH is safe for all students, Jews included.”

However, UH Jewish students have criticized the administration for failing to condemn the students who threatened the personal safety of Jews.

It is a given that if hateful tweets had targeted UH African-American students and the posts had: a) promoted lynchings and physical assaults against blacks  b) celebrated the KKK and slavery, instead of Hitler and the Holocaust, and c) used vile language like, “F***ing N***er”, rather than “Zionist c**t”, then, without question, a national media firestorm would have been ignited. And the University of Houston would have told the press that such toxic behavior will be met with swift punishment.

But when the tweets, in question, called for the beating and stoning of Jews, the University of Houston would only call the tweets, “repugnant” speech.

“I want my university to show that it legitimately cares about its diverse population and not just certain student groups,” Tatiana Uklist, the founder of the UH chapter of Students Supporting Israel, told the Jewish-Herald.

However, vice-chancellor Cornell feels that the university has created a level playing field because it fosters an environment where diverse beliefs are “welcomed”.

And that means welcoming the beliefs of a Palestinian woman named Rasmea Yousef Odeh, who just happens to be a terrorist who was convicted of murdering Jews.

Despite vigorous protest from Jewish students, administrators allowed the UH chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, which, according to Kenneth L. Marcus, is “a hate organization and must be addressed as such”, to hold a spring fundraiser in Odeh’s honor.

UH dismissed complaints from Jewish students that the fundraiser was a safety threat. Instead the administration called it a “speech-related political disagreement”. Odeh was imprisoned in Israel for murdering two Jewish college students, from Hebrew University, in a 1969 supermarket bomb attack in Jerusalem.

Odeh, who came to America, after being released by Israel in a prisoner exchange, is facing deportation due to immigration fraud.

It would, of course, be unthinkable for any college campus in the United States of America to hold a fundraiser for Dylann Roof, who murdered nine African-Americans, while they prayed in a South Carolina church on June 17, 2015.

And it is precisely because the University of Houston has whitewashed the issues surrounding violence and Jews, that many Jewish students now feel that they are subject to a dangerous double standard, which puts them at risk.

But whether or not the Houston District Attorney’s office ultimately labels the tweets an actual hate crime or a non-criminal hate incident is really a moot point. Because labelling the tweets doesn’t alter the original intent of the UH tweets: the demonization and outright hatred of Jews.

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75% of US Jewish students have experienced antisemitism, with many now hiding their Jewish identity

Fear of antisemitism is causing European and American Jewish students to hide their religious identities, with many afraid to openly support Israel, students have told the Knesset’s Committee for Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs.

In January, students from around the globe, came to Jerusalem to speak to the Israeli legislature about the frequent hostilities and the social isolation that they experience because university administrators refuse to confront antisemitism.

The Committee found that Jewish students at Universities across North America and Europe are hiding their Jewish identity following increasing hostility linked to anti-Israel activism, with many refraining from wearing kippot or anything else that would identify them as Jewish.

Students told the committee that BDS has contributed to a worsening campus experience for Jewish students, with Boycotts being incorporated into policy by various Universities and Student Unions. Olga Deutsch, Head of Europe Desk, NGO Monitor, is hopeful that, as a result of new European laws, BDS will lose its influence.

If these new laws do prove to be effective, it will certainly bring relief to the countless European Jewish students and professors, who are worried that BDS, often with antisemitic undertones and often tied up with Islamism, is becoming the norm on campus.

Baroness Ruth Deech, the first ever appointed UK higher education adjudicator, told The Telegraph that “many universities are in receipt or are chasing large donations of money from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states and so on, and maybe they are frightened of offending them. I don’t know why they [the universities] aren’t doing anything about it [antisemitism], it really is a bad situation.”

Enter  the “Jewni”, universities like Birmingham and Leeds, where Jews feel that it is safe to enroll because of the presence of so many Jewish students. But, with the rise of European antisemitism–a Knesset report revealed that 40% of European citizens are antisemitic–it is now an acceptable tactic to harass Jews. Consequently, Jewish UK students now use one critical measurement to classify universities–how safe is the environment for Jews.

Baroness Deech would, undoubtedly, understand the anxieties of Jewish students. Deech believes that pervasive antisemitism has turned far too many UK universities into no-go zones for Jewish students.

The Knesset committee, which is headed by MK (Member of Knesset), Likud, Avraham Neguise, wanted to know how antisemitism plays out in the daily life of students. The committee learned that some students are too frightened to wear yamulkes in public. Students also admitted that, out of fear, they refrain from expressing pro-Israel opinions, especially in classrooms that are ruled by anti-Israel professors.

Neguise believes that since it is “no longer polite and fashionable to hate Jews as they are, the hatred is disguised as criticism of the Jewish state”.

According to the The Diaspora Affairs report, 75% of Jewish American students have been exposed to antisemitism. In an extreme example, The Washington Post said that in Ohio, at Oberlin College, a female Jewish student, who had hung an Israeli flag in her dorm window, discovered shattered glass all over her bed and floor. A brick had been thrown through the window.

Isabel Storch Sherrell, who is also an Oberlin College student, told the Washington Post that, on multiple occasions, she heard students, “POC [people of color] peers and Jewish white hipsters”, refer to the Holocaust as “white on white crime”.

It is particularly contentious that the extreme Left classifies all Jews as white. Therefore, because of the theory of “white privilege”, the suffering of Jewish students is not considered to be relevant. This leftist mindset, which completely discounts Jewish people of color, plays to racism, and shows the inherent flaws in analyses of prejudices based on preconceived notions of “privilege”.

In an article for The Atlantic, reporter Emma Green said that as far as the extreme Left is concerned, Jews are “part of a white-majority establishment that seeks to dominate people of color”. This, of course,  promotes the stereotype of the evil racist white European (Ashkenazi) Jew, who is out to destroy the always innocent Palestinian person of color.

Juda Stone, of The Jewish Agency, told the Knesset that he believes that when students are afraid of antisemitism, it “leads them to escape their own Jewish identity”. Of course, this is something that the Jewish community can not allow.

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Neo-Nazis plan armed march against Jewish community in Montana, invite speaker from Hamas and from Nazi organisations worldwide

An armed demonstration by neo-Nazis against the Jewish community of Whitefish, Montana is planned for Monday, January 16, between 4-7 p.m. on Martin Luther King Day, according to ABC Fox Montana News. The neo-Nazis are planning to carry high powered rifles on the march, in a gratuitous attempt to intimidate the Jewish community.

Andrew Anglin, 32,  a neo-Nazi  from Worthington, Ohio, who owns the popular neo-Nazi website, The Daily Stormer, is organizing the march. The protest is in “defence” of  local Whitefish resident, Sherry Spencer, the mother of white nationalist, Richard Spencer, who is a part-time Whitefish resident.

Spencer, who is credited with coining the controversial term, “alt-right”, believes in “peaceful ethnic cleansing”. In November, at the annual convention of Spencer’s “think tank”, The National Policy Institute, a  media firestorm  was ignited when his followers responded to Spencer’s remark, “Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory!” with Nazi salutes.

Sherry Spencer told the press that public criticism of her son, Richard, whose toxic political rhetoric she and her husband, Rand, a doctor, “unequivocally” reject, has damaged her real estate business.

This was enough ammunition for Anglin to mount an attack on the Jews of Whitefish, since many prominent Jews have argued that Whitefish should not be associated with white supremacy. Public records in Virginia state that the official address of Spencer’s National Policy Institute is located in a building in Whitefish that his mother owns.

Top elected Montana officials, including Montana governor, Steve Bullock, have condemned the march: “We say to those few who seek to publicize antisemitic views that they shall have no safe haven here”.

This warning has clearly been ignored by Anglin. The march is being held against “Jews, Jewish businesses, and everyone who supports either”. Despite Anglin’s belief that Jews are a “vicious, evil race of hate-filled psychopaths”, he claims that violence will not be tolerated

ABC Fox Montana News reported that Chuck Stearns, the Whitefish City Manager, received an incomplete application for the march from Anglin on January 9. The application must be completed before the city can respond.

Whitefish is a ski resort town located in northwestern Montana near the Canadian border. The population of 6,000 people includes 100 families and individuals who are Jewish. The town has one rabbi, who heads an independent synagogue without walls. Whitefish police, in cooperation with the FBI, have stepped up patrols due to threats against the Jewish community that were generated by Anglin’s campaign.

Anglin urged followers to mount an attack against the Whitefish Jewish community. And while Anglin recommended that followers hang up Nazi flags and hold storybook hours, where neighborhood kids are read Hitler’s, Mein Kampf, Rachel Caroll-Rivas, a co-director of the  Montana Human Rights Network, told Slate that she received online and telephone death threats. She quoted an example: “All of you deserve a bullet through your skull. Choke on a shotgun and die.”

Anglin is calling the demonstration the “James Earl Ray Day Extravaganza”, On April 4, 1968, James Earl Ray murdered 39 year old  Martin Luther King Jr. while he was standing on the second-floor balcony of The Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee.

The fact that Anglin, a known racist, deliberately set the march to coincide with Martin Luther King Day is no surprise. A comment posted by Anglin on the Washington Post explains what he wishes to accomplish as “Alt-Right neo-Nazi”: “The goal is to ethnically cleanse white nations of non-whites and set up an authoritarian government. Many people also believe that the Jews should be exterminated“. This leaves the obvious question: how many of those marching through the streets with riles, in a deliberate attempt to intimidate the Jewish community, can be counted among the “many people” who believe that “the Jews should be exterminated”.

ABC Fox Montana News reports that, due to a large donation, Anglin says that he now has the financial clout to bring in “nationalists groups from the UK, Sweden, France and Greece” and maybe even “someone from Hamas”.

Hamas has declared in their charter that they aim to murder every Jew in Israel. And, in order to intimidate the Jewish community, Anglin intends to bring Hamas’s celebration of murder to Whitefish. He states: “they [the Jews] will rue the day, as they see two hundred skinhead Alt-Right Nazis marching with a guy from Hamas carrying machine guns through the center of their town.”

According to The Missoulian, the Whitefish police chief, Bill Dial, has told the understandably anxious Jewish community, that while Anglin has the legal right to protest, the law also gives him the right to demand that the rifles are unloaded.

Dial, who along with the FBI, believes that the march will never happen is still not taking any chances. Dial told the press that he’s “hoping for the best and planning for the worst.”

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France: Jewish man beaten by attackers shouting “dirty Jew”

A 30 year-old Jewish man, who was walking home from work, was beaten by a group of men on a street in Creteil, France, a suburb south of Paris.

Despite the fact that one of the attackers called the victim an antisemitic slur, a “dirty Jew”, the police have not classified the incident as an antisemitic attack, the local judiciary police have opened up an investigation and are currently trying to determine if the crime was motivated by antisemitism.

The crime occurred in the courthouse neighbourhood, an area that Jewish businesses helped develop. Petty criminals are known to frequent the area.

Haaretz reported that when the police showed the victim 120 photographs of local criminals, he was able to recognize one of his attackers. The Haaretz article also revealed that “police believe the same local thug attacked a non-Jewish man on the same day.”

Albert Elharrar, the leader of the Creteil Jewish community, told the press that “the local thugs” assaulted the victim, a father, who was “returning home from work”. The perpetrators “hit” [the victim] “from behind” and “threw him on the ground and beat him”.

Elharrar told Le Parisien that “the victim was brave enough to hit one of his aggressors back, which allowed him to try to escape, but they caught him.”

Creteil, which is the home to approximately 22,000 Jews, is one of France’s largest Jewish communities  As reported in Haaretz, Elharrar believes that, despite this attack, Creteil is a “safe” city for Jews. “This is a place where different communities live side by side”.

However, in the past three years, there has beenan antisemitic robbery and a rape, which motivated several Jewish families from Creteil to move to Israel. But Elharrar thinks that “it’s not because of Creteil itself, but [because of] the feeling of insecurity in France altogether”.

According to French Jewish leaders, antisemitism stills threatens the safety of Jews. In 2015, there were 808 assaults on Jews, a record high, which caused many French Jews to leave the country. But despite a 61% reduction of hate crimes against Jews in France in 2016, the Jewish community remains vigilant.

Therefore, it is of great concern that the Jewish man, who was attacked in Creteil, was called a “dirty Jew”. As Elharrar pointed out in the Haaretz article:”he wasn’t wearing any distinctive sign”, like a Jewish skull cap, that would have “identified him as Jewish”.

Unfortunately, there is not enough evidence, at this point in time, to determine if the attackers marked the victim as a Jew because they saw him  enter a synagogue, or a kosher supermarket. However, the fact that there was no obvious way to identify the man as Jewish opens up the disturbing possibility that the attackers could have been searching for victims in the Jewish community. The police must conclude their investigation before it is known if the attacker intentionally tracked the victim, in order to commit an antisemitic crime.


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After Oberlin Professor fired for antisemitism, Jewish academic targeted with “Gas Jews” graffiti

After a lengthy nine month investigation, Joy Karega, a non-tenured assistant professor at Oberlin College, has been fired over antisemitic Facebook posts.

Karega was hired in 2014 to teach rhetoric and compositon classes at the prestigious private Ohio liberal arts college that comes with a $200,000 four year price tag, In November, 2015,  Karega wrote on her now deleted Facebook page: “I promise you, ISIS is not a jihadist, Islamic terrorist organization. It’s a CIA and Mossad operation.” Karega blamed the Paris magazine, Charlie Hebdo, terrorist attack on the CIA and Mossad, Israeli intelligence.

In January 2015 she accused Israel, the “same people behind the massacre in Gaza”, of shooting down Malaysian Airline flight No.17 over Ukraine. A 2015 inquiry came to the conclusion that a Russian-made missile probably caused the tragic crash.

An article in The Tower also revealed that in January, 2015, Karega shared an antisemitic image of an ISIS terrorist disguised as the Israeli president, Benjamin Netanyahu. The acronym, JSIL, a slur that compares Israel to ISIS, was drawn on Netanyahu’s arm along with a picture of the Star of David.

The text on the graphic implied that the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists were murdered in order to erode French support of the Palestinians. Karaga posted on Facebook: “This ain’t hard. They unleashed Mossad on France and it’s clear why”.

Karega also posted an unflattering photo of banker Jacob Rothschild and accused him of “controlling your news, the media, your oil, and your government”. Besides being a ridiculous comment, this antisemitic remark plays into the age old stereotype of the greedy, evil Jew, who wants to control the world in order to reap all of the advantages, while leaving everyone else to suffer.

On her Facebook page in March 2015, Karega  provided a link to a video of Louis Farrakhan, the controversial Nation of Islam leader. In the video, Farrakhan states:”It is now becoming apparent that there were many Israeli and Zionist Jews in key roles in the 9/11 attack.” In a post accompanying the link, Karega wrote, “Farrakhan is truth-telling in this video”.

Oberlin’s president, Martin Krislov, who is Jewish, ignited a national firestorm when he refused to condemn Karega’s posts. In a statement released to the press, Krislov said: “Oberlin College respects the rights of its faculty, students, staff and alumni to express their personal views.”

In sharp contrast to Krislov’s response, the Oberlin Board of Trustees in March called Karega’s statements “abhorrent” and “antisemitic”. The Board asked the school to “challenge the assertion that there is any justification for these repugnant postings.” 

 In a seeming nod of approval, a member of Stormfront, the white supremacist neo-Nazi website, was pleasantly surprised that the school protected Karega :”I am amazed that she posted the same stuff we do and [that] she wasn’t fired on the spot.”

Melissa Landa, president of the Oberlin chapter of Alums For Campus Fairness (ACF), a national college network that fights antisemitsm, would not disagree. It was their chapter, in fact, that was responsible for bringing Karega’s Facebook posts to the administration’s attention.

Landa issued a statement in April that Jewish students experience a “persistent hostile campus atmosphere”. Reporter Emily Shire of The Daily Beast spoke to a group of Jewish Oberlin students who said that they feel “increasingly threatened’ and were “dismissive of complaints of antisemitism.”

Ultimately, public pressure lead to Karega being put on paid leave in August. She was barred from campus while the school investigated her case. Karega refused to apologize and accused Oberlin of “pandering to the dictates of a handful of vocal and wealthy religious zealots.” On her Facebook page, Karega thanked writer, Kevin Barrett, a contributor to Veterans Today, which the Southern Poverty Law Center believes is “squarely in neo-Nazi terroritory”.

As a result of the controversy generated by the Karega scandal, President Marvin Krislov announced in September that he would be leaving Oberlin effective June 30, 2017.

On November 15, after bitter debate, Professor Joy Karega was fired by the Board of Trustees for “failing to meet the academic standards that Oberlin requires of its faculty” and for “failing to demonstrate intellectual honesty.”

Karega responded to her dismissal by accusing Oberlin of having a “discriminatory and biased approach”. She plans to file a lawsuit against Oberlin, as well as file a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Employment Board.

Two days after Karega’s firing, Benjamin Kuperman, the chairman of Oberlin’s computer science department, called police at 3:40 a.m. when he discovered, after hearing noise, that his front porch had been vandalized. Decorative seashells had been smashed, and placed behind a mezuzah that was on the door frame, was a note made from a piece of ripped white paper, with glued on cut letters, that said “GAS JEWS DIE”

Kuperman told police that he had no conflicts with friends, neighbors, Oberlin students or faculty members. The police, who are investigating, have classified the incident as a hate crime. Whether or not there is a link between the vandalism and Karega’s firing is unknown.

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A wave of antisemitic incidents sweeps America following the election.

Donald Trump’s unexpected victory last weak appears to have triggered antisemitic incidents — sending anxiety soaring, as American Jews grapple with the reality of a president-elect who has been the candidate-of-choice for many antisemites over the previous months.

Whilst these incidents are not to suggest that Trump himself is an antisemite, many American Jews are worried about the atmosphere in the country, particularly given that Stephen Bannon, a journalist who has been accused of antisemitism, looks set to land an advisory position within Trump’s administration.

“The white supremacists out there are celebrating his victory and many are feeling their oats,” said Richard Cohen, the president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, in an article in USA TODAY. And, as a result, the swastika, a favorite symbol of hatemongers, has made an ugly post-election appearance on American college campuses.

We recently reported that The New York City police department is investigating swastika graffiti at The New School. The swastikas were drawn on several residence hall doors, including the door of a suite where three Jewish women live. The university’s president, David E. Van Zandt, told Time magazine “that someone would attempt to create fear amongst us is inexcusable”. Campus security has been increased.

The Burlington Free Press reports that a swastika was painted on a Trump campaign poster that was found three doors down from the Hillel Center at the University of Vermont. In an email to the Burlington Press, Deputy Chief, Shawn Burke, wrote that “the incident is of concern given the proximity of the sign to the Hillel”. Matt Vogel, the campus director of Hillel, told Time that “for many Jewish students, no matter how they voted, seeing that symbol of hate is a very powerful thing for them”. Whilst this could be an act of protest, its proximity to Jewish students may suggest otherwise.

A swastika, with the word, “Trump”, defaced a dorm wall at the State University of New York, Geneseo. In addition, a swastika and the words, “Heil Trump”, were found at a bus stop at the University of California at San Diego. Both universities have called in the police to investigate and have condemned the incidents.

But universities have not been the only targets. In Easthampton, Massachusetts, a swastika and the words, “Gas the Jews”, were painted on Mount Tom, which is part of the Mount Holyoke mountain range. The vandalism sparked public outrage. Volunteers painted over the antisemitic graffiti. There has also been “no Jews” graffiti in New York and some people believe that similar incidents have been inspired by Trump’s election in Canada, with an Ottawa Rabbi having her house vandalized with a Swastika and the word “kike”.

An enormous swastika, along with the words, “Make America White Again”, were also discovered on a softball dugout in Wellsville, New York. The antisemitic graffiti was removed by concerned volunteers. Wellsville police are investigating.

And in South Philadelphia, on November 9, the day that Trump was elected, the word, “Trump”, with the a swastika substituting for the “T”, and the words, “Sieg Heil 2016”, were found defacing the storefront of a closed business. Police are investigating. November 9 is also the 78th anniversary of Germany’s Kristallnacht, or the Night of Broken Glass, which historians view as the starting point of the Holocaust, and in which hundreds of Jewish businesses were destroyed. This for Nancy Baron-Baer, the regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, has made “this singular event all the more distressing and horrifying”.

Although Trump has stated that he has no ties to hate groups, synagogues across America have been flooded with members, who are both frightened and worried about their safety, now that Trump is president. Rabbi Daniel Bogard, 33, of Adath Ariel, a Conservative synagogue in Cincinnati, stated in an article in the Jewish Telegraph Agency, that before the election, “I would have told you antisemitism was absent [in America]”.

But now Bogard finds that he is waking up in the middle of the night “in a cold sweat because of the election. I talk to a lot of people who have the 4 a.m. election night fears”, he said.

Suzanne Reisman, 40, a writer living in New York City, who has been the target of antisemitic hate on Twitter, understands that kind of anxiety. She told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that “my grandparents were Holocaust survivors. I hope it won’t come to it”, but since her family has passports, “if we have to flee, we are ready”. Actress Emily Rossum has also been targeted by Trump supporters on Twitter following the election results, being told that her and “her ilk” would be sent to the gas chambers.

Donald Trump himself cannot be held to account for the wave of antisemitic actions which may have been ignited by his victory. However, this ongoing wave of antisemitism after the election is indicative of deep divides within American society, and serves as a reminder that at times of uncertainty, it is often Jews who will bear the brunt of a society’s tensions. It is our hope that Donald Trump will utterly repudiate these actions, and those which are affecting other minority groups in America, and begin working to unite the American people in an inclusive way.

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Academic with ties to antisemitic extremism one of Trump’s prominent academic supporters

Dr. Boyd Cathey, a North Carolina archivist, who is an active member of The Institute Of The Historical Review, the world’s leading Holocaust denial organization, is one of the chief organizers of a “Scholars for Trump” list.

The international definition of antisemitism clearly states that “Denying the fact, scope, mechanisms (e.g. gas chambers) or intentionality of the genocide of the Jewish people at the hands of National Socialist Germany and its supporters and accomplices during World War II (the Holocaust)” is antisemitic.

The list of more than 50 scholars, some from such prestigious American universities as Yale, Duke, and Emory, was created with the aim of boosting Donald Trump’s intellectual profile. The Daily Caller stated that the academics wanted to challenge the idea that Trump supporters were “limited to the badly educated and the ill-informed’.

A comment from the signed statement revealed that “those who have attached their signatories are accredited scholars, mostly with PHDs, who are endorsing Trump as a credible candidate for the presidency and as the only barrier now standing between us and Heaven [forbid] the election of Hillary Clinton”.

In an article in the Daily Caller, Cathey, along with his associates, Dr. Paul Gottfried and   Dr. Walter Block, explained that “we are fully aware that signing this statement will not bring the signatory the same professional rewards as speaking at a conference on why Trump is a ‘fascist’ or on why he reminds one of the late German Fuhrer”.

An article in the Forward states that Cathey is aware of his dark reputation. Cathey explained that “dealing with Wagner, Judaism, and Germany, whether reasonable or not, would probably get me exiled even deeper into the realms of the prejudiced unwashed”.

The Southern Poverty Law Center lists Cathey as having had a long and troubling relationship with extremists and extremism, with links to not only to Holocaust denial, but also the neo-Confederate Movement (post American Civil War) and ‘radical traditionalist Catholicism’. He has ties to Catholic groups who were excised from the Catholic Church for having rejected attempts to reconcile and normalise relations with Judaism.

Cathey is also a supporter of the controversial retired California State University, Long Beach, psychology professor, Kevin MacDonald. MacDonald, an American who’s a member of the White Nationalist Party, believes that Jews, because of their genetic make-up, have an innate drive to bring down Western society.

A spokesperson for the Trump campaign did not respond to questions from the press about the Cathey’s scholars list.

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Munich: Jewish restaurantier faces persistent harassment from BDS

Due to the rise of antisemitism in Munich, Florian Gleibs, the Jewish owner of the Schmock Israeli restaurant, is closing his restaurant in the Bavarian capital after 16 years of operation.

Gleibs, who is 45, told the German national daily newspaper, Die Welt, that when his restaurant became a magnet for anti-Israel tirades, he hung up a large sign in Schmock’s window that said: “We are not involved in politics.”

But, despite Gleibs efforts, the personal attacks against Gleibs and his restaurant continued. In an article in the Jewish Chronicle, Gleibs stated: “I always have to get into discussions and I don’t want to do it anymore.” Gleibs said that he even received a letter where he was accused of being a “corrupt thief who hawks goods produced by terrorists on stolen land, with stolen water, and fertilized with Palestinian blood”. Such claims amount to nothing short of blood libel.

Marcus Schaefert, who is the spokesman for the Bavarian domestic intelligence agency, told Die Welt, that “anti-Zionist antisemitism pretends to criticize Israel, but, in fact, rejects Israel’s existence”.

And this anti-Israel hate, which is being driven by the German BDS campaign, has been directed at Gleibs. “People from the educated, well-off middle class have decided to hold me responsible as a representative of Israel, according to the motto: What you people are doing is no different than what we Germans did back then [in the Holocaust],” Gleibs told Die Welt.

Charlotte Knobloch, the leader of the Munich Jewish community, and a Holocaust survivor, explained to the Jerusalem Post, “The BDS campaign disguises the socially unacceptable. It has modernized the Nazi slogan, ‘Don’t buy from Jews!’ by demanding, ‘Don’t buy from the Jewish state'”.

Gleibs, who is actually an Iraqi Jew, told Die Welt that he “sees antisemitism as more emotional now than before the [2014 war].” He revealed to the Die Welt reporter that he has experienced firsthand “people on the streets screaming ‘Jew, Jew, cowardly swine come here and fight alone.'”

But German antisemitism will not force Gleibs out of the restaurant business. His popular restaurant, Meschugge, will offer patrons dishes from his now closed Schmock restaurant. However it won’t be closed for long. Schmock is being turned into an eatery that serves up cuisine from the country of Laos. Gleibs told the Jewish Chronicle that his new Laotian restaurant “will run perfectly” because the public doesn’t care about Laotian history’s darkest days. “Nobody will care about that because no Jews [were] involved.”

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Trump supporters send death threats to Jewish journalists

Although Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has publicly stated that he has no ties to antisemitic hate groups, that has not stopped Trump’s antisemitic               supporters – neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and the alt-right – from making death threats against the press.

Jewish journalists have discovered that for some Trump supporters, demonstrating loyalty to their “Glorious Leader”, the extreme right’s nickname for Trump, has threatened their sense of personal safety.

Jewish Russian-born journalist, Julia Ioffe, infuriated Trump supporters when she wrote an article for the magazine, GQ, that was critical of Trump’s wife, Melania. As a result, Ioffe, filed a report with the Washington D.C. police over  threats “to kidnap or injure a person”.

Flooded with death threats and prank calls, Ioffe, even received a prank call that played a recording of Hitler’s speeches. Another caller said “her face would look good on a lampshade”. Ironically, Ioffe’s family fled Russia because of antisemitism.

Reporter Bethany Mandel, a convert to Judaism, who has an active presence on Twitter, wrote in an article for the Jewish newspaper, the Forward, that after making anti-Trump tweets, she was a victim of “terrifying and profound antisemitism”. But it was receiving actual death threats in her private Facebook mailbox that motivated Mandel, a resident of New Jersey, to file a report with the New Jersey police.

Ultimately, Mandel, who was called a “slimy Jewess” and told that she “deserved the oven”, felt so threatened that she even applied for a gun permit.

Former Breitbart writer, Ben Shapiro, who is an Orthodox Jew, also felt the need to purchase a weapon after being hit “with a number of death threats”. Shapiro told writer Bethany Mandel that “there are an outsized set of Trump supporters who will threaten your safety”. The fact that Jews feel so threatened by supporters of the Trump campaign that they feel like they must own weapons for their own safety indicates just how dire the situation is becoming, with rising far-right activity clearly denting citizen’s faith that the police can protect them.

Shapiro, who is the recipient of hate tweets from David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan, left the conservative website, Breitbart, because he was unable to support their pro-Trump editorial stance.

And yet, according to Jewish writer, Bradley Burston, a reporter for the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, it’s just not Trump’s supporters who are dangerous. Trump harms democracy because he “enables and tolerates and excuses and pumps it [antisemitism]”.

Andrew Anglin, the editor of the alt-right (alternative right) white nationalism website, The Daily Stormer, told the Los Angeles Times that “virtually every alt-Nazi I know is volunteering for the Trump campaign”.

Peter Montgomery, who tracks far right groups at People For The American Way, an advocacy group, believes that the extreme right’s involvement in politics will have “damaging, long-term consequences” for America. This fact would not surprise Burston, who criticized Trump for giving “a podium to bigots, an arena stage to hatred”.

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Posters at U.C. Berkeley accuse “Jewish bullies” of controlling speech

A controversial suspended course at the University of California, Berkeley that emphasized the “decolonization” of Israel, and focused on exploring strategies that could potentially harm Israel’s right to exist, has been reinstated.

Antisemitic posters were posted on the campus as a reaction to the Jewish community’s condemnation of the course, “Palestine: A Settler Colonial Analysis”.  In an open letter to Chancellor Dirks, 43 Jewish educational and Jewish civil rights organizations protested the course’s content. A Jewish watchdog, The Amcha Initiative–“amcha” is the Hebrew word for “your community”– charged that the course promoted “a classic example of anti-semitic anti-Zionism”.

The antisemitic posters that appeared on the campus charged that the Jewish organizations had censored free speech. One poster said, “Jewish bullies smash free speech at CAL and are pledged $38 billion dollars. Attention Non-Jews: PAY UP and SHUT UP!” The $38 billion dollars refers to American military aid to Israel.

Criticism of Israel is not automatically antisemitism, but a poster that demonizes Jews for pointing out when such criticism becomes disproportionate and non-constructive, is without question antisemitic. Similarly, the idea that Gentiles must “pay up” by honoring Jewish bribes, not only promotes age-old antisemitic Jewish conspiracy theories, but also inflames antisemitism by promoting the idea that Jews are on a quest to rule over non-Jews.

Another poster called out the 43 Jewish organizations for censoring coursework. In addition, the poster wrongfully accused Israeli government officials of being “advocates for a foreign state” who want to take control of UC Berkeley. The poster asked, “Should we allow these outside groups and [Israel] to “control our freedom of speech and academic expression?”

It is both unreasonable and antisemitic to think that the state of Israel and American Jewish organizations have the power to not only censor, but also control public universities, a sentiment which is underlined by the belief of overarching Jewish control of world affairs.

The UC Berkeley administration removed the posters declaring that they “violated our Principles of Community, as well as the Regents’ Principles Against Intolerance”.

However, the course itself was reinstated after Paul Hadweh, the course facilitator, verified that he had made changes to the syllabus. In an interview with the anti-Israel website, The Electronic Intifada, Hadweh admitted that the changes were simply “cosmetic”.

Aviva Slomich, the international campus director of CAMERA on CAMPUS (The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America)  believes that UC Berkeley is offering a class “that is so explicit in undermining the Jews historical ties to the land of Israel and Israel’s right to exist”, [that] the school is perpetuating an antisemitic atmosphere on campus”. This is a clear example of rhetoric that is unhelpful and not even-handed in the way it approaches issues, combined with the whitewashing of alternative opinions, eventually leads to openly antisemitic discourse.

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Anti-Israel Church exhibit attracts virulent antisemitism

The Hinde Street Methodist Church, which is located in central London, received strong condemnation from the local Jewish community for re-creating an Israeli checkpoint in their chapel for a five day exhibit that was entitled, “You cannot pass today: Life through a dividing wall”.

Organized by church lay preacher, Katharine Fox, the exhibit is a part of the World Week For Peace in Palestine and Israel that was held from September 19-23. The display was set up to show how the checkpoints negatively impact the lives of Palestinians. Photographs and personal accounts of the Palestinians were included in the exhibit.

The exhibit has stirred antisemitic sentiments, both at the exhibit itself and online. One comment in the guest book reads “IDF soldiers are the scum of the earth! They are disgusting filthy animals and need to be burned alive”. Dehumanising Jews and calling for them to be burned alive is antisemitic, regardless of any political differences one may have with them.

On the Facebook page for the exhibit, antisemitism ran wild. One commenter writes “They are called …”Jews with a conscience” as opposed to the murderous thugs you are defending! You guys make Hitler look lie a saint by comparison!”. Comparing Israel to Nazi Germany is defined as antisemitic in the EUMC definition of antisemitism.

Another writes “Isrealhell kills children. The Zionist owned media rarely shows us. Thank you Hinde St Methodist Church. I hope more churches follow your lead!”. Accusing Israel plainly of killing children, with no qualification, amounts to blood libel. Similarly, speaking of a “Zionist owned media” plays into antisemitic canards of Jewish control over the media.

Other comments attempted to make out Zionists to be “not true Jews”, claiming to one man who said he was embarrassed to be a Methodist that “It sounds like your friends are Zionists, and not true Jews”, linking to a video of Neturei Karta, who make up a tiny minority of Jews worldwide. Manipulating debate to make only those Jews who agree with one’s position out to be the “true Jews” is antisemitic, as it is an attempt to silence dissent from Jews and brand some “good” or “true” and others as ‘false’ or somehow ‘bad’.

One commenter accused a critic of the exhibition of supporting “illegal organ harvesting, genocide, infanticide, holocaust”, claims which also amount to a modern day blood libel.

Yet another ranted “Zionism is simply a Mafia outfit. They hide behind the good name of judaism, the word anti semitic though they are not semitic people. Zionism and israel are the same as the Mafia and Italy. Bullies, tyrant, criminals, thieves, murderers, rapists and sadists but of the very worst type that humanity has ever witnessed. To pledge allegiance to such an evil entity is to spit in the face of every poor innocent jew who died in the holocaust and every poor little arab child who died as a result of such evil peoples actions”. Firstly, using the term “Mafia outfit” makes Zionism sound like a sinister, underground conspiracy, and thus appears to be playing on antisemitic conspiracy theories. Claiming that Zionists are “not semitic people” also attempts to deny Jewish Zioists of their identity. Finally, claiming that it is an insult to the victims of the Holocaust to become a Zionist is an outrageous comment not least for the fact that many Jews would have been justified in believing there could be no future for Jews in Europe after such an event. If anything, the Holocaust demonstrated to many Jews the need for Jews to live freely in an independent state, where they would not be subject to the whims and at the mercy of the ruling population. He later commented “Who are the Jews? Certainly not related to the israelites and with any ancestral claim to that land. At least the Palestines were living there at the time they were evicted amongst the very worst genocide”, this despite the fact that all Jews share more in common with one another than they do with surrounding populations. Once again, such comments are a cynical attempt to deprive Jews of their history, identity and peoplehood. Similarly, one woman writes “look what the world actually means, what a semite actually is. Hint: It’s not Israelis”. She also accused Israel of creating ISIS: “true, I agree with you, Helen. ISIS has nothing to do with Muslim faith and everything to do with your illegal state’s creation”.

Mike Isaacs posted on The Times website, “Perhaps the Methodist church could also have an exhibition of body parts of Jews blown apart by Palestinian terrorists, or failing that, a photo gallery of those knifed in their beds, or rammed at bus stops.”

Rabbi Barry Marcus, of the Central Synagogue told The Times, “Why the hell is a church wasting its resources on fanning the flames of antisemitism?” As put forth by the European Monitoring Centre, a key element of antisemitism is holding Israel to a different standard than other countries.

The display at the Hinde Street Method Church did not shine a spotlight on checkpoints at the borders of France, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Hungary or Turkey.

The London Jewish community expressed outrage that a Methodist church would challenge Israel’s right to provide security measures that protect its citizens from being murdered by Palestinian terrorists. Peter Rogol posted on The Times website, “They don’t want [Israeli citizens] to be blown up on their buses, hence the security arrangements.”

After talks with The Board of Deputies of British Jews, the church gave the Zionist Federation permission to pass out booklets which justify Israel’s right to self-defense.

Whilst the potentially one-sided presentation of the exhibit is not antisemitic, and criticism of the state of Israel similar to that levelled at other democratic states is also certainly legitimate, the way in which this exhibit has singled Israel out seems to have played into the hands of those anti-Zionists who routinely allow their rhetoric to slip into unadulterated antisemitism. It is thus indicative in the need for balance and sensitivity to other perspectives when discussing such issues.

All the comments can be viewed here, including many not mentioned in the article.

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Jewish Cemeteries Desecrated In Poland and Moldova

According to local authorities, swastikas were sprayed on a number of graves that are located in a Jewish cemetery in Minsk Mazowiecki (Novominsk) Poland. The perpetrators are unknown. Since the cemetery is closed for most of the day, it is considered a break-in. The graves also appear to have Nazi slogans such as “Juden raus” painted on them.

The desecrated graves were discovered by local residents, who, in turn, notified members of the local Jewish community. After being notified by the Jewish community, the police opened up an investigation.

Novominsk, which had its named changed to Minsk Mazowiecki in 1916, is located in central Poland, near Warsaw. The city has a population of approximately 40,000 people.

Before World War Two, thousands of Polish Jews lived in the surrounding area.  But when Hitler invaded Poland, the Jewish community of Minsk Mazowiecki (Novominsk) was rounded up, and forced to live in the Nazi-created Minsk Ghetto. 

In one of the first episodes of the Holocaust, the Minsk Jews, who had not been shot to death by the SS in the streets of Minsk Mazowiecki, were sent to the gas chambers of Treblinka.

In addition, a Jewish cemetery located in Balti (Belts), Moldova, formerly Bessarabia, USSR, was desecrated  with graffiti and vandalized. The enormous cemetery has 25,000 Jewish graves. Six gravestones were smashed and toppled. Despite an investigation by the Balti police, the vandals have not been identified 

The cemetery caretaker, Nina Korlotyan, told Channel BTV that she believes that a group of young people may have gone into the cemetery at night. Korlotyan became suspicious when she discovered empty liquor bottles around cemetery benches 

Balti (Belts) which is the third largest city in Moldova, originally had a large Jewish population. Before the start of World War Two, 20,000 Jews lived in Balti,  But 15,000 Balti Jews perished in the Holocaust. They either died in death camps, were shot to death by Romanian soldiers, who were allies of Nazi Germany, or died of starvation.

The desecration of the Polish and Moldovan cemeteries are part of a wave of cemetery desecrations that have recently occurred in Europe.

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Antisemitic police officer assigned to protect French Jewish communal leader

Le Pointe has reported that an allegedly antisemitic French Muslim police officer, who protected an official of the Consistoire Israelite (CRIF)  has been removed as the Jewish leader’s guard. The unnamed police officer, who is a convert to Islam, has been accused of proselytising while on duty.

CRIF, the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions, filed a complaint with the Directorate General of Internal Security. The police officer is an employee of The Protection Service, a government agency that provides security for government officials and individuals whose jobs are subject to risk.

Investigators discovered the police officer’s name on a private list of Egalite et Reconciliation, a website run by Alain Sorel,  Sorel has been publically accused of alleged antisemitism, due to his past ties to the National Front, and his friendship with the French comedian, Dieudonne, who has been convicted of antisemitism by the courts.

The police officer is also a known admirer of both Leon Degrelle, the Walloon Belgian politician  turned Nazi collaborator, and Julius Evola, the Italian writer whose work influenced many neo-Nazi supporters.

And while the numbers are small, there have been other incidents of French Muslim police officers promoting Islam while on patrol. Le Parisien leaked a Department of Public Security confidential memo that revealed that, between 2012-2015, there were 17 cases of French Muslim police officers who were charged with broadcasting religious chants while on duty.

In addition, an unspecified number of French Muslim police officers have refused to guard synagogues, or observe moments of silence in honor of Jewish victims of terror.