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Two men arrested for antisemitic threats against Jewish father in Connecticut.

Two men have been arrested for subjecting a Jewish father and his family to antisemitic abuse at a Bradley International Airport.

The victim was travelling back to Connecticut on October 27th, accompanied by his family, and was wearing a kippah. Two men allegedly threatened him and directed antisemitic abuse at him.

The State Police attended the scene, saying: “he victim explained that the two suspects shouted ethnic slurs and vulgarity at him and his family while they were waiting to leave the airport. The victim was able to avoid a physical confrontation despite the provocation and gathered photos of the suspects as well as their license plate when they fled the area”

The police were able to arrest the men, who attempted to flee. They are being held and are facing charges.


ADL Connecticut Regional Director Steve Ginsburg released a statement saying: “We have seen a recent spike in anti-Semitism around the state and country, and this act apparently fueled by bias is an unfortunate reminder that we have significant work still to do to combat anti-Semitism. When a victim is chosen because of his or religion, the impact resonates beyond just the person targeted- it can leave the entire community feeling vulnerable. This lack of civility, respect and kindness ignore our country’s shared value of religious diversity. We applaud the Connecticut State Police for their swift action and investigation”.

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Severe Antisemitic Bullying at Connecticut School

The mother of a 12-year-old pupil at Walsh Intermediate School in Branford, Connecticut, has reported shocking antisemitic bullying suffered by her son to a local media outlet

Orit Avizoz spoke to WTNH News 8, a station that covers news in Connecticut, after having complained to the school administration. Ms Avizoz discovered the extent of the bullying that her son was subjected to when it became apparent that he was afraid to go back to school. The boy had his head slammed in the lockers by the bully, was kicked and punched repeatedly when on the floor, and was subjected to chants of ‘Kill the Jew’.

Another local news source has reported that despite the clear antisemitic language used during the attack, the incident is being treated merely as an instance of bullying, as opposed to being treated as a hate crime. Branford Schools Superintendent, Hamlet Hernandez, has released a statement clearly prompted by the incident, but which makes no direct reference to the incident itself or to antisemitism.


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22 gravestones vandalised at Connecticut Jewish cemetery

Local police in Hartford, Connecticut, are investigating the vandalism of 22 headstones at Zion Hill Cemetery, which has caused thousands of dollars of damage.

The damage was discovered when an employee of the Association of Jewish Cemeteries was inspecting the grounds and found a locked gate had been forced open.

Local police are investigating.

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Banner at Polish march: “We demand the immediate liquidation of masonic Jewish life in Poland. It threatens Poles.”

A banner at a march of the Polish Law and Justice Party, which enjoys a majority in both houses of the Polish parliament, read: “We demand the immediate liquidation of masonic Jewish life in Poland. It threatens Poles.”

Polish website Polityka noted that the banner was not commented on by the Polish media reporting on the march, but caused an uproar when posted on Facebook.

In a letter to the editor of the Polish Gazette, Michal Sobelman of the Israeli Embassy in Warsaw wrote: “Surely you will agree with me that they [the marchers] are a greater threat to the good name of Poland in the world than the handful of Jews who still remain here.”

Source: CFCA/Polityka

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Sign at Yale University: “Yale is a Jew hole, let’s round them up”

A sign saying “Yale is a Jew hole, let’s round them up” has been found near New Haven Hospital. Yale University police are investigating.

Photo: NBC Connecticut