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German newspaper editor who was told to stop covering “Jewish issues” is fired

Daniel Killy, former Executive Managing Editor of the Weser-Kurier, the only independent daily in the major German port city of Bremen, became the victim of threats and abuse for writing about Jewish issues and Israel. Soon after he joined the paper, he discovered that a Nazi-style denunciation of his life and work written by a former editor at the paper (himself the son of a Nazi) had been circulated amongst Bremen’s politicians.

According to Killy’s account, he received a letter from his Chief Executive Officer at the paper’s publisher, Bremer Tageszeitungen AG, officially forbidding him from engaging in voluntary work for the Jewish Community. In a meeting with his CEO, Killy says that he was warned: “Mr. Killy, you need to understand that we as Bremen’s monopoly paper can’t afford to be considered pro-Jewish.” When Killy responded that this explanation was perhaps seventy years too late, he said that his CEO replied: “No, no, of course I didn’t mean it like that” and assured him that there was no longer a problem.

Six weeks later he was fired.

Source: Arutz Sheva