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Antisemite who called Jews “demons personified” allowed to give lecture in Germany

It has been reported that martial arts expert Egor Gamajun gave a speech at the Bewusst in die Zukunft (Mindfully Going Forth) conference that took place in Hessen, Germany last month.

Billed as a researcher and teacher, Gamajun has made several racist remarks online about Jews, including that “Zhidy” [a pejorative Russian term for Jews] are “demons personified” who hate Christianity, freedom and all that is holy.

In another post, Gamajun refers to Jews as “devils” and claims they worship “Mammon” – an age-old antisemitic canard. Mammon appears in the New Testament and signifies money or material wealth and the greedy pursuit of gain.

Gamajun is also reported to have claimed that “Hebrews” are placed on Earth to demonstrate the “sickness of humanity” and that there are MI5 and CIA conspiracies underway to undermine Russia by convincing Russian Christians that they are sectarians of Judaism.

The conference’s website is alleged to be linked to neo-Nazi groups such as, which deny the Holocaust and glorify Hitler.

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