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Jewish man attacked by bar staff in Germany, held in headlock and has kippah ripped off, told “This is a religion-free zone”

The Amadeu Antonio Foundation has reported that a Jewish man was attacked in a ‘left-wing and alternative’ bar in Bonn, Germany. As the man was ordering, a member of staff forced him into a headlock and ripped his kippah (Jewish skullcap) from his head.

When questioned, the member of staff replied, “I’d rip a headscarf off a Muslim, this is a religion-free zone!” The bar owner voiced his agreement and support of the member of staff.

The Jewish person left the bar and around fifteen people left with him in solidarity. He told the Amadeu Antonio Foundation that he has been threatened in the past by rightwing-extremists and Islamists.

Source: Amadeu Antonio Stiftung