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Swastikas daubed on Jewish family home in New York

A family in New York state have had swastikas and the word ‘Jews’ spray-painted on the outside of their house.

Police also found that the perpetrators, suspected to be local youths, had thrown eggs at the Jewish family’s home during the incident on December 29th.

Police Chief Anthony Visalli said: “We don’t believe this was random,” adding that no local shops reported having sold green paint and eggs to anyone around the time of the vandalism.

Peter Swiderski, Mayor of the village of Hastings-on-Hudson in Westchester County, said the incident “had the feel of kids” involved and was unusual for the area.

“We have a reputation for tolerance and inclusiveness,” he said. “This is sad and disturbing, but there is no indication of something blossoming in our community.”

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) said it is shocked that such an incident in a town where “Jewish residents seldom experience antisemitism.”

“This ghastly swastika display represents an assault not just on this one home, but on the entire Westchester community,” said ADL New York Regional Director Evan R. Bernstein. “We are confident that law enforcement is diligently examining all the facts, and determining if the evidence supports a hate-crime charge.”

Source: JP Updates