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Youth branch of the Swiss Socialist Democrat party publishes antisemitic cartoon

Reports have emerged of an antisemitic cartoon published by JUSO (Young Socialists of Switzerland), a youth branch of the Socialist Democrat Party of Switzerland.

The cartoon, published on the organisation’s Facebook page, shows Johann Schneider-Ammann, the Swiss president and minister of commerce, being forced to feed a stereotypical Shylock character, complete with locks, Orthodox Jewish dress and large, protruding nose. The president is saying “And one for the international financial lobby!” as he feeds the Shylock figure, while a small child goes ignored and hungry. The cartoon is entitled “The federal council [Swiss government] like its verdict,” implying the Swiss government is under control of a Jewish lobby.

Accusations that Jews control world financial and political systems are popular and powerful antisemtic canards.

JUSO’s Facebook page has over 6,000 followers. The group has since removed the cartoon and published an apology, stating their regret that the cartoon “is open to an interpretation that does not reflect the core values of JUSO” and that it was not their intention to perpetuate antisemitism.

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