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German far-right candidate promotes slew of antisemitic conspiracy myths

A board member of the German, right-wing, populist party AfD (Alternative for Germanyhas been exposed as sharing antisemitic propaganda for several years over Facebook. 

Peter Schmalenbach, who sits on the party’s board in Neuwied, is the AfD candidate for state election later this year, but it has emerged that he shared conspiracy theories and antisemitic memes which include:

  • A status update from January of this year, where Schmalenbach writes, “Merkel will not back down [on immigration]. She was put into power by the occupiers, with help from the media and continues to be supported and propped up by that mischpoke today. That bunch have their own rules and regulations and do not abide by German law.” Mischpoke is a Yiddish word, meaning family or group of people, and is rarely used in Germany today.
  • A fabricated quotation by Henry Kissinger, credited as a “Zionist and former US foreign secretary”, stating, “We shall destroy the White race with multiculturalism, as they are too intelligent and therefore a threat to us.”
  • A cartoon suggesting Islamic terrorism is under the covert control of the USA and Jews. This is presumably a promotion of the emerging far-right conspiracy theory that terrorism is an American and Jewish invention designed to encourage Jews to emigrate to Israel and drive Muslims into Europe, thus destroying the supposed racial purity of the continent.
  • An image suggesting Barack Obama’s swearing in as US president, was an in-joke to a slew of prominent politicians and former presidents, all under the control of Israel.

Source: Friedensdemo-Watch