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Austrian state prosecutor rules it is “plausible” that Holocaust survivors constituted a “plague” on residents near concentration camps

The prosecution service for the city of Graz, Austria has made a statement that far-right magazine Die Aula was justified in describing liberated prisoners from the Mauthausen Nazi concentration camp as a “plague”.

Over the summer, Die Aula wrote, “The fact that a non-negligible portion of freed prisoners became a plague on people is deemed by the judiciary to have been proven and is only disputed today by concentration camp fetishists.”

Mauthausen was one of the largest slave camp complexes in the German-controlled areas of Europe, with four main sub-camps at Mauthausen and nearby Gusen, and nearly 100 other sub-camps located throughout Austria and southern Germany. The death toll remains unknown, although most sources place it between 122,766 and 320,000 for the entire complex.

Prosecution services initiated legal proceedings against Die Aula on grounds of Holocaust denial and inciting hatred but later dropped the charges. In their statement on the decision, they wrote “It is plausible that the release of several thousand people from the Mauthausen concentration camp presented a burden to the affected areas of Austria.”

Last week, Graz was the location of an act of vandalism against a Holocaust memorial.

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