Everyday Antisemitism

Anti-Semitic vandalism in Berlin-Mitte

On February 10th a passerby noticed anti-Semitic vandalism in the Albrecht street in Berlin-Mitte where a star of David was scratched intentionally

The sign of the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Judentum und Christentum in der Evangelischen Kirche Berlin Brandenburg – schlesische Oberlausitz” (Association of Judaism and Christianity in the Protestant Church of Berlin Brandenburg – Silesian Upper Lusatia) contains a Star of David and a cross. In February the Star of David was scratched intentionally with an object while the rest of the shield remained untouched.
The “Arbeitsgemeinschaft” later released a statement saying, that “the Star of David, as far as we remember, already had been scratched in 2014/2015 in connection with the Gaza war.” This kind of anti-Semitic vandalism shows the need for more work between religious communities to counter such bigotry.

By Aras-Nathan

Author, Student, living in Germany