Everyday Antisemitism

Jews Out: Antisemitic Graffiti in Brentford, West London

Antisemitic graffiti has been discovered outside the Fountain Leisure Centre in Brentford, West London.

The graffiti, found on a hoarding in prominent view of a main road, reads “Jude Rauss” – or “Jew Out”, which was perhaps intended to read “Juden Raus”, “Jews Out”, an infamous 1936 GermanĀ board game based on deporting Jews to Mandatory Palestine with disputed linked to the Nazi Party.

The graffiti also shows a Star of David suspended in a “hangman” picture, an image which could be viewed as an unambiguous threat.

The graffiti also seems to depict a flag-like design using the combination of red and black – colours associated with the far-left ideology of Anarcho-Communism.