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Whistleblower: German University teaching antisemitic content

Dr. Rebecca Seidler was asked to teach on a course at HAWK University in Germany on the “situation of young people in Palestine”. However, she went to the press after finding many of the course materials to be antisemitic.

She claimed that the materials were solely concerned with portraying Israel negatively, as opposed to trying to help the students develop a better understanding of the social issues.

Shockingly, she claims that the course materials contained allegations that Israel harvested the organs of Palestinians, a claim that has been described by the ADL as blood libel. There were also articles that had been taken from conspiracy theory blogs, and very few of the materials seemed to come from academic sources

Emmanuel Nahshon, a spokesman for the Israel’s Foreign Ministry, described the course as a “hatred factory”.

The University has denied antisemitism, but Dr. Seidler believes that her concerns have not been taken seriously, as she was dismissed as being “oversensitive” when she complained to the University.