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Antisemitic conspiracy theory leaflets in Toronto

A man in Toronto has been distributing leaflets promoting the idea of a Jewish conspiracy controlling world affairs.

The man, estimated to be in his 60s, distributed a six-page booklet titled “Manufactured Terrorism. Stop US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar from Supporting ISIS terrorists”.

The leaflet made reference to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, an antisemitic hoa whcih purports to be the minutes of a meeting in which a group of Jews plotted to establish control over all world affairs and subjugation of gentiles. The text is universally acknowledged to be an antisemitic hoax in respectable circles.

Whilst the man’s leaflet is not direct in its implication that Jews are the group involved in this conspiracy, the references to the Protocols clearly demonstrate the identity of the group allegedly in control, as does the prominent place taken by the Israeli flag in the image.

The text of the leaflet is as follows:


MANUFACTURED TERRORISM is known as, “false flag operation(s).” Most obvious was Sept. 11, 2001.

Usually “false flag attacks” will happen on same day of “terror attack DRILL,” A) as 9/11/2001, (Nov.) Paris shooting, others. Or, a few days, even months prior like,” B) Brussels, Belgium 4 months prior “state of emergency”: DRILL. Soldiers in streets and malls. In Paris 3 months of MARTIAL law, breaking into homes and killing residents.

Usually false flag attacks will have, A) Crisis ACTORS, such as the one on front cover of this pamphlet; often many actors.

From 9/11 to Brussels false flags, co-op media make sure Arabic words, like, “Allah is great!” or some non-Rothschild bank in Arab country like Syria is yelled; and passport just “flew-out” of the terrorist pocket. What “terrorist on suicide mission brings his I.D.s??

Why would Western nations want to precipitate false flags, which would induce WW3? Is THAT the motive?

There is a greater muzzled motive. Not just N. Am. but global monetary system is ready to go over the cliff; designed NEVER to recuperate. So Western banksters need a scapegoat to put all the blame on to try to associate King Assad {Syria), or/and Putin with “Islamic state ‘atrocities’.”

Though co-op media purposely focus its cameras on ISIS/”Islamic state” as the wild Pit-Bull-dog, its viewers do not see the leach in the financier’s HAND.

Founder of Illuminati Dr. Adam Veishaupt (1,776) stated about their design PROTOCOLS plan bringing into being the New World Order: “It is indispensable to TROUBLE all countries the people’s relations with their governments so as to UTTERLY EXHAUST humanity with DISSENSION, HATRED, STRUGGLE, envy and even by the use of torture, by …the effects of an ECONOMIC [global] CRISIS, which will stop dealings on the [stock] exchanges and bring INDUSTRY to a STANDSTILL” (Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (1,773), ([reprinted] Protocols of Zion, p.178, p.156)…

CONCLUSION: What is upon the whole world is the greatest evil blueprint, “Protocols” orchestrating collapse of global nations’ economy, and all social resistance to EXUSTION unto FORCE SU BM I SS I ON, nations begging for their enslavement to “new-world order.” Weisaupt said, “We will not give them peace until they openly acknowledge OUR INTERNATIONAL SUPER —GOVERNMENT, and with SUBMISSIVENESS,” (p.170)…”