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Venezuelan publication accuses “Rabbis” of manipulating economy

On August 12th, a Venezuelan weekly magazine called “The Truths of Miguel” published an antisemitic cover story.

The popular magazine’s cover featured an image of a Haredi Jewish man with a Star of David made from a banknote, titled “The Rabbis of Cadavi”, which references the government institution which deals with currency exchange, which implicitly accuses Jewish leaders of economic collusion. At a time of economic uncertainty for Venezuela, this amounts to using Jews as a scapegoat for economic troubles.

The editor of the magazine also writes that currencies are being manipulated by companies “that belong to citizens of Israelite origin”.

The head of the Anti-Defamation League, Jonathan Greenblatt writes:

“For several years, we have seen anti-Semitic accusations and themes appear in Venezuelan public discourse,”

“This shockingly graphic manifestation of anti-Semitic imagery on full display on Venezuelan newsstands is unacceptable and repulsive.”

“At a time when all of Venezuela feels the impact of a serious economic hardship, this magazine cover not only feeds into base, age-old anti-Semitic stereotypes about Jews and unscrupulous behavior towards money, but dangerously points the finger at Jews for taking advantage of this crisis and deepening the economic instability for their benefit”