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Labour Party Conference delegate rants about “Jewish plot” against Corbyn

A delegate to the Labour Party Conference has allegedly ranted about a “Jewish plot” to oust Jeremy Corbyn.

“Delegates” are sent to represent each constituency Labour party at the party’s annual conference, which is in Liverpool this year.

The man approached the Labour Friends of Israel stand at the conference, spoke for two minutes and then asked “but wasn’t there a Jewish plot to oust Jeremy Corbyn?”

He then continued “But it was organised by Jewish MPs, wasn’t it? And that Jewish millionaire took Corbyn to court”

He went on to speculate “But Kezia Dugdale in Scotland. She organised it and she’s Jewish”, before going on to say¬†“That Eagle, Angela, who ran against Corbyn. Her husband is Jewish, isn’t he?”

Accusing Jews of operating a “plot” to oust Corbyn is antisemitic in two key ways. Firstly, it plays on the antisemitic canard of Jews manipulating political events for their own benefit. Secondly, it attempts to deny Jews of the ability of stand up for themselves by portraying their attempts to do so as political manipulation. The Campaign Against Antisemitism’s disciplinary complaint to the Labour Party about Jeremy Corbyn’s recent ad which appears discusses the issues surrounding this in greater detail.