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More Antisemitic graffiti littered around Germany

Recherche- und Informationsstelle Antisemitismus – RIAS, the Berlin-based organisation that has been instrumental in documenting growing antisemitism in Germany, has uncovered several incidents of antisemitic graffiti in Berlin. 

In the most recent incident, an advert was defaced with references to Germany being controlled by a “Jewish-Islamic dictatorship”.

Claims of Jewish control over politics are a common and old antisemitic trope. The use here also blaming Muslims suggests that this is connected to growing far-right activity in the country, with many maligning both Muslims and Jews.

In another incident, this time in Gießen (State of Hessen) a small statue of a frog was branded with the Star of David and the colours of the Israeli flag. RIAS states that the frog was often an animal which antisemites had traditionally associated with Jewish women, claiming that they bestowed the women with some sort of magical powers. Beyond this, the use of animal imagery in portraying Jews has a long history in antisemitic discourse.

In yet another incident, someone simply wrote the word “lie” in German in a Star of David.

Finally, early in the month someone wrote “Israel Kill$” on a bin. While such simplistic claims often verge on blood libel, the use of the dollar sign clearly plays on antisemitic canards of Jews controlling, or being overly preoccupied with, money and finance.