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Report says Chakrabati knew she was being offered a peerage before her whitewash inquiry into antisemitism

An exposé in The Telegraph appears to confirm our suspicions that Shami Chakrabarti’s peerage was a reward for her whitewash report into antisemitism in the Labour Party. Baroness Chakrabarti was then named Shadow Attorney General.

Shami Chakrabarti’s inquiry into antisemitism was suspected of being a fraud from the moment she promised to conduct it in Labour’s interests. Sure enough, she delivered a whitewash which failed to deal with Labour’s antisemitism problem in any meaningful way. She did not tackle allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party or their woeful handling by Jeremy Corbyn, and she even refused to adopt a definition of antisemitism.

According to The Telegraph, “Jeremy Corbyn discussed giving Shami Chakrabarti a peerage with his team in March, it has emerged, amid claims she was aware her name was listed before agreeing to conduct a Labour report into antisemitism…The Shadow Attorney General’s name was added [to the honours list] before she was approached to conduct a report into antisemitism and Labour sources have claimed that the peer was told this prior to the announcement on 29th April that she would chair an independent inquiry into antisemitism and other forms of racism in the Labour party.”

Shami Chakrabarti, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party have all repeatedly denied that the offer of a peerage was made before Baroness Chakrabarti concluded her report into antisemitism.

The failure of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party to stamp out antisemitism in its ranks was exacerbated by Shami Chakrabarti’s report into antisemitism and contributed to an institutional failure to address antisemitism which has made the Labour Party unsafe for British Jews.