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Nazi parade in Taiwanese school

Images have emerged of a school in Taiwan which has engaged in Nazi role playing with teachers and students.

The shocking images were revealed by the Daily Mail, and show students and teachers in Nazi uniforms, students performing Nazi salutes and teachers riding in cardboard tanks.

German and Israeli officials have both condemned the school involved.

The images appear to have been taken during a history lesson, but the school’s statement admits that the children did not really understand what the symbols represented. This means that there could have been little to no educational value derived from such an exercise, which is instead merely a gratuitous and grossly offensive display of Nazi imagery.

Israeli Representative to Taiwan Asher Yarden wrote on his Facebook page “We strongly condemn this tasteless occurrence and call on the Taiwanese authorities, in all levels, to initiate educational programs which would introduce the meaning of the Holocaust and teach its history and universal meaning”.

The Presidential Office gave a statement expressing its regret at the images:

“We feel it is extremely disrespectful to the Jewish people who had been victims of the oppression perpetrated during wars, but more importantly, it highlighted ignorance about history”

“The responsibility of an education facility is to teach students that peace and diversity did not come easily. The freedom of thinking should be based on justice and respect, rather than misconduct”.

“‘Education authorities should require the school to shoulder responsibility by seriously reflecting on the incident, understand and improve education in related fields of study and apologize to the countries it offended”

However, to many, merely requesting the school seriously reflect on the incident will seem insufficient, given the shocking nature of the images.