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Holocaust “adventure game” asks players to escape Auschwitz “before being turned into ash”

An “escape room” game in Athens, Greece, asks players to escape a mock-up Auschwitz before “being turned into ash”.

A company called “Escapology”, which makes real life “adventure games” for players, in which players have to navigate and escape from various environments, has created and promoted the “game”.

Despite a huge backlash on social media, the company is yet to remove the game from its roster.

Making light of the Holocaust in such a way, particularly to make a profit by appealing to impressionable young people, some of whom may not fully appreciate the enormity of the events of the Holocaust, or may even not be aware of or believe that the events happened, is extremely antisemitic and will create problems for Greek Jews in the future, who will find it harder to have their concerns taken seriously.