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“Die Jew B*tch” painted rock left on Jewish family doorstep

Police in Winnipeg, Canada, are conducting a hate crime investigation after a rock painted with antisemitic abuse was was left on the doorstep of a Jewish family home.

The rock was painted with the words “DIE JEW BITCH. EINSATZGRUPPEN.”

It was placed inside a bag and wrapped in a red ribbon. The words “Jude Bitch get out of neighberhood” (s.i.c) were written on the bag.

The Einsatzgruppen were responsible for mass killings of Jews during the Holocaust.

The family wish to remain anonymous, but contacted both the police and B’nai Brith

This is very unusual for Winnipeg. I can count on one hand in the 24 years I’ve been in this position the number of incidents that were as egregious and as threatening as this. We are very concerned about this and taking it very seriously“, Constable Rob Carver of Winnipeg Police commented.

“It makes sense that the owner would reach out to B’nai Brith for some guidance”

“It’s also our job to conduct an investigation and we’re doing so. Detectives are looking at it and also our Hates Crimes Coordinator. We are treating this as a hate crime. We don’t get many incidents like this in Winnipeg. We occasionally get international events that will prompt antisemitic reactions but this one is so much more egregious that we’re spending more time on this.”