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Breaking: bomb threats at at least 32 Jewish institutions in America

Last week we reported that at least 16 Jewish Community Centres across the USA had been targeted with hoax bomb threats. There are now currently reports that at least 32 Jewish institutions across the USA have been targeted with similar threats today.

Threats were called in to JCCs on Wednesday. The ADL has said that there were threats in New York, Ohio, New Jersey, Florida, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Delaware, Connecticut, Alabama, Maine, California, Tennessee, South Carolina, Missouri, Minnesota and Texas, all of which were fake.

Calls often came in within minutes of one another.

Once again, staff at the JCCs cooperated with police effectively and the buildings were all swiftly evacuated. However, the threats further emphasise the urgent need for increased security at Jewish institutions.

These two incidents, as well as the planned armed neo-Nazi march in Montana, point to a very worrying increase in far right activity, which is becoming not only more visible, but more coordinated, better organised, and clearly calculated to intimidate.

More information can be found here.