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Nazi flag flying in garden in Oshkok, Wisconsin

A Facebook post shows a picture of a Nazi flag flying in a garden, which the uploader says was taken in Oshkok, Wisconsin.

The uploader wrote:

A nazi flag hung yesterday less than a mile from my house and two blocks away from a elementary and middle school in Oshkosh. I really think everyone needs to ask what is going on right now, and do their part to make sure ignorance and hate is not normalized in any way. This is not ok. It is 2017 for the record.”

Many in the comments have tried to link the incident to Donald Trump’s election victory and recent inauguration. However, there is currently no evidence as to who the individual supports politically, and such claims are currently only speculative. Nonetheless, it is extremely worrying that this will be in view of school children, as it will risk normalising Nazism to those who encounter it.