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Nazi posters in Ashland, Oregon, warn that “a storm is coming”

Police in Ashland, Oregon, are currently looking for an individual who put up Nazi posters around the town.

The signs seem to have been put up on Monday morning, and according to Police Chief  Tighe O’Meara, “people just took the signs down and threw them away”.

The suspect goes by the name @NationalistAct on Twitter, which is written on some of the posters.

He uses the phrase “we will secure the existence of our people and a future for white children” – these are known as the “fourteen words”, a mantra used by Neo-Nazis, often referenced in numerical form simply as “14”.

The bio of the account claims it to be “official page of the #Cascadian Nationalist Resistance”, a group which there seem to be no other traces of.

Chief O’Mera has said that the posters amount to “at the very least, it’s criminal mischief…maybe it could turn into something else like intimidation”

The police chief is correct in that it could amount to intimidation, particularly if the posters have been placed to be visible to members of the small local Jewish community. The phrasing on some of the posters – “a storm is coming”, alongside Swastikas and other Nazi imagery, is deliberately calculated to be ominous and to stir up fear.

The FBI has indicated that it may be willing to become involved if the actions are deemed to have crossed the criminal threshold.