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Warsaw residents mark beginning of Spring by burning effigy of Jewish woman

Footage has emerged of a group of Warsaw residents apparently celebrating the beginning of Spring by burning an effigy of a Jewish woman.

The burning was held by a group called Conscience of the Nation TV. Though burning an effigy representing the Winter is a tradition in the country, this one was particularly made to look like a Jew, with one of the participants saying that the “mug” (face) and “nose” were “so well known in Polish history”, apparently referring to the presence of so many Jews in Poland throughout its history up to the Holocaust, which almost completely destroyed the Polish Jewry.

The group holding the event apparently held an “antisemeeting” last month, which further indicates that this is a sinister, antisemitic incident. The group appears to be a Nationalist group, and this could point to them appropriating a local custom for their antisemitic ideology.

The Center for Monitoring Racial and Xenophobic Behavior reported the event to local prosecutors, commenting that “during the Second World War, one of four Warsaw residents died because they were Jewish. By imitating the Nazis today you have to be either a complete idiot or the last pig. But certainly not a patriot”