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Antisemitic alt-right banner at Trump rally in California peddles Jewish conspiracy

Pro-Trump supporters at a rally in California displayed an antisemitic banner over the weekend.

The rally, which eventually descended into a violent clash between Trump supporters and protesters, was initially peaceful. Footage shows several Donald Trump supporters being aggressive before violence breaks out.

One of the signs at the protest says “da goyim know”. This is an antisemitic meme popular with the alt-right, which is often followed by the phrase “shut it down” and coupled with pictures of people who are visibly Jewish. “Goy” (plural “goyim”) is a Hebrew word that simply means “nation”, but has often been used to mean non-Jew, often with negative undertones. The meme is used to imply that Jews are in control of various events in world politics and culture and will “shut down” any dissent. It is thus intrinsically linked to antisemitic conspiracy theories. However, here it has been repackaged, almost as a badge of honour, whereby those brandishing the sign seem to be parading their belief that they are somehow knowledgeable about this alleged Jewish conspiracy. In far right circles, antisemites often approving refer to themselves as “goys”.

This is, of course, merely the latest in a long line of antisemitic incidents from Trump supporters, of which the President has offered only a very weak condemnation.