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Berlin’s March For Science sees Holocaust deniers and antisemitic conspiracy theorists march unchallenged

RIAS (Department for Research and Information on Antisemitism) Incident Report Central Berlin, 22nd April 2017.

Blatant Antisemitism, Holocaust deniers and conspiracy theorists on Berlin’s March for Science

On Saturday, April 22, several thousand people participated in the “March for Science Berlin”. A group of four people displayed placards and distributed antisemitic leaflets concerning Holocaust denial and conspiracy theories. For example, on one flier, the German World War II debts and the Holocaust are questioned along with conspiracy theories about climate change and the September 11 suicide attacks. Jews were also targeted as having a financial influence over Hollywood, the press, pornography and the internet. There were depictions of the alleged power of “Bilderberg” and other groups are referred to within the fliers as “evidence-based facts – free from any ideology!”. One of the group of four was known to have already carried a quotation on a placard from the right-wing extremist Horst Mahler, at a peace demonstration in October last year: “The history of the Holocaust is a story full of lies”. Further, a known regular antisemite, Usama Z., attended the demonstration and regularly displays conspiracy-theory placards with antisemitic content.

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The above placard reads: We want evidence-based science-based opinion-forming!
This applies in particular to the following subjects: Earth and human history; War crimes of World Wars 1 and 2; The Legal status of the FRG; (Federal Republic of Germany), Holocaust;
Climate change; 9/11; Terrorism; Power structures; The Press. There are no alternatives to facts!

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The above placard reads: We want a factual analysis of the contents of so-called conspiracy theories, instead of a general defamation of so-called conspiracy theorists!
There are no alternatives to the facts!

A non-profit Berlin-based organisation, “The Golden Tin-Foil Hat”, (GTFH), was also present at the march. This organisation regularly attends such gatherings, distributing leaflets and offering help and advice in countering Holocaust denial, extremism, conspiracy theories and sects. They challenged the March for Science organisers on the GTFH facebook page. The March for Science organisers stated that antisemitism was a matter for the police not them, to which the GTFH asked why then were only GTFH members challenged by March for Science (MfS) stewards and not the blatant peddlers of antisemitism and conspiracy theories? The conversation continued such that MfS agreed to be more vigilant and the GTFH team offered to act in an advisory capacity at future marches.