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Brooklyn man left needing stitches after defending elderly Jewish couple from attackers on subway

New York man  Jean Wolfman was left requiring ten stitches after he was beaten for defending an elderly Jewish couple from attackers on the subway.

Wolfman told reporters that the couple were harassed by a group of dancers who were asking them for money. One of the dancers said to the elderly man “I will slap that beanie off your head” and proceeded to hit the kippah off his head. Whilst the confrontation itself wasn’t necessarily antisemitic, as soon as the attacker slapped the kippah from a Jewish man’s head, it clearly becomes so. Wolfman told the attackers to leave the couple alone and the dancers exited the train and Wolfman, who is a street performer, confronted them about their actions.

Wolfman tried to resolve the situation peacefully when they didn’t take kindly to him trying to explain why their actions were unacceptable, challenging the attackers to a dance off, pulling out his hula hoop. They punched him, hit him with the hula hoop and smashed his guitar. Even after the attackers dispersed, one sneaked up behind him again and punched him from behind.

The police have arrested one male suspect and are seeking two others. Wolfman has said he would do the same again, emphasising that he thinks it is important to stand up for his fellow New Yorkers.