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Bomb threats shut down LA Synagogues over Shabbat

Two campuses of the Wilshire Boulevard Temple and the University Synagogue in Brentwood, both in the Metropolitan area of Los Angeles, were shut down over Shabbat due to bomb threats.

Both were shut down at around 8 yesterday morning.

Police units searched the premises with dogs and found no genuine evidence of explosives.

Rabbi Morley T. Feinstein of the University Synagogue said that one of his staff members “found an email that was beyond nasty — horrific language, and threatening” and subsequently contacted the police.

Earlier this year, over 160 bomb threats were made to Jewish institutions across the United States. Whilst no actual bombs were found, such campaigns of intimidation will naturally unnerve Jewish communities who for two months in 2017 lived under a constant and highly visible threat of serious violence. Two arrests were made in connection to those threats, and we will bring updates about any developments in this investigation.

According to Rabbi Feinstein, after the Synagogue building was closed, the community decided to continue their Torah study on the side of the street.