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Arson attack on Jewish artist’s “iconic” Mitzvah bus in New York

A bus owned by Leviticus Schieber, an artist who uses the name Leviticus for his work, has been torched by an arsonist in New York.

The bus, which has become somewhat of a Jewish cultural icon in New York, was found burned out and with smashed windows in the very early hours of Tuesday morning.

The bus started out life as a school bus, and has been re purposed by the artist with colourful paintings and Jewish symbols as a portable art studio. It has been featured in music videos and on television, and is a familiar sight around New York, particularly in the Crown Heights area, which has a substantial Jewish population.

The police are considering the possibility that the incident is a hate crime. Mr Schieber says that his bus has been targeted in the past.

There is reportedly CCTV footage of a suspect.

There is a fundraising page seeking to restore the bus.

Last month we reported that a Jewish school bus had been targeted by an arsonist in the city. As far as we can tell, no arrests have been made in connection with that incident yet.