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French Jewish groups suggest that police “covered up” antisemitic motive of Sarah Halimi’s murder

An umbrella organisation of Jewish Communities in France has suggested that the Police “covered up” the antisemitic nature of Sarah Halini’s murder.

Halini was allegedly thrown to her death after having been beaten by her neighbour in April. Witnesses heard the alleged attacker shout “Allahu Ackbar” before she was killed, and Halini’s daughter claims that the man,  Kobili Traore, a 27-year-old neighbour, had called her a “dirty Jew” in the past.

A statement from the group asked “the murder of Sarah Halimi was 85 days ago already and the investigation is not advancing. Why this silence? Why this omerta?” – using a term used to refer to the protection of accomplices by the Mafia – “What is being hidden? Why this denial of anti-Semitism?”

The President of the group, Francis Kalifat, has previously commented that “there is evidence that this is a textbook case of an anti-Semitic murder but it is being covered up by an ‘omerta’ and this heinous crime has not been recognized for what it is”. He continued to say that Halini was “butchered for the sole and only reason that she was Jewish”. It is extremely worrying that the police has appeared unwilling to explore the possibility that this was an antisemitic attack, and has seemingly refused to engage openly with a very concerned Jewish community.

There is also growing concern that Halini’s death could have been prevented by the police, who arrived on the scene long before Halini was allegedly pushed to her death, yet refused to enter the building without a specialist team. There were, according to the family, “at least” thirty minutes when the police were present, Halini was being “tortured” by her attacker, and the police failed to act.