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Holocaust denying ex-monk calls upon nationalists to destroy Holocaust memorial in Greece, calls Jews “dogs”

Father Kleomenis, an excommunicated monk, uploaded a video of himself in the city of Larissa, Greece, making various antisemitic comments, including denying the holocaust and asking “patriotic organisations” to transport a bulldozer so as to destroy a Holocaust memorial.

In the video, one can hear Kleomenis saying: “six million we read here! Fairy tales…. Shit on their faces, Hitler merely exterminated 600,000”. He can then be heard shouting, “Damn your filthy monuments!”.

He describes the Jewish community as being full of “Jew-ism (sic), curses and anathema”, calling Jews “dogs” and “Jew-dog worms”. He proceeds to smash an egg on the monument.

He then tells nationalists to “rise up” and destroy the monument.

The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece released a statement, in which it was stated that the monument was the first of its kind erected in Greece, and went on to condemn the situation stating, “Shame and indignation is what is felt when one realises what occurred in Larissa.”

On the same day flyers containing antisemitic content were scattered around the memorial and in the plaza of the Jewish Martyrs of Larissa as a result of which the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece has asked the relevant authorities that the author be detained and “brought to justice.”