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Israeli Jew beaten by Egyptian in Lithuanian bar, left with broken nose and requiring stitches

Eli Cohen, an Israeli Jewish student holidaying in Lithuania, was allegedly beaten by an Egyptian man in a bar in Vilnius.

Cohen went for a bar crawl around the City which was organised by the hostel he was staying in.

Cohen explained that “a guy walked up to me in one of the bar and asked me where I was from. I said I was from Israel. His eyes went wide and he said, ‘I’m from a state that’s an enemy of yours, Egypt”.

Cohen attempted to be diplomatic, saying “we’re not enemies. There’s a peace agreement between our countries. I myself visited Egypt and had a great time”. However, the Egyptian allegedly persisted, asking “Did you serve in the army? Do you think Israel belongs to the Jews or the Palestinians?”.

Cohen said he didn’t want to talk about politics, tried to shake the man’s hand, and then went to another part of the bar. Despite this, the Egyptian man glared at him for much of the night, before approaching him and saying “There’s no such thing as Israel, only Palestine. You’re occupying their land”.

Cohen then said that the man pinched his cheek and then proceeded to punch him until the bouncer separated them, and took Cohen to the toilet to attend to him.

Despite the violent nature of the incident, local police were not involved.

Writing on his Facebook page, Cohen said “Jew hatred is alive and well in the world, as I learned tonight when I was attacked merely for being an Israeli Jew”.

Cohen was left with a broken nose and requiring stitches at the local hospital.