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Swedish police allow neo-Nazis to march outside Synagogue on Yom Kippur

Police in Gothenburg, Sweden, have outrageously given a neo-Nazi group the go-ahead to march outside a Synagogue on Yom Kippur, the most sacred day of the Jewish calendar.

A joint statement from Aron Verständig, chairman of the Official Council of Swedish Jewish Communities, and Allan Stutzinsky, chairman of the Jewish Community in Gothenburg, commented that “Aside from out of fear for our own security, it evokes uncomfortable associations for us Jews. During the Holocaust it wasn’t unusual for the German Nazis to conduct their horrendous atrocities on the most important days of the Jewish calendar”.

The Nordic Resistance Movement is a neo-Nazi group who gathered hundreds of members on May Day to march against the “global Zionist elite”.

When this event came to light in May, we read their manifesto, exposing explicitly neo-Nazi policies which take clear, direct inspiration from Hitler’s ideas. These include the forced deportation of non-whites from Europe, a program to “racially assess” residents, and a pan-Nordic Nationalism which seeks to impose its ideology of racial “purity” over all Northern Europe. They describe Jews as “parasites” and suggest that “Jewish racism” has been a pervasive since the Biblical era.

The planned route of their march takes them within yards of the Judiska Församlingen synagogue and community centre.