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Holocaust denial and calls to destroy Israel at NZ Mosque

A video of an Iranian diplomatic speaking at an Auckland, New Zealand, Mosque has revealed several antisemitic sentiments being expressed at an event organised for the Shia community in the country.

The video was reportedly uploaded by the Islamic Ahlulbayt Foundation of New Zealand. The diplomat apparently said that terrorism was being fuelled by “enemies of Islam” and “Zionists”. A common antisemitic conspiracy theory holds that Israel is responsible for ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Other comments were made both by the speaker and a New Zealand Muslim leader, and included Holocaust denial and calls for the destruction of Israel.

Paul Moon, a Professor and head of the Israel Institute in New Zealand commented: “This is the sort of language that was used in Germany in 1930. This is Jewish dynasty conspiracy language. It’s very dangerous, it’s racist and it’s wrong. That’s the concern a lot of people have with it”.

Complaints have been lodged with the Human Rights Commission and the country’s foreign minister. Several stories in the past month have led to serious concerns over antisemitic discourse in Mosques in western countries. Last month, a Canadian Imam was revealed to have called on Allah to slaughter the Jews and another called Jews “human demons”. In August, a Californian Imam claimed that his calls for Allah to destroy the “filth of the Jews” had been “misconstrued”.