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New York Republicans produce antisemitic leaflet depicting Jewish Democrat as a “puppet master”

The New York Republican State Committee have attracted fierce criticism after producing an antisemitic leaflet which depicts Susan Siegel as a “puppet master” controlling three other Democrats.

The flyer alleges that Siegel is controlling these other candidates to turn Yorktown, New York, into a “safehaven for illegal immigrants”, asking “how can we trust them to protect us, when all they want is to protect them?”

Depicting Jews as controlling political affairs is a long-established antisemitic canard which borders on conspiracy theory. People who make use of these antisemitic canards often claim that Jews are using their supposed influence to undermine certain groups.

Local Democrats described the flyer as “racist, nativist, bigoted, intolerant, immigrant-bashing”, facts they claimed were “not lost on its Republican authors or publishers”.

Local Republicans described the accusations as “disingenuous” and have not apologised.