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“We are going to shoot the Jews” chanted at anti-Israel protest in Sweden

On Friday night protesters congregated in Malmö, Sweden, purportedly to voice their opposition to Donald Trump’s relocation of the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Around 200 people attended the protest.

Among other things, protesters allegedly chanted “we want our freedom back and we are going to shoot the Jews”.

Calle Persson, a communications officer for the police, said “we take this kind of thing seriously in general. It could be an incitement for people to commit crimes”. However, it has not been disclosed if any arrests were made on the scene. If no arrests were made at a protest where people were allowed to call to “shoot the Jews”, the police response will seem tepid at best.

This incident is yet another example of the antisemitism in Sweden that is spiralling out of control, but it also demonstrates the antisemitism that is increasingly tolerated in the anti-Israel movement. As tensions in the Middle East escalate, unfortunately we are likely to see antisemites targeting Jews in the diaspora.

Protesters again congregated in the same place yesterday, where they were heard chanting “the Jews should remember that the army of Muhammed will return”, words that were repeated at a demonstration in London, too, where no arrests were made. These are symptoms of the thinly-veiled Islamist antisemitism being dressed up as acceptable political discourse within anti-Israel movements.