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DIY Network personality describes haggling as an attempt to “Jew us down” on air

Toni Snow of DIY Network’s “Texas Flip N Move” has used the phrase “Jew us down” on an episode of the show.

Snow was expressing her surprise that the buyer of a school bus did not want to haggle about the price, saying “you’re not even gonna bicker a little bit . . . Jew us down?”

DIY Network apologised and said it will edit out the phrase on future airings of the episode, but the fact that it was not identified at the editing stage and aired with the phrase included is somewhat troubling, given that it engages a blatantly antisemitic stereotype of Jews being miserly. Antisemites often portray Jews as tight-fisted or miserly.

DIY Network commented:

“On a recent episode of ‘Texas Flip N Move,’ an inappropriate comment unfortunately made it past our team. We were made aware of the issue shortly after it aired, and immediately pulled the episode to edit it for future broadcast”.