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Columbia University publish antisemitic cartoon showing “Communist” tentacles being challenged by Nazi Germany and Italy

Columbia University College Republicans have circulated an email in which they include an infamous antisemitic cartoon.

The GOP student group circulated the email on March 18 to publicise a panel event discussing “communism and its negative attributes”, but included a cartoon showing an octopus with its tentacles spread over Europe, a famous piece of antisemitic propaganda that utilises what became a common antisemitic image.

The tentacles have been cut off over Germany and Italy, which when the cartoon was drawn in 1937, were of course controlled by Hitler and Mussolini respectively. The imagery is used to allude to the idea of a Jewish international conspiracy, something that has been a mainstay of antisemitic incitement for over a century.

“Jewish Bolshevism” is a common antisemitic canard, one particularly worrying to see on University campuses.