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Israeli man beaten to death in Russia, survived by heavily pregnant wife

Mikhail Verevskoy, a 27-year-old Russian-Israeli, has succumbed to his injuries five days after a savage beating he received on a street in St Petersburg.

Verevskoy suffered traumatic brain injuries, broken ribs and facial bones, and internal injuries in what the police believe may be an antisemitic attack.

36-year-old Ahmed Kharsha was arrested and subsequently released on bail in connection with the attack, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs have said.

Verevsky was born in Russia, where he studied civil engineering before making Aliyah in 2010 and serving in the IDF. He returned to Russia in 2012 and became active in a local Synagogue. He is survived by his wife who is heavily pregnant and expected to give birth shortly.

The Israeli Embassy have offered his family assistance, but have said they are waiting for the conclusion of the Russian police investigation before commenting further.

If the investigation shows that this was indeed an antisemitic attack, it will be the second antisemitic murder in Europe in just over a week, following the apparent antisemitic murder of a Holocaust survivor in Paris.